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Black Jack

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Black Jack: Sora Kara Kita Kidomo is a medical suspense Japanese manga and anime series. The manga was written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Osamu Tezuka. Also, the manga was first serialized in 1970 with all the suspense about medical things. The manga and anime have various sequels.

Moving the anime, the anime was first serialized on December 21, 1993. The manga is directed by the director Osamu Dezaki and Satoshi Kuwahara. Whereas, the anime is written by Sumio Udagawa and Minoru Kubota.

Black Jack- Main Plot

The plot of the prequel is very different from the Black Jack: Sora Kara Kita Kidomo. The sequel starts with the army in the plane defecting because of the Uranium and lands towards the garden where Black Jack was residing. Moreover, the plane consists of the family of the army.

In addition, the main reason they were there is to make their son well from the disease the child was suffering. Additionally, the disease was only cured by only one person and he was Black Jack. Moving on, it seems it is also a difficult one for Jack to get rid of that disease and make the child well.

Black Jack- Characters

1. Kuroo Hazama

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Kuroo Hazama is also known for his other name Black Jack. Further, he is a very well surgeon known in his place. But he does his all job without getting a license. Even more, the patient of him also needs to pay a lot of money to him as he does his work. His attitude and behavior towards others make him a kind of rude type of person. Though he has that kind of behavior, in reality, he is very dedicated and wants to help and cure various people who are suffering from diseases. Besides, he also does free surgeries for people who makes him happy and manipulate him. Moving on, he is very kind to those people who have faced different hard work and struggles in their life.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, voice actor, and narrator Akio Ōtsuka. Some of his projects include Blue Seed, Saint Tail, and One Piece.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Kirk Thornton provided the voice.

2. Pinoko

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Pinoko is living with Black Jack as an adopted daughter. In addition, she has got a tumor in herself which does not let her grow more than the height she has. Additionally, her tumor of her has covered various areas of the tissues. And, living with Black Jack she does all the chores work that is present in Black Jack’s household. Even more, she also helps in the various surgeries when she has time to do that. Also, she turns into an angry person when someone calls her a girl and she doesn’t want to hear someone calling her girl. Though she is short and does not grow her height, she does all the household work very properly. Moving on, she stays with Black Jack and is ready to help in every difficult situation.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese actress, voice actress, narrator, and singer Yūko Mizutani provided the voice. In this anime world, she is known for providing a voice for anime like City Hunter, Boyfriend, and Shadow Skill.

3. Kiriko

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Kiriko is also a doctor like Black Jack. But he sees Black Jack his enemy. As well, he is totally the opposite of Black Jack. Though he sees Black Jack as his enemy he is not good as a surgeon as Black Jack. Moreover, he does not find a way to cure the disease but only finishes the pain the person has because of the disease. In addition, he also has a similar motto to Black Jack and that is to save patients how. Further, while taking his patient he is very brave and curious. As of now, he has developed a different personality and that is he thinks that ending life is better than living life via having pain.

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by a Japanese voice actor and singer Junichi Suwabe provided the voice.

4. Kumiko Honma


Kumiko Honma is working as a waitress in Tom’s Coffe Shop. As well, it is the coffee shop that Black Jack loves to visit. Even more, she is very kind and mature while reacting to others. Moreover, when she is around people, she is very attentive and listens to everything the people are talking about her. In addition, she also has fall in love with Black Jack. But, it doesn’t last long because she can’t remember Black Jack’s face as of now. The main reason she got a chance to work in coffee shop is because of Testsu as she shows love like her own child to Kumiko.

The Japanese voice for the character is played by the Japanese voice actress Akiko Kawase.

5. Benitokage

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Benitokage is also a sister of Black Jack. Moreover, she becomes his sister from his father’s side and her main ambition is to kill Black Jack. For which she has trained as an assassin. Further, she is a very dangerous woman as in her life she has been trained as an assassin. Whereas, she was up to kill Black Jack but ended up saving Black Jacks life. The main reason she saves Black Jack’s life is as she comes to know that he is his half-brother. Because she has a hard training she is a very good assassin.

6. Yurie

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Yurie is a sister of Pinoko and they both are twins. Further, no one has seen her face because she often wears a mask all the time. The type of mask that covers her face is noh mask.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Sayaka Ohara. Some of her projects include Case Closed, Devil Lady, and Crest of the Stars.

Why Watch Black Jack?

Black Jack is a very good anime to watch as a doctor is trying his all in order to save the patient. As well, people come to him as he can fastly cure various types of disease. This will develop trust towards doctors and in real life, people will visit doctors often. Through this people can live a good life in the real world too. Besides, those things the anime still contains various villains like the other anime does. The adventure and suspense about the new disease add curiosity to the anime. As a result, the anime is a good choice to binge on.

Similar Anime Like Black Jack

1. Monster

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Monster is also a similar anime to Black Jack as it also contains a doctor who is very good as a surgeon and his name is Dr. Kenzo Tenma. Further, he has liked all the patients with whom he has done the work. Besides, the patient is his classmate and everyone likes him too. Moving on one day, two people come to him at once and he feels difficult to choose the patient. One was a child and another was a Mayor. But he chooses to save the life of a child which starts to provide him with various difficulties.

2. Ray the Animation

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The anime follows a young girl doctor whose name is Ray. When Ray was a child she does not have parents. So, she was living in the orphanage but the children of the orphanage were bought and sold. And various doctors use them as an experiment kit. Fortunately, she escapes from there and becomes a good young doctor. Even more, she starts to work for the people and cure every disease that people are suffering from. Furthermore, she has also some magical things or blessings in herself that most of her work is a success.

3. Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist

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The anime shows that every person who has a heart will suffer from the disease. An unknown disease arises in place and the people cant know about it and called it a mysterious disease. Moving on, a doctor name Ramune fights the mysterious disease with the medicine made in the modern world. Alike having the doctor and curing various diseases the anime is similar to Black Jack.

4. Death Note

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Death Note is also a very good anime to watch and it is quite similar to Black Jack as both have very high suspense. The anime follows a boy whose name is Yagami Light. One day, he finds a diary that has a written death note in it. Further, he comes to know that a person’s name written in it can be killed. Moreover, he can also trade the eye with a demon(shinigami) to see the name of the person he sees. In addition, he gets very intelligent and doesn’t do that. Moving on, he faces one of the best investigators L. L seems to be also a daring person for Light because Light keeps on taking the life of people who does wrong in this world. Even more, the anime shows that can Yagami Light stands as Kira survives various investigators killing the wrong people as a punishment.

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