Find everything about the mysterious anime Summer Time Rendering Main plot, Characters and Release Date

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Summer Time Rendering (Source: Artistree and Pinterest)

Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Rendering (Source: Pinterest)

Summer Time Rendering is a mystery, supernatural, and suspense Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Japanese Manga Artist, Yasuki Tanaka. Also, the manga was first serialized on October 23, 2017, in Shueisha’s digital magazine Shōnen Jump+.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on April 15, 2022, on Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director Ayumu Watanabe. As well as the anime is animated under the studio, OLM.

What is the main plot of Summer Time Rendering?

The plot of the anime follows a young boy named Shinpei Ajiro. Unfortunately, his parents passed away at a young age. He lives with Kofune Family along with Mio and Ushio who are the two daughters of the Kofune Family. Even more, to continue his study he has to leave Kofune Family and travel to Tokyo, Japan. One day, he founds that Ushio drowned herself to save the little kid.

On the occasion of her funeral, Shinpei returns from Tokyo. But the things to suspect were found when there were bruises on Ushio’s neck. Which made Shinpei investigate more, but he founds a mystery about people disappearing. In addition, Mio recalls it is happening because of shadow. Furthermore, they found that the Hitogashima island has some evil within it. As a result, Shinpei stands to save the Kofune Family as Ushio tried but was killed away.

Main Characters

1. Shinpei Ajiro

Shinpei Ajiro (Source: Pinterest)

Shinpei Ajiro is a young boy who is living with Kofune Family after his parent’s death. As well, he returned from Tokyo after two years to attend his old friend’s funeral. The reason he traveled to Tokyo was to continue his study further. Due to living and growing up with Ushio and Mio, he is very close to them. Also, Shinpei finds out that his friend Ushio might have been killed after seeing the bruises on her neck. Even more, as he was not able to save Ushio he wants to save Mio and Kofune Family from the mysterious Hitogashima island.

2. Ushio Kofune

Ushio Kofune (Source: Pinterest)

Ushio Kofune is one of the daughters of the Kofune Family. She is a young girl who loves her old friend Shinpei. One day, she finally dies when she tried to save a kid from drowning. In addition, she is very helpful and kind in nature. Further, she loves to help people in need. Adding on, she looks very beautiful with her blue color eyes. Even more, she gradually works to clean the ocean.

3. Mio Kofune

Mio Kofune (Source: Pinterest)

Mio Kofune is the sister of Ushio and one of the members of the Kofune Family. As well as, she is just in her first year in her academics. Further, she is very good at swimming and even belongs to the swimming club. Sadly, her sister passes away while saving a kid. Though her sister has such a death, she seems to be very cheerful and interprets people in good manners. Even more, she is also very kind like her sister was.

4. Heine

Heine (Source: Crunchyroll)

Heine is a very mysterious character in the series. Adding on, she seems to be wearing a red color dress and is called a mother by shadows. People think that she really consumes the people around the island. Shinpei wants to kill her and save the remaining people on the island.

5. Shadow

Shadow (Source: Epicstream)

Shadows are also the mysterious creatures living around the island of Hitogashima. It said that they want to revive their mother and their mother is Heine. Further, Heine also seems to be a mysterious character like them. Likewise, a shadow also appears to come in any appearance as they scan people around them. They hate when someone takes steps stepping them.

Is Summer Time Rendering worth watching?

Well, the anime seems very mysterious. Even more, the anime is somewhat related to ghost anime too. The shadows seem like a ghost. In addition, it has lots of suspense that makes the anime more thriller to watch. In such a way, the character Shinpei comes to know a lot about the mystery of the island. Further, it is when all things start. Altogether, the anime seems to be worth watching.

Similar mystery anime like Summer Time Rendering


Erased (Source: Pinterest)

Erased is a very mysterious anime likewise Summer Time Rendering is. Basically, the plot of the anime is based on time travel. In addition, the character of the anime is sent to various times in order to solve the bad happenings. One time he gets time-traveled towards the road in order to save the accident. Whereas, he even traveled in his childhood days to save the accident that happened among his friends. While such things take place many more mysterious things keep on happening between those times.


Baccano! ( Source: Pinterest )

Baccano! seems to be a very different type of mysterious anime. As well as, the anime revolves around various stories taking place. But, all stories come to be interconnected with each and every story of characters. Similarly, such stories are mainly about the gangs, and thieves residing in the areas. Even more, the story of the anime follows some of the characters who are immortal. Which has even added more mystery to the plot of the anime. Altogether, the anime is quite similar to Summer Time Rendering.

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland (Source: Pinterest)

The Promised Neverland is also a very mysterious anime that has kind of different plot. The plot shows the children living around a particular territory. As well, they care like animals of some type of demons. As the kids grew up, they found something very strange. Later, it makes their escape from there in search of humanity. Moving on, they are placed there with very high security. Even more, they realize many more things as they keep moving toward their destination. In such a way, the anime has very mysterious things which makes it similar to the anime, Summer Time Rendering.

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