Is Fuuto Tantei sequel of Kamen Rider? Know about Fuuto Tantei with mysterious character, Tokime

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Fuuto Tantei (Source: Pinterest)

Fuuto Tantei

Fuuto Tantei (Source: Pinterest)

Fuuto Tantei is a mystery and supernatural Japanese anime and manga series. The manga was first serialized on August 7, 2017, in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirit. Also, the manga is written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Masaki Sato.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on August 1, 2022, on Network, Tokyo MX. As well, the anime is animated under Studio Kai and Ishimori Entertainment. Also, the anime was directed by the director, Yousuke Kabashima. As of now, the anime has 12 lists episodes.

Main Plot

The plot starts with the private investigator, Shoutarou Hidari who works in order to protect the city of Fuuto. As a partner of him, Philip works along with him. One day, Shoutarou finds out about a mysterious girl whose name is Tokime, who used to be involve in various theft and killings.

Then, Shoutarou starts his investigation which leads him to find the memories called Gaia Memories which hold lots of memories that is used to make beasts called Dopants. Though, many Gaia users were caught in the past whereas in the reality some of them still lives freely.

As a result, Shoutarou and his partner should fight against the beast Dopants in order to protect the people. They both get into a fight with the name Kamen Rider.

Main Characters

Shoutarou Hidari

Shoutarou Hidari (Source: Pinterest)

Shoutarou Hidari is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series, Fuuto Tantei. At the Naromi Detective, he works as a private investigator. He is also a very mysterious person as he was born to unnamed parents. Even more, when he was small his parents were dead.

So, he arrives in Fuuto to live with his aunt. As he grows from small age in Fuuto he wants to protect the place until he dies. Heading his personality, he very sensitive and emotional person. Also, he always seeks justice which leads him to become one of the best detectives.


Philip (Source: Pinterest)

Philip is one of the detectives in the series Fuuto Tantei. While working he works as a partner of Shoutarou. In addition, he belongs to the Sonozaki Family. The Sonozaki Family gave him birth as a third child, he has two elder sisters. Before, 12 years he was also one of the victims of Gaia Memory but revived from it.

The incident led to altered memories of his father, Ryubei Sonozaki. Whereas, the one behind it was his own father. Later, he was rescued from it after when his memories was erased. Then, he received his new name Philip. As his child, he was a very social person after losing memories he became a very cold person.

Sokichi Narumi

Sokichi Narumi (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Sokichi Narumi is the one who found the Narumi Detective Office. Before, supporting Shoutarou Hidari, he became Kamen Rider Skull. In addition, he is able to handle and stay still in any situation. Likewise, the main protagonist also loves Fuuto city and the people residing in it.

In the past, he was a very childish type of person as he became the detective he change himself into a dedicated and serious person.

Katsumi Daido

Katsumi Daido Live Action (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Katsumi Daido is the main antagonist of the series. He revived from death and became Kamen Rider Eternal. In his past life, he has a problem with his heart which also became the reason for his death. Even more, Katsumi owns a group known as NEVER which uses the Gaia memories.

In his childhood days, he was a very kind and gentle boy as well loved his mother a lot. As of now, he is full of coldness. Even more, he wants the residents of Fuuto city to become a monster.


Tokime (Source: Pinterest)

Tokime is working as the Shoutarou’s assistant. She has also become a member of the Narumi Detective Office. Before, joining the Narumi Detective she was working with Yukiji Bando who used to show interest in her. In addition, she does a lot of thefts and murders.

Heading her personality, she is very innocent and does not wants to the new things too much. Also, she only focuses on her work as she doesn’t like to interfere in others’ work. Later, she grows feelings towards Shoutarou and even used to kiss and tells him that he is cute.

Fuuto Tantei is sequel of Kamen Rider

Firstly, Kamen Rider was released. After its 50th anniversary, Fuuto Tantei was about to release. The Kamen Rider was not an anime but it was a live-action drama. Also, it was aired in 2009.

Even more, the Kamen Rider plot is also about the same city Fuuto. The prequel was based on Kamen Rider Skull who saved the two young boys Shoutarou and his partner in the sequel, Sokichi. These two children were able to transform themselves into a Kamen Rider double using Gaia memory.

While at the sequel they both work together as partners. Further, they work in order to save the city of Fuuto. The sequel is based on how they save the city whereas the prequel was based on how they were saved.

Is Tokime a Dopant? Why Tokime is called a witch?

Tokime (Source: Zerochan)

In the anime adaptation, we were to see a mysterious character, Tokime. She even worked as a detective. Whereas, people residing in the Fuuto call her a witch. The reason behind it is she used to rob people and steal their clothes too. After, Shoutarou investigates more about her past.

Tokime is a dopant. Even more, she used to have a Gaia memory. Later, the main protagonist, Shoutarou also finds out that she is a Road dopant. As well, she has killed a lot of people. Actually, she was transferred to G-Elasmotherium dopant.

Where to watch Kamen Rider?

You have been feeling easy to watch the sequel of the Kamen Rider. But, you might have difficulty thinking about where you can watch the prequel. We can watch the sequel easily through various streaming channels like Pluto TV and Tubi TV.

As well, you can also watch Kamen Rider on Netflix but the Crunchyroll has already kicked it out on September 2022.

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