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Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion is a Japanese adventure, mystery, and science fiction anime and manga series. Adding to that, the manga is written and illustrated by the manga artist, Masakazu Ishiguro. The manga was first serialized on January 25, 2018. Whereas, the anime was first aired on April 1, 2023, on the original network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director, Hirotaka Mori.

Heavenly Delusion- Main Plot

The main plot of the anime follows an outside world that is destroyed by an unprecedented disaster. It destroyed modern civilization, and after 15 years, a group of children were living in the outside world. One of them, Tokio, receives messages from outside the world.

Even more, her friend Mimihime tells her that someone with the same face as her will come to save her. Also, the director of the school says the place outside the world is hell. Adding on, a boy named Maru, who looks like Tokio, was roaming in destroyed Japan in order to find heaven.

Heavenly Delusion- Character Chart

Characters of Heavenly Delusion (Source:
Character Name Age  Voice Actor
Maru 15 Gen Satou
Tokio 14 Hibiku Yamamura
Kiruko 20 (body)


Sayaka Senbongi
Kona 17 Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Mimihime N/A Misato Fukuen
Robin Inazaki N/A Kazuya Nakai
Michika 10 Mai Nishikawa
Shiro 14 Shunsuke Takeuchi


The age of the characters is based on their first appearance in the series.

Heavenly Delusion- Characters


Maru is the main protagonist of the series, Heavenly Delusion. In addition, the main aim of Maru is to search for heaven. So, he is roaming around the destroyed Japan. Mikura was the one to give him this mission. He is very young and looks beautiful. Even more, he also has a power called Maru-Touch. His ability allows him to kill the man-eaters.

The man-eaters are immortal creatures that usually feed humans. Adding on, his ability allows him to get the fatal point of Man-Eater and easily kill them. Also, he can create a mental image of such a fatal point with the help of his Maru-Touch. Further, he has a good relationship with Kiruko and Takezuka.


Tokio is one of the girls who live in the outside world. She gives birth to a child at a young age. Furthermore, she had no idea what sex was or how babies are born. So, she has a sexual relationship with Kona. As a result, she was having very difficult times during her pregnancy.

Along with her, other students also do not know about relationships and sex. Later, she gets her child, and she raises the child along with Kona. Even more, she also has an ability that makes her invisible while being recorded on various recording devices. But she also doesn’t know how her ability works.


Kiruko is a young adult woman. She is from the orphanage, which name is Asakusa. As well, she is very good at using guns. Heading on, the brain of her brother Haruki was implanted in her. So, she is still searching for the person who did this. As of now, she is Maru’s bodyguard and is helping him reach heaven.

Moving towards the past, one day she and her brother had a race. Suddenly, a man-eater appears, and her brother goes to stop it. Also, the man-eater ate all of the body parts of her brother, and she was able to free only the head and torso of his brother. One of the doctors sees the siblings dying, so he transplants the brain of his brother into her.


Kona is also one of the children who live in the outside world. Adding on, he loves sketching and drawing pictures. Also, he is the oldest student at Takahara Academy. He is the only member of the class because his classmate Asura has already died.

Even more, he has a sexual relationship with Tokia and is the father of her child. Unlike other students, he does not have any powers or abilities.


Mimihime is a student of the outside world and has ears with different abilities. Her ear is large and provides her with superhuman hearing. Sometimes, she experiences moments of her past as well as her future that she has never witnessed. Among the students, she believes that there is another world outside the outside world. Later, she marries Shiro.

Robin Inazaki

Robin Inazaki (Source: Fiction Horizon)

Robin Inzakai is a supporting character in the series. He is also the father of Haruki and Kiriko. As of now, he has gone missing. People are unaware of where he has gone. So Haruki, now Kuriko, due to the transplanted brain, is searching for him.

She is on the journey along with Dr. Sawatari. In addition, he also holds the title of doctor, but he is not actually a doctor. In the past, he was affiliated with the Immortal Order and the Ministry of Reconstruction.


Michika is also known as Takezuka Michika. She was also a member of Takahara Academy, and she spent her childhood there. As of now, she is a bounty hunter for the Ministry of Reconstruction. Even more, the Ministry of Reconstruction later hires her in order to find Maru.

Maru was the one who beat up Robin, and after the incident, Robin disappeared. Takezuka also has very good skills in hand-to-hand combat. As a result, she has a very good reflex and can also dodge the slash attack from the katana.


Shiro is one of the children, a mechanical engineer who is living in the outside world. Even more, he has feelings for Mimihime. As well, he has also saved her from serious injuries multiple times. Adding on, he feels very shy and finds it difficult to socialize with others.

Though he has problems with socialization, he is very good at electronics and making robots. Thus, he is able to build a fully functional mechanical item without anyone’s help. Likewise, Kona does not have any superhuman abilities.


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