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In the Land of Leadale is an adventure and fantasy Japanese light novel, manga, and anime series. The Japanese light novel was illustrated by the Manga Artist, Ceez, and written by Tenmaso. In November 2010 it was serialized online on the website, Shōshetsuka ni Narō. The manga was illustrated by Dashio Tsukimi and written by Ceez. In July 2019, the manga was serialized in Dengeki PlayStation Comic Web.

In the Land of leadale
In the Land of leadale (Source: IMDB)

Moving towards the anime, the was first aired on January 5, 2022, in Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director Takeyuki Yanase and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu.

Main Plot of In the Land of Leadale

The main plot of anime is based on Keina Kagami. After her death, she gets reincarnated in the VRMMORPG game. The game which she loves to play. The game name Leadale makes her alive. Even more, she gets reincarnated in the player with a very high level. And she finds that the surroundings and everything are different than the game she used to play.

Later, she comes to know that 200 years have been passed. Since then she has never interacted with the world. Her new journey is in the way with many unknown truths, excitements, and unknown people to face off.

Character Chart of In the Land of Leadale

Character Name Species
Keina Kagami(Cayna) High Elf
Luka Human
Opus Demon
Mimily Mermaid
Sahalashade High Elf
Kyotaro Dragoid
Exis Dragoid
Mai-Mai Elf


Characters of In the Land of Leadale

1. Keina Kagami(Cayna) of In the Land of Leadale

Source: Wiki-Fandom

Keina Kagami is the main protagonist in the series. As well as she is a young girl from Japan who was born in a rich family. After her death, she reincarnated in the game with the name Cayna. Furthermore, she is a very high-level elf. In the game, her level is 1100. Due to the power outrage, she dies and when she wakes up she finds herself in the future game of Leadale. Along with her Kee was also transferred to the game. Moreover, she is Skill Master in the game who can pass the skills to others. Which makes many players beg her for skills.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Eri Yukimura. Eri is affiliated with VIMS.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actress Xanthe Huynh provided the voice.

2. Luka of In the Land of Leadale

Source: Wiki-Fandom

Luka is the girl adopted by Cayna as a daughter. Due to being part of a terrible accident, she has a timid personality. Also, she is one of the survivors of a fishing village. The fishing village was swapped by the fog which made the human of the fishing village turn into a zombie. Though the difficulties Luka manages to survive it by running towards the storehouse. And meets Luka inside a small bunker.

3. Opus

Source: Wiki-Fandom

Opusketten-shultheimer Crosstettbomber is also known as Opus. Opus is a level 1000 plus player character in the game Leadale. According to Cayna, Opus is a player sent to investigate the bugs and higher-ups. As well Opus is sent by the administrative company who investigates on system and quests. Also by his hard work, he has learned unknown tricks. Additionally, he is the thirteen-skill master as the former skill master leaves the game.

4. Mimily

Source: Wiki-Fandom

Mimily is the Mermaid. At the underground waterway, she gets trapped. Later, she was recued by Cayna. In addition, at the place where a human has legs, she has a fish-like tail. Even more, she used to live at sea but was caught by the black hole. The black hole leads her towards the groundwater vein, where she lost herself. Moving on she used to sing-song because of her loneliness. But later gets help from Cayna.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress and singer Yui Ninomiya. Some of her projects include Aikatsu Friends! , Aikatsu on Parade! and Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s time.

5. Sahalashade


Source: Wiki-Fandom

Sahalashade is also the character of In the Land of Leadale. Also, she is the ruling queen of Otaloquess. Furthermore, she is also a niece of Cayna as Sahalashade is the daughter of Sahana. And Sahana and Cayna are sisters.

6. Kyotaro

Source: Wiki-Fandom

Kyotaro is a dragoid with a reptile appearance. Moreover, he is the leader of a guild named Silver Moon Horsemen. Before he shut down, he was a 9th skill master. At the Felskeilo capitol arena, he has his guardian tower.

7. Exis



Exis real account register name is Xxxxxxxxxxxx. Which shorten to xs but it later becomes Exis. It’s how his name became Exis. Even more, he was guildmate of Cayna at guild name Cream Cheese. During that time he was also known as Tartarus.

8. Mai-Mai

Source: Anime-Planet

Mai-Mai is the eldest daughter of Cayna. By the Froster System, she was paced for public service. Also, she is a 300 level elf. Furthermore, she can specialize in general attack magic. As of now, she is settled with her second husband as a baron’s wife. Even more, she is the headmaster of Felskeilo’s Royal Academy. In past, she uses to serve at the royal palace as a mage.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer Kaori Nazuka.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actress Veronica Taylor provided the voice.

Why watch In the Land of Leadale?

The anime is a story where a girl wakes up at a game. As many of the gamers want to be like the character in games. They can feel what could happen if they really enter into it. The first episode makes me more curious about the character and plot. The joke and character point they make was very interesting. Besides the main characters, every character is designed well just like the standard mob fantasy.

Furthermore, rather than fantasy and adventure, anime also has a slice of life. The main character Cayna is also good enough to attract you to the next episode of the anime. As with other female characters she also has anime girls’ gasps or shocks. But there is nothing much in the first episode. As you keep on watching you will find her very interesting.

Where to watch In the Land of Leadale?

The Land of Leadale is available in Crunchyroll. You can watch it online streaming with English subtitles. In addition, if you have a subscription you can watch without any ads. The subscription starts with $7.99 and you can also go on your free trial.

As well as it is also available in Funimation. But as of now, the anime is not available on Netflix.

Similar anime to In the Land of Leadale

1. Overlord

Source: IMDb

Overlord is the story about the boy, Momonga. Momonga gets himself stuck into a virtual game called Yggdrasil. It’s now up to him to conquer this new universe, with all NPCs having personalities of their own. Another fantastic isekai series with an OP protagonist. Who is trapped in the game? Also, he trapped himself in the body of the previous character he played. He also thinks it’s a step up.

2. The Beauty Blogger

Source: SoundCloud

This anime is also similar to In the Land of Leadale. The character gets stuck in the virtual reality game. The protagonist completes the task related to makeup while exploring the new world.

3. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Source: Anime-Planet

A girl name Yuna loves to play VRMMO world fantasy online. She gains extremely OP stats after accepting a bear suit from the game’s admins. Though that’s not all. She is also sent to another in-game environment, from which she is unable to check out. But she loves to stay there and decides to enjoy her life in the new world.

4. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense

Source: IMDb

The series moves around a young girl named Kaede Honjou. Also, she has never played any game. Then she purchases the VRMMORPG New World Online game. Kaede is terrified of being wounded, creates a shield-class character named Maple.

And invests all of her status points in vitality (defense). This may appear to be a novice error until Kaede gains the ability “Absolute Defense.” She is ready to embark on thrilling adventures in the game now that she possesses an overpowering spell that can cancel all harm.

Both series revolve around the protagonist and her travels in a fantasy realm. If you enjoy the “In the Land of Leadale” genre, you should definitely check it out.

5. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Source: Anime-Planet

The story follows the young witch Elaina who moves outside. She wants to move outside by looking at her book. Along the way, she’ll meet a variety of characters. The characters range from the unusual to the bizarre, including giants, townspeople, and even other witches.

Both Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina and In the Land of Leadale provides the same kind of vibe. There also exists a cute witch and protagonist as both anime did.


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