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Facts About The Dragon King: Antares – A Main Villain of Solo Leveling

There are many villains in solo leveling. Along with the main protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, the series is doing great. In addition, here are all the facts that you should know about the main villain of Solo Levelin, The Enigma: Antares.

Who is Antares of Solo Leveling?

The main villain of Solo Leveling is Antares. Also, he was the king of Dragons. Even more, he is one of the monarchs too, the Monarch of Destruction. Among all of the monarchs, he is the strongest.

As well, he stands as the main villain or final antagonist of the series, Solo Leveling. He makes his first appearance in Chapter 228 of the novel series and Chapter 163 of the webtoon.

Appearances of Antares

Appearance of Antares (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Heading towards his appearance, Antares is a middle-aged, handsome man. In addition, he has long red hair. Adding to that, the color of his eyes is also red. Most of the time, he wears a high-collar, reddish-brown tailcoat.

Why is Antares a mysterious villain?

Mystery of Antares (Source: Velozega)

As of now, the full motivations of Antares are not revealed in the series. Anyway, he is the most powerful and mysterious antagonist. In addition, he shows great interest in controlling the power and works hardly on it. His motivation seems to be manipulating events from the shadows. So, his actions often create powerful creatures that lead him to fight with the main protagonist of the series.

Even more, he keeps on testing the strength of humanity and thinks that only the fittest are able to survive. Though some of his ambitions are shown in the series, he still stands out as a mysterious character, along with his identity and origins.

The symbolism and theme of Antares in Solo Leveling

Being the main antagonist of the series, Antares symbolizes chaos and darkness and is one of the challenges that Sung Jinwoo must overcome. Even more, he also represents the balance between the good and the bad. He has a great desire to have control and power. So he also symbolizes the temptation of power. It makes him popular as The Dragon King.

In addition, he somehow has revealed human nature, like he is a mirror of it. The different types of vulnerable activities performed by humans or that take place in the human world seem like a reflection of him. In this way, Antares also has his own darkness in the series. Further, from all of the symbols and themes, he is the vessel for exploring the thread of human experiences.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Antares (Source: Pinterest)

Immense Strength

Antares has immense physical strength. His strength cannot be compared with that of normal human beings. Even more, as the strongest monarch of all, he has superhuman strength.

Dragon’s Fear

It is his ability that he performs using mana-infused shouts. This ability of his helps to drive weaker people into deplorable and panicked moments.

Breath of Destruction

He is also able to attack, creating fire from his mouth. This ability is so strong that it can make an S-Rank hunter change into ash in seconds. Along with it, he can also easily erase the shadow soldier using this attack.

Antares vs. Sung Jinwoo

Antares vs Sung Jinwoo (Source: Sportskeeda)

The battles between Antares and Sung Jinwoo have already taken place in Solo Leveling. While in 177, Sung Jinwoo and Antares were fighting inside the vessel created by the two human vessels. Even more, Sung Jinwoo was able to contact the Rulers in order to open the gate to the island where he and Antares were fighting.

Antares was near Sung Jinwoo and was going close to him. At the same time, the Rulers stabbed him with the spears. Thus, it makes the Monarch of Destruction return to the place where Sung Jinwoo promised to wait. Then, the leader of the rulers comes and thanks Sung Jinwoo for everything that he has done. Thus, the winner of the first battle between Sung Jinwoo and Antares is Sung Jinwoo.

Sung Jinwoo will come 10 years later to fight Antares

As in their battle, Sung Jinwoo has already lost the battle against Antares. But Sung Jinwoo wants to use the Cup of Reincarnation in order to return 10 years from the timeline. So, hearing his wish, The Brightest Fragment of Luminosity warns him about the reset. Whereas, ignoring the warning, he returns to 10 years ago, promising to kill the Monarchs.

Now, there will be another battle between these two characters. Also, Sung Jinwoo is aware of the power of the Antares. In addition, he probably wants to save everyone by coming back to the past. Jinwoo is also ready, and the timeline will be coming to an end. As a result, the series may also be nearing its end. Thus, we will be experiencing another fight between Sung Jinwoo and Antares. The answer everyone is seeking in the next battle is: will Sung Jinwoo win over Antares or not?



Destroy Everything. That is the only mission bestowed upon us.

Honorable Mention

Comparative Analysis of Antares with Other Anime Villains

Clash of Powers: Antares vs. Freiza (Dragon Ball)

Antares vs Freiza

In the battle between these two, they surely come from different universes. But the thirst for power and dominance of both characters remains the same. The ambition of Freiza is to get reign over the various planets. Similarly, Antares also wants to manipulate dark energy to maintain its level of power. So, the battle will have amazing clashes. It’s like a clash between the two powers.

Similarity: Antares vs. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Antares vs Itachi Uchiha

Heading towards Itachi, these two characters have complexities in their respective universes. Itachi is all about love, loss, and length, whereas Antares is about curiosity. They have their respective stories to shape their actions and emotions in order to make them villains. Thus, they both stand as dark background villains.

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