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Shinobu Kocho (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Shinobu Kocho?

Shinobu Kocho was the insect pillar of the Demon Slayers.  Kocho, Insect hashira was renowned for her Insect Breathing Style in the series.

She had a younger sister of Kanae Kocho. After the death of her parents and Kanae, she joined the Demon Slayers Corps. Both her parents and sister were killed by demons. Hence, she joined the demon corps so that other people don’t meet similar fates.

Shinobu Kocho’s Description 
Age  18
Height  151 cm (4 feet and 9 inches)
Weight  37 kg
Birthday  February 24th
Voice actors  Saori Hayami (Japanese Voice Actor)

Erika Harlacher (English Voice Actor)


Shinobu Kocho’s Family

Shinobu Kocho’s Family (Source: Pinterest)

She had two siblings. Her older sibling, Kanae Kocho was a flower hashira. She also had a younger sister Kanao Tsuyuri who was. Kanao was adopted by Kanae.

Her parents were killed by demons when they were too young. Before which they were living very happily. Further, her new member of the family Kanao was raised with them in a good environment. They were also in the state of being nearly killed. But, Stone Pillar, Giyomei Himejima saved them in time. After which they decided to kill as many demons as they can.

How the Kocho Family met Kanao Tsuyuri?

Kanao Tsuyuri Background (Source: Chasing Anime)

When they first met Kanao, Kanao was under slavery. Both of the sisters cannot watch it happen. Adding on, Kanae was tied with rope and dragged like an animal. Shinobu then throws money over the man as he gets distracted she pulls Kanae towards her and takes her home.

Also, she bathes up her clean. Later, she comes to know that she has no mind of her own. Even more, Kanao comes to be dangerous to herself. Heading on, she develops a good bond with her and the sister’s bond even grows stronger.

Who killed Shinobu Kocho’s elder sister, Kanae Kocho?

Kanae Kocho (Source: Pinterest)

One day Shinobu’s sister comes to fight with the Upper Rank 2 demon, Doma. While fighting with the Doma, Doma killed her. Despite being a good fighter and having greater strength, she was unmatched by Doma.

When Shinobu comes to find her in this situation her sister has little life left. She asked her how the demon look alike. Then, Kanae tells her to leave the Demon Slayer Corps and live a happy life. But, she was rather seeking revenge which her sisters do not want her to do.

What is the Shinobu’s Sword? What is her breathing Style?

Shinobu Kocho’s Breathing Style (Source: Pinterest)

a. Her sword is made up of lavender-blue color. The person to make the sword is Tecchin Tecchikawahara. Further, she has also inserted Wisteria poison into her sword. Even more, her swords look pink in color as her blade represents a flower.

Shinobu Kocho uses the breathing style known as the Breath of the Insect. Her breathing style has four forms and they are Butterfly Dance: Caprice. Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter, Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon, and Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag.

Shinobu wants to make stronger poison to seek revenge

As revenge, she strongly wants to kill the demon who killed her sister. But, she must be eaten by the demon as she has been eating the poison that can kill the demons. Even more, she states that she is consuming the Wisteria Poison for nearly a year. The poison on her body is 70 times the dose that a demon needs to be killed. In order to know whether the poison will work or not, she was working together with the demon Tamayo.

Shinobu Kocho was after Nezuko Kamado

Shinobu chasing Nezuko (Source: Pinterest)

The one to kill her parents was nonother than demons. She comes to know that Nezuko is also a demon. As a result, she was after Nezuko. She was continuing to chase after Nezuko. Whereas, Nezuko uses her body alteration technique to run away from her. Later, Giyu tries to stop Shinobu from chasing Nezuko as well he wanted that Nezuko and Tanjiro to run away. Moving on, Giyu catches Shinobu and she takes out a blade from her shoes. Adding on, she was about to hit Giyu with it. A message comes from Demon Corps to them to take Nezuko and Tanjiro.

Shinobu Kocho vs Doma

Doma vs Shinobu Kocho (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

The battle between them happened in Infinity Castle. When Muzan appears there, a massive explosion happens. Then she comes to attack Muzan with her butterfly dance. Whereas Muzan was ready for the attack and, he makes everyone trapped inside his Infinity Castle. After Shinobu comes to the long corridor where she smells blood. As she smells the blood, she opens the door near her and finds there was a guy who killed her sister.

Whereas one of her disciples was alive and asking for help but others were dead. Doma was having them like his food. As the man comes towards Shinobu he explodes to death. Then, she directly attacks him with Insect Breathing targeting his right eyeball. Which makes a good impression on her for Doma and he uses his Blood Demon Art.

Later, she wants to kill him with poison as she was not able to cut the head off the demon. Whereas, Doma was already aware of her poison and got the information about her from the fight with Spider Family. due to it, Doma manages to get himself fine with the poison of Shinobu Kocho.

Shinobu Kocho vs Doma: Who is the Winner?|| Is Shinobu Kocho alive or dead?

Shinobu Kocho’s Death (Source: Pinterest)

As Doma knew about the poison, he manages to get rid away of the poison. Anyway, she gives five slashes constantly and even injects the poison into Doma. But, she comes to find that he is resistant to her attacks. Whereas, Doma’s Blood Demon Art of frozen mist was making her difficult to breathe. She even tries her six-stab attack though she was already injured.

Anyway, she could not hold up more to fight. She comes to die and was eaten by Doma. At that time her sister Kanao Tsuyuri arrives at that place. Even more, before dying she even signals Tusguko with her right hand.


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