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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is Fantasy Korean light novel and webtoon. The novel is illustrated by Tae-Hyung Kim and the author of the novel is Hee-sung Nam. On the online website, the series ended with 1450 episodes. The date on which it ended was July 2019. As of now, the latest book is published in April 2020.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor- Main Plot

The main plot of the anime is based on the store of Lee Hyun, who is in need of money. Previously, he was known as the Legendary God of War of the popular MMORPG, Continent of Magic. In order to support his debt-ridden family, he auctions off his character, which sells for 3.1 billion dollars. However, Lee Hyun loses virtually all of his money due to an unfortunate run-in with loan sharks. This prompted him to enter the new era of gaming, which was led in by the first-ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road, in order to assist his elderly grandmother and save money for his sister’s future college tuition.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor- Characters

Lee Hyun- Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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Lee Hyun is the main protagonist of the light novel manwha, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Hyun is also known as Weed. Lee Hyun is a high school dropout who owes his deceased parents a large sum of money. After putting his gaming character from the game “The Continent of Magic” up for auction, word spreads across the country, many of the people race to buy Hyun’s avatar.

To get the revenge he is going to earn the same money as loansharks in five years. After selling his account to pay off his legally bound account. For paying the amount, he can only collect the money by joining the virtual reality MMORPG Royal Road under the same name, Weed. Currently, he is the king of the Arpen Kingdom/Empire.

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Seoyoon is the temporary waitress and a student gamer. Also, she is the heroine of the game. Due to trauma, though being very beautiful she was a very emotionless child. For doing the trauma therapy she presents herself in the Royal Road. Where she plays as a silent berserker. Moreover, she also becomes friends with Weed. Being emotionless she also played sad and solo as a Warrior. From the basic error, she learned how to fight. As well as she only attacks only if she is targeted.

In Royal Road, because of her beauty, she can get benefits like she can bargain with the merchant without making a request with an NPC. It’s even worse with players on Royal Road. As a result, she chose to wear a mask so that she would not be bothered by other people’s reactions all of the time. After she eventually decides to show up her face, the Grass Porridge Cult recognizes her as the greatest goddess.


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Yurin is the younger sister of Lee Hyun. The action of Weed to make money is because of her, as he wants to pay her college fees. At the time when Weed started playing Royal Road, she was about to finish high school. Later on, she even enrolled at the university for studying Liberal Arts. After the University accepted her, like her brother she also decided to play the game her brother plays.

She is regarded as an extremely lovely woman, having been regarded as a high school idol during her time there. Like Weed, she is also a money digger in-game, digging up plants and smashing flowers to make dye, which she will use to make paintings. Choi Ji Hoon also got interested in her as she is Weed’s sister. Thinking that being Weed’s sister she won’t make him starve. Due to her interaction with NPC characters, she got the opportunity to meet an old painter and also was offered the job of Aqua Light Painter.


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Choi Ji Hoon is also known for his gaming character Zephyr. Zephyr is a son of a rich businessman. He became more active in the game after meeting Weed. Whereas, In real life, he is very handsome and keeps sexual affairs with many girls. Zephyr is challenged by Weed to improve his fishing ability. Later, he learns to hunt alongside Weed and eventually joins his party as a permanent member.

For exploration, he agrees to follow Weed towards the Todeum. Instead of teaching him how to enjoy fish with a fishing rod, Yurin taught him how to fish effectively. She began mixing minor poison in her paintbox before pouring it into the sea. Using that strategy, they were able to catch hundreds of fish. Because he is a fisherman he can cook very well, but never attempt before.

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Jeon Hyo-Lin is also known as Hwaryeong. Hwaeyrong is a good friend of Weed and a player in Royal Road. In the game, she takes on the role of a dancer. In real life, she is a successful and well-known singer and she plays the game to relieve the tension of being famous and single. Also, she is a clever player who understands the importance of improving skill competence rather than simply leveling up.

At first, she designed her character slightly plain-looking to avoid being identified in-game due to her attractiveness and celebrity status. Even she has a crush on Weed and admires his “family guy” aspect, she believes it is one-sided due to her celebrity status and shopping addiction. That’s why she does not attempt to disguise her feelings for him, even taking him from Seoyoon.


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Geomchi is an old swordsman who is known all over Korea. Through Royal Road, he is strengthening the students’ combat capabilities as well as his own. He’s developed his sword ability to a new degree of excellence. Being very arrogant, he refuses the help given by NPC and other gamers at the training hall. As a result, he and the other four senior teachers pass out during their first game session.

Before joining the Royal Road he won the “World Swords Fighting Championship” for four years in a row before retiring to improve his skills. Even though his writing skills are at the kindergarten level, he never went to school other than kindergarten. Moreover, he has improved his sword skills to an incredible degree. According to him, Lee Hyun would be his successor. Lee Hyun’s hard sword practice and incredible mental strength led to this conclusion.


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Yoon Soo Park is also known as Sukra as she plays as Sukra(a monk) in the Royal Road. Surka is also Weed’s friend. Besides her sister, she has a different personality as she is direct and frank. Serabourg city is where she started from and end becoming a lord in the Arpen Kingdom. In the game, she is a swift fighter who excels in rapid punches as a monk. She’s the first player to invite Weed to join her party, which already included Romuna, Pale, and Irene.

When they arrived at the City of Heaven, Lavias, she was in Weed’s party, which led to the discovery of the Memphis Hall dungeon. From Geomchi’s Fighting Scool she learned, to attack the enemy finding its weakness. Her impression of the Geomchis is that they appear frightening, which is why they are repulsive to people of the opposite sex. Weed granted her a piece of land in the northern colonies, and she became a Lord in the Arpen Kingdom.


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Yeon Hee Park is also known as Romuna. Romuna is a friend of Weed. Specializing in fire magic she plays a Mage in the Royal Road. The mage is a ranged attack class with some support abilities such as detecting nearby foes, casting protection spells, and boosting companion stats. Although it uses a lot of mana. Yeon Hee is an expert in fire magic. Her energy and strength are poor, as they are for all mages. Maximum mana and knowledge are adequate for her class.

Pale also had a crush on her before she met Maylon. When looking for the Pallos Empire treasure she reached the level of 440. Necromancer class is greatly respected by her. When they were hunting rabbits near Serabourg city, she included her group Met Weed.


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Shin Hye Min is also known as Maylon. In the Royal Road, she is a popular host and reporter for KMC media. When she’s with Pale, her boyfriend, she transforms into a sweetheart. As a reporter, she has very curious. She fights from a distance and primarily uses bows and arrows in combat.

Maylon knows how to conduct herself professionally at work, especially when visitors come in to talk about Royal Road and make opinions with which she may strongly disagree. Pale encountered her at the Rosenheim Kingdom, where she was assisting Weed with the King Theodarren’s Tomb sculpture.


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Irene is a friend of Weed in real and even in the game. At the outskirt of Serabourg city, she met with Weed. In the game, she plays as a supporter and healer. Moreover, she also has a defensive spell but is of a low level.

Among the team, she is very quietest. Irene participates in philanthropic activities at Morata’s gates to improve her skill competence and to assist new users.


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