Know about the impression of new isekai anime I’m the villainess, So I’m taming the Final Boss with its characters and main plot.

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I’m the villainess, So I’m taming the Final Boss (Source: Pinterest)

I’m the villainess, So I’m taming the Final Boss

I’m the villainess, So I’m taming the Final Boss (Source: Pinterest)

I’m the villainess, So I’m taming the Final Boss is isekai Japanese novel, manga, and anime series. The light novel was first serialized on September 1, 2017 on the novel publishing website, Shōsetsuka ni Narō. The novel was illustrated by the Manga Artist, Mai Murasaki. Later, a manga was adapted on Jun 2018 which was illustrated by Anko Yuzu.

Moving toward the anime. The anime was first aired on September 24, 2022, on the Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director, Kumiko Habara. Also, the anime is animated under Maho Film studio.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime is based on the character, Aileen Lauren Dautriche’s who reincarnated in an otome game. Her life only changes if she will be able to marry Cedric Jeanne Elmir. The reason is that she is reincarnated as a villainess in the otome game and she has to die at the end of the game. So, to skip her death she must kill the game’s boss and marry Cedric.

But, things are too complicated and are not easy as it seems to be. Though, the activity was going to be very hard she insist it thinks that she will do her best in that. To start her steps she starts to impress Claude. Additionally, she starts to help him in building a very peaceful environment. Whereas, the clock seems to tick and she has very less time.

Main Characters

Aileen Lauren Dautriche’s

Aileen Lauren Dautriche’s (Source: Pinterest)

Aileen Lauren Dautriche’s is the main protagonist of the series. She was reincarnated in the otome game. As well, she still has her memory of the past. So, it has made her very difficult to live since it keeps hunting her. Also, she has to marry Cedric Jeanne in order to live because she is the villain of the otome game who tends to die at the end of the game.

Lauren then starts involving in various activities to start pace. Even though, she is very kind and friendly. In addition, she looks very cute with her yellow hair and green color eyes. Most of the time she used to tie her hair and use a ribbon.

Claude Jean Elmir

Claude Jean Elmir (Source: Pinterest)

Claude is the older son of his family but has already lost his throne and is seeking to have it back. That was because he was very rich in magical powers. Due to it, people think that he will b very dangerous and can become a threat to the throne. As a result, he was not able to get his throne since his childhood days. Then, he starts to live alone and became a Demon kind.

Though, he has suffered from a lot of things he wants to provide better facilities to citizens residing on the throne. Also, he wants to end every fight and wants to make a peaceful place with both demons as well as humans. Heading on, he starts to interpret with Aileen. But, her acts of hers make him too confused.

Cedric Jean Elmir

Cedric Jean Elmir (Source: Pinterest)

Cedric is also a character in the game and the heroine of the game loves her. Claude Jean is his elder brother. As of now, he is the owner of the throne. From the looks, he is very pretty but he is a very selfish type of person inside. Even more, he is very angry that his brother is very good than him at magic and is very powerful too.

In addition, when he sees Aileen getting close to his brother, he feels very jealous. Such jealousy over his own brother has made him more dangerous. So, he wants to have Aileen for his sake rather than loving her.

Lilia Reinoise

Lilia Reinoise (Source: Reddit)

Lilia Reinoise is a heroine of the otome game. Being a heroine, she has a power that works more against the demon. Actually, she is chosen as Holy Sword Maiden. Further, she is very different from others as she does not like fights though she is powerful.

Also, she looks very cute and thinks that Aileen is a good enough person. Using her powers as a heroine of the game, she seduces and plays with most of the boys. Adding on, she is also very good at the game as she has already played it. As she has a lot of knowledge about the game Aileen also wants to engage with her.

Will Aileen fight with Cedric?

If we again move toward the character of Cedric, we learn that the nature of Cedric is very selfish. Whereas, he even wants to have Aileen as he can’t see her with his brother. But, being a villainess she needs to get towards Claude. So, she must take her hands over Cedric.

Even more, the plot is also different. Further, Cedric also loves to have peace not only among humans but also among humans and demons too. Thus, she seems to be in a very hard place whether to fight or help build a peaceful place to live. But, as she also have lack time she would fight Cedric in upcoming episodes of the series.

How far the new isekai anime has impressed fans?

The anime seems to impress anime fans with its unique isekai plotline. The first episode of the series starts with the main protagonist Aileen, who seems very attractive and was a gamer in her previous life. This anime seems to be more amazing as she reincarnates as the villainess and has to save herself. It is quite different than other isekai anime and will catch and captivate you. As a result, the series seems to be doing quite well.

Where to watch I’m villainess, So I’m taming the Final Boss

The good news for anime fans is that it is easily watchable from Crunchyroll. Whereas, the anime does not seems to be available on Netflix. You can also watch the anime through various streaming sites for free.

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