How did Hakuji turned into Akaza? Find everything about Upper rank three, Akaza

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Who is Akaza in Demon Slayer?

Akaza is one of the demons from 12 Kizuki. He gains the position of Upper-Rank Three among the 12 kizuki.

He was born a human named Hakuji. Later, Muzan Kibutsuji turns him into a demon, and he is now popular as Akaza. He makes his first appearance in chapter 62 of the manga and episode 32 of the anime series.

Who are the voice actors for Akaza?

Voice Actors of Akaza

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Akira Ishida. Whereas, the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actor Lucien Dodge.


Appearance of Akaza (Source: Pinterest)

In the human form prior to death, he was just 18 years old. However, Akaza is more than 200 years old as a demon.

His height is 5 feet 8 inches. In addition, he has spiked pink hair. Whereas, the color of his eye is yellow with a blue sclera. He has a pattern of blue lines on his face and body. Most of the time, he wears shorts, exposing his chest. Further, he prefers to go barefoot anywhere he wants to go.

Akaza’s Journey From Human to Demon

Hakuji (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards the backstory of Akaza, he was born as a human. His name was Hakuji. Also, he has a father who was very sick. So, to buy medicine for his father, he used to steal pickpockets. He was also caught many times and threatened to cut his arm if he got involved again.

The people also made a tattoo on his arm to recognize him. He was also referred to as a demon child. One day, while returning home, one of the neighbors tells him that his father has hung himself after finding out he was arrested. His father left a letter, writing that his father does not want to have medicine if it’s from the wrong activities.

Then, having no place to go, he starts beating people, and one day he kills seven people in a village. In the village, he meets Keizo and offers him the battle, but Hajuki loses the fight. Also, Keizo took Hajuki and started to teach him martial arts.

After two years, he was skilled, and Keizo even handed him his daughter, Koyuki. Hajuki promises to keep Koyuki safe but fails, as Keizo and Kayuki died drinking poisoned water while he was visiting his father’s grave. In return, he kills 67 members of the rival dojo barehanded. Muzan found out about it and turned Hakuji into a demon, Akaza.

Love interest and Wife of Akaza

Akaza and Koyuki (Source: Pinterest)

When Akaza was a human, he fell for the daughter of Keizo, Koyuki. On the day of the festival, Hakuji tells about his past and confesses his proposal. In return, Koyuki accepts himself for who he is and does not care about his past.

Even more, Hakuji also promised to protect her for the rest of his life and become stronger. But she was killed, and he was not able to do so. After turning into a demon, she forgets about his father, Keizo, as well as his wife, Koyuki.

The Blood Demon Art of Akaza

Blood Demon Art of Akaza (Source: Pinterest)

The Blood Demon Art of Akaza is called Destructive Death. He has interlinked his style with his Soryu style. Adding to that, he had already mastered it when he was young. So, as Blood Demon Art, he has added shockwaves, blast-like attacks, and circular energy to his old form of fighting. Even more, he is also able to regenerate any part of his body very quickly.

Power and Abilities

Akaza Power and Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Being a martial arts student, he is able to handle hand-to-hand combat. Even before transforming into a demon, he had very good skills in martial arts and was able to kill 67 members of a rival dojo.

Soryu Style

Sory Style is a martial art technique that Keizo has taught him. The Soryu Style is powerful enough as it directly targets the opponent’s neck and weapons.


Mugen Train Arc

Kyojuro Rengoku vs. Akaza

Infinity Castle Arc

Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka vs. Akaza

Akaza was able to kill Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku

Akaza killing Rengoku (Source: CBR)

The fight between Akaza and Rengoku appears in the Mugen Train Arc. Muzan sends Akaza to kill all of the demon slayers. There he starts the fight along with Flame Hashira. He was amazed to see the willpower of Rengoku. Also, he offers him the chance to become a demon and become more powerful. Tanjiro was already down in the fight, and Akaza was trying to attack, whereas Rengoku was protecting.

Rengoku was slashing his arm, but he has good regenerating power. The fights keep going until the sun rises. Before sunrise, Akaza runs from there. While running, Tanjiro throws his katana into Akaza’s chest, but he manages to hide in the forest. Adding on, Tanjro also tells him he is a coward for running from the battlefield. Kyojuro was injured and died, telling Tanjiro, “I believe in your sister”.

Why does Muzan send Akaza on the mission of the blue spider lily?

Blue Spider Lily (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

The main mission Muzan gave Akaza was to find the Blue Spider Lily. After turning into a demon, Akaza was stronger. Even more, Akaza also forgets about all of his pasts. As well, he refuses to harm women. Adding on, he was very loyal, along with his strength. Thus, Muzan deploys him on a special mission to find the blue spider lily. Later, he also gets the mission to kill the demon slayers in the Mugen Train Arc.

Akaza’s Death

Akaza Death (Source: Fiction Horizon)

Heading towards the death scene of Akaza, Akaza fights with Tanjro in the Infinity Castle Arc. Akaza was shocked at how Tanjiro has survived until now. He remembers Rengoku saying Tanjiro is not weak. Also, Tanjiro was able to cut Akaza’s arm, but he was able to counter Tanjiro.

As the fight keeps going, Giyu also joins it. Even more, Akaza says that he is better than the previous water hashira that he killed. They were both only able to cut a little spice from Akaza’s neck.

While Giyu and Akaza were fighting Tanjiro in a flashback, his father told him about correct breathing and technique in order to see a transparent world. After that, Tanjiro saw the battle in slow motion. Akaza even remembers Kaizo telling him to save the world.

After that finally, Tanjiro was able to cut Akaza’s head and was powerless. As the body of Akaza keeps fighting, Giyu starts protecting Tanjiro. At last, Akaza admits his defeat and uses his technique on himself, which only leaves him with bones. Muzan’s head was trying to regenerate, but he was stopped by his wife, Koyuki, and he died reuniting with his love.


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