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Raven of the Inner Palace (Source: Pinterest and Zerochan)

Raven of the Inner Palace

Raven of the Inner Palace (Source: FilmAffinity)

Raven of the Inner Palace is a Japanese historical fantasy, mystery, and supernatural Japanese light novel and anime series. The light novel was first serialized on April 20, 2018, on the Shueisha Orange Bunko imprint. The light novel is illustrated by the Manga Artist, Ayuko.

The anime was first aired on October 1, 2022, on the original Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is written by Chizuru Miyawaki and directed by Satomi Ooshima. The anime is animated under Bandai Namco Pictures.

Raven of the Inner Palace- Main Plot

The anime is based on The Raven Consort, Liu Shouxue. In anime, the character is named Ryuu Jusetsu.

She is very unique as she only lives in the inner palace. The people who have seen her are also confused that whether she is a teen or an older woman. Whereas, the older stories claim that she can use various magics that can help to find the items that are missing.

So, with the goal of finding things the current emperor, Koushun goes to meet her. But, the current emperor also knows that it will lead to taboo and can even change the course of history.

Raven of the Inner Palace- Main Characters

Ryuu Jusetsu

Ryuu Jusetsu (Source: Pinterest)

Ryuu Jusetsu is the main protagonist of the series and is also known as Liu Shouxue in Chinese. As of now, she is Raven Consort. Raven Consort is a special type of consort which means living in the inner palace. Being a Raven Consort, she does not leaves the palace.

So, many people used to gossip about many things about her. It has also made her have a traditional personality that makes her seem like an arrogant person. Heading towards her birth, she was born as a prostitute in the red light district. Though there are a lot of rumors about her, she looks very beautiful.

Ka Koushun

Ka Koushun (Source: Zerochan)

Ka Koushun is the emperor at present. He is a very rule seeker type of person and does not like if anyone breaks the rules. Though he looks normal from the outside, he used to keep and hide things.

The reason he was crowned as the prince was because of the early death of Empress Dowager. Before being prince, he used to visit his mother in the inner palace. His mother was harassed in the place. Also, he wants to save her but can’t because his father doesn’t like fighting and all.

Ei Sei

Ei Sei (Source: Pinterest)

Ei Sei is a castrated servant of the inner palace. As well, Ei Sei is very loyal to his emperor, Koushun. When he gives him tasks or goes anywhere he follows him without any problems.

Also, he hates when Jusetsu is talking rudely with Koushun. In past, he was the enemy of Koushun but after being a prince he has not shown it. Adding on, he used to have a very high voice while talking. Whereas, his voice being high is normal as he is a eunuch.

Know about the secrets of the Raven of the Inner Palace

A secret about Jusetsu

Ryuu Jusetsu (Source: Pinterest)

When the first episode was released, it show that she can have possible strife inside the court. Many people hear a rumor that Koushun’s grandfather has killed everyone from the Luan dynasty. But, when she hears that she just listens without any reaction. Further, her hair has very different surroundings to her identity. That can grow into political difficulties.

Adding on, she has another mystery being a part of Raven Consort. It even grows tension for political issues for Koushun. The mystery about her will grow as the series keeps on moving. Along with the romance, the viewers can get along with the anime slowly.

Ryuu Jusetsu and Ka Koushun’s upcoming romance

Shouxue and Gaojun (Source: Anime Feminist)

This series fans are eagerly waiting for the romance scene. Anyway, the anime will not be disappointing us. The anime has also provided hints about Shouxue aka Ryuu Jusetsu and Goajun aka Koushun. Also, Shouxue finds that he has killed his mother. While Gaojun didn’t kill her while all the people of the Luan Dynasty did. Even though she is not from the Luan dynasty but she used to have connections with them.

Gaojun even falls asleep near Shouxue and she spells magic to provide him a better sleep. The scene shares both sharing their eternal pain and can change it into a romance later. Such pains and suffering can make them bond together and we can see romance in upcoming of the series. If we look at their similarities they both lost their mother. As the series is elongating fans even want to have a romance between them.

Gaojun already has revenge on Empress Dowager. What is going to happen now?

The Raven of the Inner Palace fans is going to learn many more things now. We have already seen the crimes and doings of Dowager. As of now, she is out of the way. But, she has many things utter out of her mouth before she was dead. Whereas, she may even have made a curse on him. So, fans can have many more things on their mind. Along with it, new threats can grow among the dynasties.

Raven of the Inner Palace Review

It is one of the good anime worth watching as it is detective anime. Also, it is not just a detective type of anime but it also contains a mystery. As the episodes grow, the mystery starts to grow more. Another reason the anime stands as one of the best is because of its setting. The setting of the anime is done at an ancient place in China. This setting has even made the visualization of the anime better.

Further, the voice actor has done a very good job on the dubbing side. Along with it, the arts of the anime are very good. Even more, the main character can use much of the magic and have mystery among herself. Altogether, the anime seems to be a package of variety. The anime can grow its fans in the upcoming period of time.

Similar anime like Raven of the Inner Palace

Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn (Source: Pinterest)

Yona of the Dawn and Raven of the Inner Palace seems quite similar in anime. These two anime carries many similarities between them. As we look at the plot of the anime. The plot of the anime is based on princess Yona and her father. Actually, she faces problems in her life as her father wants to have her married.

Moving on, she knows she needs to learn to become strong. So, she starts to move in search of her enemies. After all, she really takes over her country back.

Go sick

Go sick (Source: Pinterest)

These two anime are not the same at all. But, they have similarities in the magic and isolation shown in the anime. If we look at its plot. The plot follows a young boy, Kazuya. Kazuya enters a prominent academy. Also, he wants to make friends too. But, one of my friends who loves to watch ghost-story refuses.

The reason he refuses to become friends with was he thought that Kazuya is Black Reaper. One day while roaming toward the library he meets a blonde hair girl. After, everything in his life keeps on changing. They both start to have a bond with each other and start to solve various problems around them.

Fairies Album

Fairies Album (Source: Crunchyroll)

Fairies Album and Raven of the Inner Palace seem to be very similar anime. The setting of both anime is done in ancient China. Because of the art and the setting you can fall for this anime too. The anime is about a ghost doctor who can see good and evil. She thinks that evil is a kind of puzzle.

Moving on, the doctor used to reside at the Peach Capital, where the monster used to live. While traveling she takes her monk along with her. The reason she keeps traveling around is looking for the hundred demon spectrum.

Diwang Gonglue

Diwang Gonglue (Source: Pinterest)

The plot of this anime is based on Chu Yuan who was raised in a royal house. While making decisions he always makes bad ones because he always thinks that if does anything wrong he will cost a lot. After 6 months of his 18 years, he comes to have a new emperor, Yun Nan. Adding on, he has a lot of desire for himself. Can he have these after having a new emperor?

Psychic Princess

Psychic Princess (Source: Pinterest)

This anime seems quite similar to Raven of the Inner Palace. Both of the anime have everything about magical abilities and isolation. Moving towards its plot is based on Ground Counciler’s daughter Qian Yunxi. Qian used to have magical power since her child age. Because of it, she was kept in the mountain. So, many people thought that she was dangerous to them.

When she turns 16 years old, she discovers that she has to marry the Prince of Ye. Her sister was going to marry him but she needs to do it in place of hers. All the known thing about Prince of Ye is he is very cold and rude.

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