Gabimaru the Hollow vs. Zhu Jin, Tensen. Who wins the battle?

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Gabimaru vs. Zhu Jin

Gabimaru vs. Zhu Jin

Hell’s Paradise is doing a good job. We will be able to see the battle between Gabimaru and Zhu Jin in episode 9 of the series. It is one of the best battles in the series. Before moving towards the battle, here is information about Gabimaru as well as Zhu Jin:


Gabimaru (Source: Anime Corner)

Gabimaru is an assassin who is also popular as Gabimaru the Hollow. Also, Gabimaru served his life as a shinobi for the Iwagakure. Later, he wished to live a peaceful life, for which he was arrested by the village chief. Adding on, to be pardoned for his crime and meet his wife again, he joins the mission to get the elixir of life.

Zhu Jin

Zhu Jin (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Zhu Jin is one of the members of Lord Tensen. Rein is the creator of Zhu Jin. Other Tensens were also created by Rein. Adding on, Zhu Jin can transform into Yin and Yang forms, and while doing so, he also changes gender.

Gabimaru attacks after knowing Tensens captures humans to turn into elixir

When Gabimaru first met Zhu Jin, he was unaware of who she was. Adding on, he even asked who she is. In return, Zhu Jin replies that she has just finished one kind of Gabimaru. Which makes Gabimaru realize that Zhu Jin can turn humans into elixir.

Heading on, Gabimaru asks if Zhu Jin can turn humans into elixir. Then, they both start the fight with speed, attacking each other. Gabimaru was able to land the first hit.

Zhu Jin regenerates and increases speed

Zhu Jin’s Speed (Source: YouTube)

As the battle went on, Gabimaru was able to break the neck of Zhu Jin. Even more, he was able to hit Zhu Jin’s neck multiple times. The second time, too, he was able to break Zhu Jin’s neck. At this time, Gabimaru uses Ninpo: Ascetic Blaze to attack Zhu Jin.

It starts to burn Zhu Jin into ashes. But Zhu Jin was able to recover from it in a short period of time. Also, Zhu Jin was able to attack Gabimaru as Zhu Jin recovered from Gabimaru’s attack.

Gabimaru was late to realize Zhu Jin was a Tensen

Gabimaru realizing Zhu Jin is a Tensen

As Gabimaru was attacking with great speed, he was having positive growth in the fight. When Zhu Jin recovers and has his blow towards Gabimaru. After hitting Gabimaru, Zhu JIin was sad and thought he missed one more human to turn into elixir. But Gabimaru stood up and asked Zhu Jin, Are you a Tensen? Whereas, in Zhu Jin’s reply, “Are you a human?” Gabimaru was able to stand up even after getting a strong hit from Zhu Jin.

Zhu Jin regenerated multiple times

Regeneration of Zhu Jin

Being a Tensen, Zhu Jin can regenerate multiple times. Gabimaru was able to meet the attack speed of Zhu Jin. Adding on, Gabimaru was able to break the hand of Zhu Jin too. Which made Zhu Jin realize Gabimaru is tough. Moving on, Zhu Jin praises Gabimaru, saying, Zhu Jin has seen this type of human after centuries.

Gabimaru was able to make Zhu Jin bleed

While fighting in the battle, Zhu Jin’s strength was very good. In addition, Zhu was very good at close combat. In the middle of the fight, Gabimaru thinks that he has to do a different type of attack. He thinks very calmly and kicks the area of Zhu Jin’s stomach. Which leads Zhu Jin to attack different people as well as take out blood from his mouth.

Yang and Yin forms of Zhu Jin

Yin form of Zhu Jin (Source: YouTube)

Yang and Yin transformations help Zhu Jin transfer into both male and female forms. While fighting with Gabimaru, Zhu Jin changed his form multiple times. After taking out blood from his mouth, Zhu Jin transfers into Yin and increases his powerful attack. She keeps on attacking Gabimaru with multiple punches.

whereas Gabimaru has flashbacks of his wife and thinks that he will not lose no matter what. Though he gets punches from her, he keeps on blowing fatal punches at her too. This makes Zhu Jin weak, and she dives to the ground. Then she grows flowers around her.

Zhu Jin transforms into Kishikai

Kishikai transformation of Zhu Jin (Source: Twitter)

After growing flowers from her body, Zhu Jin transforms into a Kishikai form. This form looks like a big flower with a lightning bolt in its middle part and seems like a bulb. The lightning is created using the Tao. Also, Zhu Jin can transform into this form only when he does not have any power left, and this form remains only for half an hour.

After it, Gabimaru tries to attack Zhu Jin again with the Ninpo: Asceptic Blaze, but his body is not moving. It makes him confused about whether it’s real or not, and he starts seeing different types of monsters too. Even more, Gabimaru thought he would not see his wife again and was about to say sorry to her.

Gabimaru vs. Zhu Jin Who wins the battle?

Gabimaru vs Zhu Jin (Source: YouTube)

At the end of the battle, Gabimaru was about to say sorry to his wife that he would not be able to see her again. While he was having difficulty opening his eyes, he saw Mei around him. So, it is clear that Zhu Jin wins the battle between Gabimaru and Jhu Zin.

But Zhu Jin was not able to kill Gabimaru. Mei creates a shield-like circle with Gabimaru inside. When the Kishikai form of Zhu Jin strikes Gabimaru, Mei falls below the hill along with Gabimaru. With the shield, Mei was able to save Gabimaru. The battle is won by Zhu Jin, but Gabimaru is still alive and is not killed. At last, Zhu Jin asked Mei, “What do you think you are doing?


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