Is Julius true culprit behind devils in Black Clover? Top 10 Facts You Must Know About Julius

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The 10 Important Facts About Wizard King Julius of Black Clover

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Black Clover is an adventure and fantasy Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yūki Tabata. The fandom of black clover has also grown into a lot of numbers. There are various characters that are loved by fans besides the main protagonist and the wizard king Julius happens to be one of the mysterious characters in the anime.

Are you really a wizard Julius fan? What are Julius’s abilities? What are the new things about Julius from the manga? How powerful can Julius be? Likewise, here are 10 facts listed that must be roaming around your head about Julius.

1. What Type Of Grimoire does Julius Have? Is It Powerful Enough?

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At the beginning or most of the time in the anime, the grimoire of Julius is not seen. Moreover, in most of his battles against his opponents, he seems to do it without having a grimoire present at the fights. Further, when he fights with The Midnight Sun, at that time too he does not even use the grimoire. As a result, the question rises among fans about what kind of and how powerful grimoire Julius have.

But hopefully, we were able to see it when he battles with Patoli, and we come to know that the grimoire is above his head consisting of one format with no end or beginning. Though, it is like it consists of thousands of pages with fascinating magic. Altogether, the grimoire stands as a very powerful one.

2. What Type Of Personality Does Julius Have?

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Julius of Black Clover is a very calm and kind type of person. Because of this, he is a favorite among the fans. Even more, he only believes in hard work and thinks that hard work is only the way to pay off. In addition, he also suggests to Asta and Yuno that by doing hard work they can also become a great wizard. Additionally, he appears to be more mature and very well-known in various types of magic.

3. Can Julius of Black Clover kill people despite his good personality?

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We have already talked about his personality of Julius and he seems to be quite calm and honest. Moreover, most of the time he also forgives the people for their doings too. Which does not mean he easily gives the bad ones to do anything they wanted to do. In addition, one example is when Asta was kidnapped from Eye of The Midlight Sun, he killed two people without even thinking. Further, if he comes to his cool head he can kill the people too.

4. Is the rumor of Julius Grimoire Having Only One Page True?

Julius with grimoire
Julius with grimoire ( Source: Pinterest)

Well talking about his grimoire, his grimoire has a lot of magic and power. Even more, it was made of thousands of pages. Coming towards now, his grimoire has changed into only one page. And the rumors turn out to be the real ones.

5. From whom did Julius get inspired to become the great wizard?

Zara Ideale and Julius
Zara Ideale and Julius ( Source: Pinterest)

At first, Julius does not have the ambition only to become a wizard king. Further, in his past, he was a good knight. Then, he comes to meet a guy whose name is Zara Ideale. Additionally, Zara gives him the knowledge that Magic Knight is not enough to position to be. And that encourages Julius to become one of the finest Wizard King.

6. Which was the first squad that recruit Julius?

Grey Deer members
Grey Deer members ( Source: Twitter)

As his ambition was to become a good Magic Knight, he have hard work and even passed the exam. Then after passing his exams he comes to join the squad whose name was Grey Deer. Also, the group Grey Deer consists of another very powerful character too. Moreover, in his first squad, he also recruits the Black Bull captain Yami as his group captain at that time. Further, if we go to the past of Yami he was a foreigner which leads them to create a good friendship between them.

7. Where was Julius born?

Julius ( Source: ANIME SOULS)

Julius takes birth in one of the Roman Empire. As well, we know that all people are treated equally in the Clover Kingdom. That creates a good thought in him and he does not give a damn about any family a person belongs to. But if we talk about Julius, he was born in a very high-rank family. Even more, when he was very young he had joined the Magic Knight. Which leads him to become one of the greatest Wizard King.

8. Does Julius really have deception?

Julius ( Source: CBR)

There is no question on he is a great Wizard. As he has a lot of magic and can even handle the worse situations. But, he also lacks in some the magic. He even can have the magic of transformations. That changes the point of view of viewers who watches him. Moreover, his changes make him be away from the responsibility as a King that he must do.

9. The magic of Julius of Black Clover is different from others

Julius ( Source: Pinterest)

We already mentioned a lot of times he has mastered magic and knows a lot of magic. When Yuno was troubled with his magics, Julius easily find it out too. In addition, he also has a lot of knowledge about 500 years old magics that were used by the old Wizard King. Even more, when Asta receives the anti-magic sword, he was shocked. Though having a lot of knowledge about magic, he generally has very different types of points doing the magic.

10. Does the name Novachrono suits Julius?

Julius ( Source: Wiki-Fandom)

When the Wizard King used the Time Blast, he comes to destroy the Party’s sword. Additionally, he has a very good name and ts him too. While Yuki Tabata was the one who picked up the surname for him. If we really look after its meaning, the Novo means new only in the Latin language. Whereas, Chrono means time in Greek. Further, Julius is the one who can control the time and various new magics. As a result, the name really suits him.



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