Is The Prince of Tennis going to end with it’s new season? Know everything about the prince of tennis with age, height and birthday of characters

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The Prince of Tennis

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The Prince of Tennis is a coming-of-age and sports Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Takeshi Konomi. Also, the manga was first serialized on July 19, 1999, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump.

The plot of the anime basically follows a very young boy whose name is Ryoma Echizen. When he returns back to Japan after exploring America, he develops a thought of going to an under-17 high school representative of tennis. But it does not seem to be easy as other 50 talented players will be participating in the selection.

Is the second season of The Prince of Tennis coming?

Yes, the second season of the anime will be airing as the information about the second season was announced on October 10, 2021. Even more, the anime was announced at a very suitable time, on the 20th anniversary of Prince of Tennis. So, there is nothing to worry about the anime, it will be coming soon.

When will the second season of this anime The Prince of Tennis: U-17 World Cup will be released?

As the second season was announced fans are eagerly waiting for the aired date. Moreover, there is quite a short period of time for anime to be released. As the anime will be released in July 2022. Further, the anime will have altogether 13 episodes to be aired. In addition, it will be aired on Network, TV Tokyo.

What will be the plot of The Prince of Tennis: U-17 World Cup?

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The plot of the second season will follow the pre-world cup exhibition match. After they play the pre-exhibition match they can only play the World Cup. Moreover, the matches will be played in the form of 3 singles and 2 doubles. Moreover, both the high school and middle school players will be playing it. Even more, from there 21 players from every following country can participate. In addition, among those 21 three should be from middle school.

Character Chart of The Prince of Tennis

Characters Age* Height* Birthday
Ryoma Echizen 12 151 cm December 24
Shūji Tanegashima 18 184 cm May 29
Seiichi Yukimura 14 175 cm March 5
Keigo Atobe 14 175 cm October 4
Tsukimitsu Ochi 18 226 cm August 15

*The age and height of the characters are based on their first appearance in the series.


1. Ryoma Echizen

Ryoma Echizen (Source: Pinterest)

Echizen is a student of Seishun Academy, who is reading in their first year. Even more, he was admitted there after he gets back from America. When he come back from America he wanted to become a good badminton player and play for the U-17 team in Japan. Additionally, for getting it he works very hard and even doesn’t takes a rest. Moreover, he plays badminton in the form of singles rather than doubles. Whereas he has also tried to play the doubles but he seems very weak playing the double.

2. Shūji Tanegashima

Shūji Tanegashima (Source: Wattpad)

Shūji Tanegashima was also involved in the training camp of U-17. Even more, he plays as the stringer. Besides, the tennis he loves to do the things that usually provide him funs. Also, he loves to make fun of his teammates. Further, the coach took the participants to the world cup for training in Australia. And, Tanegashima was also seen to travel Australia by ship.

3. Seiichi Yukimura

Seiichi Yukimura (Source: Pinterest)

Seiichi Yukimura is reading in high school and is a third-year. Further, he is captain of the tennis team, Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuu. Even more, he is also known through his other name, the child of God. And, the reason for this name is he has not been defeated on a single before he has lost in the national finals. In addition, he also has some kind of illness which leads him to visit the hospital most of the time. Moving on, he was paralyzed, and surgery has only a 50 percent chance to live and he survived it.

4. Keigo Atobe

Keigo Atobe (Source: Pinterest)

Keigo Atobe is a very talented tennis player in the series. In addition, he can know the weakness of opponents while playing the match with them. Even more, he is also a captain of a tennis team named Hyōtei Gakuen. While talking about his attitude, he seems to be a very rough and arrogant type of person. Though, he has such an arrogant attitude most of the girls like him. Whereas, most of the girls have a crush on him too. Additionally, he is very rich whereas he owns various types of transportation.

5. Tsukimitsu Ochi

Tsukimitsu Ochi (Source: Twitter)

Tsukimitsu Ochi is also one of the players reaching the national team. Further, he seems to be a very cool kind of person. Besides, another player seems to be very serious most of the time. Even more, he is also known by his other name The Mental Assassin as he easily won over his opponents making them lose mentally. While playing the game he shows no mercy towards the opponents.

What are similar anime like Prince of Tennis?

Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball (Source: Pinterest)

Kuroko’s Basketball is also a sport (basketball) anime. Though, they both stands as sports anime they are quite similar to each other. Even more, like The Prince of Tennis, in this anime, Taiga Kagami returns from the USA with very good skill. Further, he and Tetsuya both start to play from a similar team and starts to win over their games. But, there are other talented opponents too they have to face. Can they both overcome new obstacles?


Haikyuu!(Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, the Prince of Tennis, Haikyuu! is also a sports anime. The plot of the anime follows a very small height, Hinata who loves to play volleyball. And, his height did not matter him to playing volleyball. Moreover, he goes to Karasuno High and joined the volleyball team there where he met a good setter Kageyama. Karasuno becomes one of the best teams and they start to co-ordinate with each other.

While they both seem to be quite similar in anime as Kageyama and Ryoma have very arrogant types of behaviors. Even more, if you loved the animation and matches of the Prince of Tennis then you should put Haikyuu! on your watch list too.

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