Hades vs Qin Shi Huang in Record of Ragnarok. Find Who is the Winner of the Battle

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Hades vs Quin Shi Huang (Source: Pinterest)

Hades vs Qin Shi Huang (A battle of the brain)

Hades and Qin Shi Huang are both very impressive characters in the manga series, Record of Ragnarok. The battle held between these characters is more about the brain game. The battle will take place in the seventh round of Ragnarok. Out of all the battles in Ragnarok, this battle will be one of the best. The score prior to the match is tied with a score of  3-3.

In the battle, Hades is the one to represent humanity whereas Qin Shi Huang is representing the gods. Hades is a god from the Greek pantheon and Qin Shi Huang is the first emperor of China.

The more descriptive battle among them with the result is here. Find out who is the winner between Hades Vs Qin Shi Huang.

Introduction about Hades and Qin Shi Huang


Hades (Source: Pinterest)

Hades is the Greek pantheon who is representing the god’s side in the seventh round of Ragnarok. Adding on, he was about to go on another round but Buddha switch himself to humanity’s side. As a result, he has to fight in the seventh round of the Ragnarok. Further, he is also a great King of the Netherworld. The reason for him to participate in the Ragnarok is because of the death of Poseidon.

Qin Shi Huang

Quin Shi Huang (Source: Pinterest)

Qin Shi Huang is the first emperor of China. Also, his alternative name is Ying Zheng. He was one to found Qin Dynasty and one to unite the kingdom as China. Due to it, he is also known as the greatest emperor of China. From his appearance, he seems quite similar to Jack the Ripper. On their face, he has a tattoo of two centipedes.

Start of 7th round of Ragnarok

Hades vs Quin Shi Huang (Source: Pinterest)

In the seventh round of the Ragnarok, it seems like Hades has good respect from Zeus. Whereas, he was there only to take revenge for his younger brother Poseidon. Also, his brother was eliminated in round 3 of Ragnarok losing to Sasaki Kojiro. When Qin Shi was appearing in the fight, the line of people sitting in the upper part of the front gate bowed up.

People can’t believe it was the emperor of China. Whereas, the first emperor states that it was his honor to lift the Emperor of China. In addition, the people hold and make the way for Qin Shi Huang to enter the battlefield. But, the way it was from the stands of Gods. Even more, the supporters of God started doing boo to him as he enters from the gate and stated about the unification of China having a big talk.

Some people were even thinking about whether he can fight or not. As well, Hades shows up his appearance by holding up the bident. Before, entering he also meets with Poseidon’s servant Proteus. His servant even gives him the Trident of Poseidon. He even states that kill the people who kill Poseidon. But, Hades replies as his brother is not the one to be engaged in avenge. Later, he takes Trident and says revenge for Poseidon is his duty as an elder brother. Then, he enters the battlefield from HELHEIM. Heading on, the seventh round starts.

Qin Shi Huang and Alvitr (Tenth-Eldest of Valkyrie) as one

Qin Shi Huang and Alvitr (Source: Pinterest)

As Qin Shi appears on the battlefield, Alvitr says what was he waiting for. Adding on, she says she was waiting for him and yells at him to enter from the proper place. In addition, she says that he has not listened to her since she paired with him. Then, she just asks him if he thinks they can have a heart as one or not.

After which, the emperor gives her a hand and carries her saying come closer. He even states her as a boyish young lady. Then after a glimpse, Qin Shi Huang changes his appearance. Finally, he changes himself to the ALMIGHTY SPAULDERS. After all, he says that Alvitr fits him nicely as they both become one.

Hades Vs Qin Shi starts with Hades’ Attack

As the round begins, Hades directly says that he has nothing to hold her Qin Shi. Also, he a kind from the race who has killed his brother. Moving on, he starts to have continuous heavy jabs over Qin Shi. As Qin Shi let his guard down, he again attacks him with his Hammer of the Neverland. Whereas, Qin Shi takes a lot of damage from Hade’s attack.

Again, Hades starts to have various moves but he comes to be shocked as Qin Shi deflects his attack. Later, Quin Shi throws Hades sailing backward. Further, he says that he is the only one to become a king and uses the Heavenly Hand of Defence.

Qin Shi Huang uses his brain over Hades’ strength

Qin Shi Huang absorbing Hades’s power (Source: Reddit)

The match was already in the hand of Hades as he is very strong. After all, Qin Shi uses the power of Valkyrie even though he has armor from her. But, even with full power along with Valkyrie, Qin Shi was not able to hit Hades. There was no match between the power of Hades.
But, Qin Shi uses his brain properly and uses his Heavenly Hand of Defence. Even more, he knows that it can absorb the power of the opponents and even deflect the power. Hence, he uses this technique to absorb the power of Hades. This is the point where he uses the ultimate part of his brain.

The End of Qin Shi Huang vs Hades

Qin Shi Huang winning Hades (Source: Amino Apps)

When Qin Shi was able to absorb the power of Hades. Then, he starts to absorb every attack and counter of Hades. Even more, his bubble attack was also preferable to break opponents’ attacks. With the way of using the bubble attack in a different form, Qin Shi was able to break every powerful move of Hades.

Also, because of him absorbing the power of Hades. The attacks of Hades start to lose both power and momentum. As a result, using the bubble attack and the Heavenly Hand of Defence to absorb the attack, Qin Shi Huang was able to win over Hades.


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