Is Tomodachi Game similar to famous Netflix series Squid Game? Know every thing about Tomodachi Game, Main Plot, and Characters

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Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game (Source: Crunchyroll)

Tomodachi Game is a psychological thriller Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yuki Sato. Also, the manga was first serialized on December 9, 2013, in Kodanshas’s Besastu Shōnen Magazine.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on April 6, 2022, on Network, NTV. The anime is directed by the director Hirofumi Ogura.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime is about four friends Yuuichi Katagiri, Yutori Kokorogi, Shiho Sawaragi, Makoto Shibe and Tenji Mikasa. In addition, they together have a very good friendship and bonding. One day as the school organized a trip, Shiho and Makoto were assigned to collect the money. Unfortunately, the money got stolen, and that created problems for them in their rest classes.

But, they were unknowingly knocked out by the assailant when they woke up. Additionally, they found themselves in a white room with an additional person Manabu Kun. He told them that they were forced to be there along with him to pay the debt of 20 million yen. And, to clear the debt they must play the game as the task they will be given. Moving on, the games tend to be psychological.

The plot keeps on moving as the test between their friendship and humanity comes on the line.


1. Yuuichi Katagiri

Yuuichi Katagiri (Source: Pinterest)

Yuuichi Katagiri is a young boy reading in high school. Moreover, he seems to be weak in his studies. In addition, he is usually living alone. Also, as he keeps on hearing and following his mother’s advice that they “are more important than money”, he is very true towards his friends. As he is living alone he has been doing a part-time job to earn money. The unknown incident that happened in his school among his friends leads him to take part in-game. Further, a game to pay off the debt.

2. Shiho Sawaragi

Shiho Sawaragi (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, Yuuichi is also a young student reading in the same high school as him. Even more, she is president of the class. Additionally, her father is also a good known police officer in the town. And, that leads her to have justice in her head. As a police officer, she is a very good athlete and can have a fight too. Besides, she also has good bondings with her friends and has a crush on Yuuichi.

3. Yutori Kokorogi

Yutori Kokorogi (Source: Pinterest)

Yuto Kokorogi is a friend of Yuuichi as they both read in the same high school. At first, she was bullied in her class but later she became a good friend with Yuuichi. Further, her matter was well solved by Shino. Even more, she has a habit of reading manga and is fond of watching anime. Along, with four others she was also taken to play the game in order to pay off the debt. While talking about her personality she is very innocent and takes things very easy. Likewise, Shiho also has a crush on Yuuichi.

4. Tenji Mikasa

Tenji Mikasa (Source: Pinterest)

Tenji Mikasa is a very genius guy and classmate of Yuuichi. Through, his talent he is the top student in his class. In addition, as he is a top student, he is well-liked by teachers. Even more, he seems to be very mature and calm. Additionally, he is studying very hard to get the scholarship because he cannot pay the fees. And, the reason is his father has been dead. Also, he has a dream to become a great lawyer.

5. Makoto Shibe

Makoto Shibe (Source: Pinterest)

Makoto Shibe is the president of his class. Moreover, he has very charming looks and is a good athlete. Also, his behavior unknowingly hurts other people most of the time. Though he is very rich, he has very good intentions toward his friends and the people around him. In past, he had a very good family. But, as of now, his parents have divorced.

Is Tomodachi Game similar to Squid Game?

Tomodachi Game and Squid Game (Source: Pinterest)

If we look together at the plot of both Squid Game and Tomodachi Game, it seems quite similar. As in both series, the participants for the game are taken unknowingly and have to play to pay off the debt. In addition, in both of the series, the participants are taken by the assailant. And, things that checked were the same money over humanity. Further, the Squid Game is a drama done through various actors whereas Tomodachi Game is anime series. Though, they are from different genres they are quite similar too.

Similar anime like Tomodachi Game

Death Parade

Death Parade (Source: Pinterest)

Death Parade also seems to a quite similar anime to Tomodachi Game. But the players in this anime seem to be dead people. And, the player is decided whether they will have their destination towards heaven or hell. Moreover, the anime seems to be psychological series as they have to use minds and win if they want to move towards a good destination.


Kakegurui (Source: Pinterest)

Kakegurui is also a psychological thriller anime. Moreover, it is based on gambling. The plot of the anime follows a high school where the people who have money only have power. In addition, they just not do gamble, as the gambling gets serious and it leads to the violence too.


Psycho-Pass (Source: Pinterest)

Psycho-Pass is a very popular psychological thriller anime series. Moreover, the anime holds a good plot related to the various crimes. Further, the people who does crimes are well watched in order to make Japan a better place to live. Moving on, the plot keeps on following the main protagonist of the series Akane Tsunemori.

Future Diary

Future Diary

Future Diary is also one of the best psychological thriller anime. Also, the plot of the anime follows Yuno Gasai. Moreover, the character of the anime who plays the game holds a diary. In addition, the last one standing wins the series. Whereas, the different diary has different abilities within them.

Death Note

Death Note (Source: Pinterest)

Most anime fans have loved the series Death Note. The plot of the anime follows Yagami Light. One day, he finds a diary with a death note. Following it, one day he finds out that the diary really kills the name of the people written in it. Then, he starts to give punishment to people who does crimes through himself. Moving on, can he rule the world with the name Kira?.

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