Is season 3 of Kekkai Sensen Comming? Know everything about Kekkai Sensen with Characters age and birthday

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Kekkai Sensen (Source: Pinterest)

Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Kekkai Sensen (Source: Pinterest)

Kekkai Sensen also known as Blood Blockade Battlefront is an action, science fiction, and urban fantasy Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yasuhiro Nightow. The manga was first serialized on January 5, 2009, in the magazine, Jump Comics.

Moving the anime, the anime was first aired on April 4, 2015, on English Network, Animax Asia. The anime is directed by director Rie Matsumoto and written by Kazuno Furuya.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime follows the life occurring at Hellsalem. At Hellsalem, there live a lot of different creatures along with humans. Some of them include supersonic monkeys, vampires, and monsters with supernatural powers. Before, these creatures involved the place known as New York. Later, a gate was opened which was like a portal that made the creatures enter New York.

Moving on, they were sorted into a bubble-like environment and were made to live together with such creatures. In addition, those creatures also keep on creating problems so there exist a group of supernatural humans to control such problem. Also, they are known as Libra. As well, the plot is about a good photographer whose name is Leonardo.

Adding on, Leonardo also was an ordinary person until he got the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods”. It was exchanged in the loss of her sister’s eyes. Further, the state his powers to the organization known as Libra. Then, they put Leonardo in their organization too. After which he gets himself to live a life he is also not aware of.

Character Chart of Kekkai Sensen

Characters of Kekkai Sensen (Source: Pinterest)
Character Name Age* Birthday*
Leonardo Watch 19 May 14th
King of Despair 1000+ N/A
Chain Sumeragi 21 February 6th
Michella Watch 16 April 4th
K.K. 36 July 1
Riga El Menuhyut N/A N/A
Zeodra N/A N/A
Aligura N/A N/A

*The age of characters is based on their first appearance in the series.


Leonardo Watch

Leonardo Watch (Source: Pinterest)

Leonardo Watch is a protagonist of the Japanese anime series Kekkai Sensen. Also, he holds a very good passion and hobby in photography. His younger sister’s name is Michella Watch. Then only he came to Hellsalem to help Michella. Further, there he was able to get one of the powerful eyes known as “All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods” in place of his sister’s eye. The one to give him such eyes was Riga El Menuhyut. Before getting these eyes he was just an ordinary person. With their kind nature, he also wants to involve in various adventures. Later, he involves in the organization known as Libra.

King of Despair

King of Despair (Source: Pinterest)

King of Despair is an antagonist of the Japanese anime series Kekkai Sensen. Even more, he was a member of a group name thirteen kings. When the Great Collapse happened, Black and he shared bodies together with each other. In addition, he also seems mysterious as his appearance is unknown. But, he seems like some fire in a cloak. As the different creatures live along with humans, he also wears the clothes like humans used to wear. Though he is an antagonist of the series, he used to respect every people around him. While he used to revolve around the emotions of people.

Chain Sumeragi

Chain Sumeragi (Source: Pinterest)

Chain Sumeragi is also a member of an organization known as Libra. In addition, she belongs to the warewolf creatures. Being warewolf she is also involved in Warewolf Bureau. Most of the time she used to wear black suits. As she does not want to create any problems for others but she keeps on harming others. Among these, she used to harm Zapp Renfro the most. Adding on, she has a great power that can let her pass through the walls. Also, the power is called ‘Invisible Warewolf’. Because of her ability, she is one of the important people for Libra.

Michella Watch

Michella Watch (Source: Pinterest)

Michella watch is the younger sister of the main protagonist Leonardo Watch. Also, she has problems with her legs which made her unable to walk. Moving on, while traveling towards the place known as Hellsalem she lost her eyes. For which Leonardo received another eye named “All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods”. Adding on, she is a very young girl who has to walk with the help of wheelchair. As well, she love her brother since her childhood days. Further, she is also brave enough as she bravely gave her eyes to her brother Leonardo.


K.K. (Source: Pinterest)

K.K. is one of the members of the organization known as Libra. Also, K.K. used to wear an eye patch. As well, she has two sons whom she loves very much. Even more, she used to protect her sons and comrades very much like treasures. Moreover, she has very good bonding with the leader of Libra, Klaus. While fighting she uses very powerful guns. Those guns are used to convert her blood to electricity. Likewise, she cares for her sons, she also cares about Klaus. Most of the time, she seems to be wearing a long coat with black boots.

Riga El Menuhyut

Riga El Menuhyut (Source:

Riga El Menuhyut is the creature that is a creation of Dr. Gamimotz. As well, Riga was responsible one to provide the eye to Leonardo. In addition, Riga looks very monstrous and dangerous. Also, Riga often wears a huge cloak and has four arms. Whereas, it has only one eye located at its mouth. When it meets both Leonardo and Michella, Michella trades her eyes to provide the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods to her brother. Then, Riga provides the eye to Leonardo.


Zeodra (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Zeodra is one of the members of the thirteen kings. Among the thirteen kings, he is the king of hypertension. Additionally, they can hear all the sound, light, and vibration of Hellsalem easily. Velved also deals with him as he wanted to take revenge on werewolves.


Aligura (Source: Pinterest)

Aligura is also the one from the group of thirteen kings. Even more, she is also a queen of Monomania. Further, she also has her appearance quite similar to humans. Whereas, she used to wear a metallic mask on her face. As she was the queen of Monomania, Aligura made her kill anything that comes between her choice without thinking anything. As of now, she is involved in finding a vessel and her boyfriend’s body.

Thirteen Kings of Kekkai Sensen

13 Kings of Kekkai Sensen (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

The thirteen Kings are a group of very dangerous people in the series Kekkai Sensen. Also, the group consists of both males and females. Whereas, all the members are from the place known as Hellsalem. Further, the member of the thirteen kings is also the antagonist of the series. With their group together, they stand as one of the hectic groups for Libra.

Moreover, the group also consists of the king of hypertension, Zeodra. Which is very powerful as it can easily sense the sound, light, and vibration at the Hellsalem. In addition, the group also consists of the king of despair who can control the black magic. With such kind of black magic, he is able to kill people without even touching others with his hands or body. Making a group with other 13 such powerful kings, the group of thirteen kings stands as a very powerful group. Along with them, Aligura and Femt are also a member of this group.

All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods (Details)

All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods (Source: Pinterest)

All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods is the eye that Leonardo received in an exchange for the eyes of his sister. Besides, Leonardo, many other users from the human world and other worlds have used the eyes. Also, the eyes let the user get various powers too.
You may be thinking about the power of the eye. Adding on, the eye provides the user to know the real truth about the universe. Even more, the user will be able to predict the very fast moment involved in the fights too. As well, the thing that the bare eyes of humans can’t see will be visualized very clearly. Additionally, not only its profits to own vision but it can also be used to alter the vision of other people around the user. Along with it, the eye can trace the organs inside the human body too.

Is Kekkai Sensen getting season 3?

Well, the previous season of Kekkai Sensen got very popular among anime fans. In addition, the manga also got sold in numbers. As well, fans are also waiting for the new season till 2017. But, there is not any response about season 3 of the anime. If we look forward to the popularity of the anime and if everything goes well we can expect that season 3 of kekkai sensen will fall on 2022/2023. Among its previous season, the new season may also get popular if it falls on the screen.

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