Is Power Killed in Chainsaw Man? Know All facts about Power in Chainsaw Man(Spoiler Alert)

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Important Facts Of Power Of Chainsaw Man

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Chainsaw Man is an action, comedy horror, and dark fantasy Japanese manga and anime series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Tatsuki Fujimoto. Also, the manga was first serialized on December 3, 2018, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. In addition, Chainsaw Man stands as a unique type of anime with both horror and comedy in the same one.

As if you have already watched Chainsaw Man and you are a fan of Power of Chainsaw Man. Then, you are in right place. Here, are the most important things about Power in Chainsaw Man you must know about.

What type of personality does Power have?

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As if we look at the personality of Power, she stands to be a very rude person. Even more, she can be described as a demon that does not want to see the humanity in the world. Most of the time she seemed to be a very greedy person. Besides, she only looks for her own sake as she only fights with others if she has any profits from it. As a result, in some of the fights she seems to run away and that’s because she is a very selfish person.

What are the physical power abilities of Power?

Power Chainsaw Man (Source: Pinterest)

Though Power seems to be a greedy and selfish person, she is very good at her fighting abilities. In addition, she is good at fighting because of her very fast speed. With the speed, she also has the smell powers that lead her to find the smell of blood even from a very long distance. Moreover, while fighting with the Katana man, she was able to run away because of her insane speed. With the both smell as well as the speed she has a very great physical ability.

Adding to it, she also increases the strength that she possesses. And, she is able to do so by drinking a large amount of blood. That lets her turn into a larger demon form and with it, she increases all her physical abilities.

What type of supernatural abilities does Power have?

Power Chainsaw Man ability (Source: Pinterest)

Being a devil-like character she possesses various supernatural abilities. Which blood manipulation is one of them. Due to this ability, she can easily turn her body into a weapon when she is fighting with her opponents. Similarly, blood transfer is her other ability and it is a very important one. Because due to it they can save the lives of others too.

What type of look does Power have in anime and manga?

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From both the anime and manga, we can find out that Power has dual look. One is when she is in fiend form and another one is when she is in devil form. Additionally, when she is in fiend form, she appears to cute girl with pink blonde hair. Also, she has sharped teeth with a pair of horns and often wears a shirt and tie.

But when she is in devil form, she then turns into a big humanoid with big arms. As well, she consists of four-arm in this form. Likewise, a devil also has sharp claws with only three fingers on it.

What is the Past of Power Chainsaw Man?

Past of Power Chainsaw Man (Source: Pinterest)

In the Intro Arc, Power seems to live only by hunting some of the bears that were available in the jungles. Moreover, in her intro arc, she seems to be spending her time hanging with the cat. But, because of her appearance, she even wanted to eat the cat she hangs with, but she was able to control it due to the bonding she has.

Power relation with Denji

Power and Denji (Source: Pinterest)

Power and Denji have a relationship with each other but it does not seem to be good rather it seems to be rough. Though it appears too rough, Denji was able to save Power. Even more, as they appeared to be rough with each other they started a very good relationship with each other. Moreover, Power stands as one of their friend of Denji. So, Denji is ready to help Power. Likewise, Denji Power is also ready to help Denji too.

Who is Aki Hayakawa to Power?

Power and Aki Hayakawa (Source: Pinterest)

Well, Aki Hayakawa is a very good friend of Power. As they have a good friendship between them, while Power seems to be in trouble Aki appears there to help her. In addition, due to their good bonding, they seem like brother and sister too. Likewise, as a brother and sister Power reacts as a naughty girl whereas Aki seems to be collected and mature. Due to Power behavior and naughty things, Aki often falls into trouble.

Power and Meowy

Power and Meowy (Source: Pinterest)

Meowy is the pet that Power loves a lot. Additionally, she does not care about what she eats, but she feeds Meowy with very fresh and nutritious food. Even more, she has a very good bonding with Meowy as he controls her to eat up her pet. For saving the life of Denji, she was thinking about sacrificing the life of her pet. Because the situation was created where she has to save Denji from the Devil Bats. Also, this creates a scene that shows how much Power loves her pet Meowy.

Is Power dead in Chainsaw Man? Power’s new form

Power new form (Source: Pinterest)

While if we talk about the death scene of Power it seems very tragic to fans of Power. But, Power is no more alive as she is dead as she risks her own life in order to save the life of Denji. As she was near about to vanish, Pochita gives her solution to get into life by eating him and turning him into the devil. That leads her to become very tall and huge four arms with a face that seems like a dog.

Who killed Power in Chainsaw Man?

Power and Makima (Source: Pinterest)

While she was saving Denji, she was almost killed by the hand of Makima. Though, she was dead, with the help of Pochita she was able to again have the life by creating a new form. After, changing into the new form she again stands up to start the fight.

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