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Who is Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper is a character in the Japanese anime series Record of Ragnarok. He is representing the human in the battle of Ragnarok. The commentator says he is a monster when he enters Ragnarok.

He is actually from the 19th century and is a very famous figure in London. As of now, he is 150+ an age in the series. He is also responsible for making chaos in London as mentioned in the manga.

Even more, he is also popular as Humanity’s Infamous Serial Killer. Also, he is the main character of the spin-off manga, Jack the Ripper’s Case File.

Find about the letter of Jack the Ripper

When we move towards the real history, Jack the Ripper has left a letter. He wrote it when he was caught by the police. In the letter, he mentioned that he will not be changed and won’t be fixed as the police caught him.

He loves doing these things and he will keep on doing them. We know that Jack the Ripper is a serial killer and he says in the letter he always keeps on doing this work no matter what.

Jack the Ripper is a dark character

Jack the Ripper (Source: Pinterest)

The character, Jack the Ripper is a very cold person. He keeps on doing the thing he likes. As in the manga, when he enters Ragnarok a huge darkness arises. Jack the Ripper was feeding the pitch black. Along with it, he also has darkness within his heart. The people sitting there call him a murderer. When he saw people calling him a murderer as well as a famous killer, he becomes happy and does not believe it. As a result, he is fond of killing and the darkness. thus, he is one of the dark characters of the Record of Ragnarok.

Why Jack the Ripper is famous?

The name, Jack the Ripper first started flying from the Boss Letter. In which, a person mentioned that he loves killing and he will not stop it though he is captured by the police. In the letter, it was mentioned that the writer of the letter was Jack the Ripper.
Even more, the people residing in London also come to know about him from various media as well as newspapers.

A murder of 5 people also happened in 1888 and was called canonical five which was also suspected as the doings of Jack. His tremendous name as a serial killer starts to spread and the chaos started in London. Thus, he becomes famous among the people.

In which chapter we can watch Hercules vs Jack the Ripper?

We can watch the battle between Jack and Hercules in Chapter 27 of the manga of Record of Ragnarok.

What are the techniques and power/abilities of Jack the Ripper?

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The technique and power/abilities of Jack the Ripper include:

Arm Extension

When he was attacked by Hercules, he hurt one of his arms. So, in order to reduce his pain he dislocates and elongates his arm. Further, he also used this technique to win over Alfred who is also known as Humpty Dumpty.

Stealth Master

Being a serial killer he was very forward to it, as a result, he has killed a lot of people on Earth without letting the police know about it. He was also not caught on camera by the police as well as his opponents. His presence is too hard for others to capture.

Knife Proficiency

Jack is very good at using the knife. As well, he can throw his knife at a very high speed which is the attack he also used against Hercules. Besides, the small knife he sometimes throws a huge size of knife at the opponents too.

Soul Eye

Jack possesses a power in his right eye. Due to this, he can see the emotions of people of color. It also helps him run from the police and not get into the trap. With the help of this eye, he can also manipulate the people around him. This ability is without weakness and he cannot use it on himself.

Jack the Ripper vs Hercules manga

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The battle between Jack the Ripper and Hercules appears in the fourth round of Ragnarok. The battle here is as mentioned in the manga of Record of Ragnarok. When Jack appears the darkness arises with him. Whereas, Hercules has his entry in the name of lion and Cerberus. Even more, Hercules is called a Galliant Demigod. Jack the Ripper says it is the battle between God and Evil. As Jack Ripper can see the color of people he says Hercules as he a man who toyed life of girls.

But, Hercules ignores it and starts to involve in the fight. Without fighting Jack says Hercules to bow down. The Ripper then pulls up his weapon as a big scissors. Hercules easily destroyed it. In the fight, Jack was running and making him fall into the trap whereas Hercules was going after Jack all the time in the fight. Then, Jack starts to throw out his number of knives toward Hercules. But, it was not enough. Hercules starts to count on him.

Who wins Jack the Ripper vs Hercules?

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When both of them were fighting, London Bridge was about to fall down. Hercules was about to attack him and Jack started having flashbacks. For a long time, Jack was holding his injury. But, he rapidly moves towards Hercules and starts to attack.

When Hercules attacked, everyone was shocked. As Jack was not holding his injury he attacked him using his blood and tore his hands apart from the body of Hercules. Jack even dedicated the name of this technique to Hercules. A human pierces the body of god with his bare hand. At last, Hercules asks Jack what was his color. If he was able to change it? While dying Hercules also says please save humanity though the people look foolish. Finally, Jack wins over Hercules.

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