Find out everything about isekai anime, Black Summoner with it’s characters and main plot.

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Black Summoner

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Black Summoner is a fantasy and isekai Japanese anime and light novel series. The light novel was first serialized on June 25, 2016, and was published online on Shõsetsuka ni Narõ. Also, the light novel is written by Manga Artist, Doufu Mayoi. Later, the manga was also published on January 11, 2018, and was illustrated by Manga Artist, Gin Ammo.
Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on July 9, 2022, on Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director Yoshimasa Hiraike. As of now, the anime has 11 list of episodes.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime follows a young boy, Kelvin who gradually wants to reincarnate. In order to achieve that, he is even ready to lose his selected memory of the past. In exchange for his memories, he will be receiving a lot of various additional powers. In addition to his additional power, he was also able to choose any type of one for the role of the summoner.

Kelvin also falls in love with Melfina. So, he has got a bonus that he will fall for her even after the rebirth too. Also, as a guide, Melfina will be standing with him.  As a result, he will be fighting along with Melfina. Whereas, to fight powerful enemies he needs to get a lot of mana to become more powerful. But, there exist many strong enemies to fight with him. 

Main Characters

Kelvin Celsius

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Kelvin Celsius is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series, Black Summoner. Kelvin’s behavior of battling and involving in battles makes him look like the villain of the series. While reincarnation, he was not able to get the memories he wants to live his new life dedicated to battles. Furthermore, he even has his own mansion to live in.
Before he has the mansion, he used to live in Singing Spirits Inn. Besides, the battles he loves to hang out with girls and has parties. As well, he involves in various acts that he actually does not know about. Later, it makes him become a joke among the people. While battling he mostly uses the weapon which name is Black Staff of Disaster.


Melfina (Source: Moviesrulz)

Melfina is the goddess character in the Japanese anime series, Black Summoner. As a goddess, she is able to make the people reincarnate as she wants to. Also, she looks very beautiful with her long hair which can only be seen by Kelvin. Even more, she has a good personality and cares about the main protagonist, Kelvin a lot.
Further, she can eat a lot, she can even finish the food from the stalls alone too. Additionally, she loves to tease Kelvin a lot. Whereas, she can easily accept Kelvin when he asks for training. Adding on, she is the one who helped Kelvin to reincarnate in return he will lose his past memories.

Sera Baal

Sera Baal ( Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Sera Baal is the demon princess of the series. Even more, she is the daughter of the demon, Gustav. In past, her father teleports her to keep her safe from the attack of the previous hero, Serge Flore. After, being teleported Viktor was the one who look after Sera. While living in the castle, she was not able to contact the outer world.

So, because of it, she is very innocent and childish in nature. Along with it, she is very happy and cheerful with a kind heart within her. Further, she loves involving in fishing and playing various musical instruments. She feels she can get things right like a genius rather than solving with logic. Though, she is a demon princess she also cares about Kelvin.


Ange (Source: Pinterest)

Ange is a character in Japanese anime series who belongs to the Adventurers guild named The Pillers. As well as, she is very well known in Parth because of her work as a receptionist. Heading on, she usually has two kinds of personality. One is she seems to be a normal girl who is working as a receptionist.

But, her other side is she is a kind of assassin. Most of the time, she seems to be wearing a cap with her long brown hair. Adding on, she is also in love with the main protagonist of the series, Kelvin. Even more, she is the seventh pillar of an assassin.


Efil (Source: Pinterest)

Efil is working under Kelvin as her master. She is not a human whereas she is a half-elf in nature. Kelvin is her master in the series. Though Kelvin is her master, she loves him very much. She even has a reason to love him. Before she used to have her memory, she was used as a slave and Dragon King cursed her.

The curse makes the things burn out which she touches. Later, Kelvin bought her and make her get away from those curses using his available skills. From that moment, she starts to love Kelvin. Being a half-elf she is very hardworking and can do anything in order to save her master.

Rion Celsius

Rion Celcius (Source: Pinterest)

Rion Celsius is also a member of the guild, Adventurers guild. In the past, she cannot enjoy her life because of her sickness. As of now, Kelvin helps her the way out and summoned her to live her new life. As well, she belongs to the class of Sword Saint.

So, she loves Kelvin and is very thankful for him. Also, she is living her life to the fullest joy. Now, without the sickness, she does her every work with energy. Adding on, she uses thigh-high boots which usually help during the time of battles.

Where to watch the Black Summoner?

Well, it’s quite side news for those anime fans, who used to watch the anime on Netflix as the anime is not available there. But, the anime is available on Crunchyroll. Further, you can even watch the anime through other free websites with ads on it.

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