Find everything about Upper-Rank Five Gyokko from his real name to death

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Who is Gyokko in Demon Slayer?

Gekko is one of the antagonists of the Japanese anime and manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba.

He is also a member of the 12 Kizuki, he is holding the position of Upper-Rank Five. Even more, he is the one who finds the Swordsmith Village. Adding on, Gyokko keeps on residing on the small vessel too.

Who are the voice actors of Gyokko?

Voice Actors of Gyokko

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Kōsuke Toriumi. Whereas, the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actor, Brent Mukai.


Gyokko Appearance (Source: Otaku Orbit)

Heading towards his appearance, he has a large green mouth at the place of the eyes. Whereas, his eyes are located in the vertical parts of his face. Adding on, he has a unique type of appearance and a body like a mermaid. Likewise, the mermaid has a humanoid body with scales over his body which is his last demon form.

Background and Family

The family of Gyokko used to live in a fishing village and were fishermen. The name of Gyokko, while he was human, was Managi. So, he used to get busy fishing and keeps in doing weird things too. His parents died drowning accidentally getting into the fishing trick. The incident happened when he was very young. When the bodies of his parents were recovered, the bodies were decomposing. Whereas, Managi loves the bodies of his parents and finds them beautiful.

One day, a child from the village starts to tease Managi. Later, he killed the child and kept the dead body of the child in the vessel. When the parents of that child find it out, they stabbed Managi and let him die. Though, he was severely injured he managed to live for half of the day. But, when Muzan finds him he was trying harder to live. As a result, Muzan was impressed and he turns Managi into a demon and he is known as Gyokko from that time.

Blood Demon Art of Gyokko

Blood Demon Art of Gyokko (Source: Quora)

The Blood Demon Art of Gyokko is all upon the vases. In addition, he is able to create multiple vases at a time. Even more, he can also teleport from one vase to another easily. This can even be on long distances too. The vase is more dangerous as he can trap people inside his vase. Inside, his vase he can create the things he wanted to.

Whereas at the beginning of the Swordsmith village, Gyokko was able to create different types of creatures with various types of abilities. Also, his Blood Demon Art mainly focuses on creating creatures that can be found in the sea or are aquatic. Adding on, he can create giant fish as well as a giant octopus which can even attack opponents. While using his Blood Demon art, he can also manipulate the water inside the vessel.


Flesh Manipulation

Likewise, the other demon, Gyokko is also able to manipulate his flesh. He can create multiple hands from his head manipulating his flesh. With his unique physiology, he can easily attack his opponents.


Moving towards durability, his body is more durable than that of Gyutaro. As he has similar physics to the water creatures and his skin is thick-layered and scaled. Thus, his skin is made very harder than that of a diamond. So, he is very durable in the fights.


We can see his regeneration ability when Muzan cut off his head. Though his head was in the head in the hand of Muzan, later he healed himself very easily. Likewise, he can also regenerate easily even though he is cut off by the Nichirin blades.

How did Gyokko find the Swordsmith Village?

Gyokko finds Swordsmith Village (Source: Fiction Horizon)

In the Swordsmith Village arc, we can see that Gyokko was the one to find the location of the village. But, the manga writer, koyoharu Gotuge has not mentioned it in the manga. As the series has lots of plot holes that fans don’t care about. We can assume that Gyokko was able to find out the village while he was roaming around the country to find the swordsmith village.

It is because swordsmiths are the ones who create weapons for the demon slayers. As a result, destroying the swordsmith will result beneficial to the demons. Even more, They directly go to destroy the swordsmith village after finding it.

Gyokko vs Muichiro

Gyokko vs Muichiro (Source: Ricky Spears)

At the start of the battle of Gyokko vs Muichiro, Muichiro directly goes to attack Gyokko’s neck. But, Gyokko uses his ability and hides inside the vessel. Then, Muichiro destroys one of his vases and Gyokko angrily returns after destroying his vase. Heading on, Muichiro loses his sight from the fight while helping the swordsmith and help them run away.

As a result, Gyokko was able to trap Muichiro inside a vase using Blood Demon Art: Water Prison Pot. Then, Muichiro was trapped inside a pot with a large amount of water. Also, he was unable to breathe inside the vase and tries to pierce the pot using his Mist Breathing. But, he was not able to do so.

Who Killed Gyokko?

Gyokko’s Death (Source: Amino Apps)

Gyokko was already winning the battle with Muichiro, but his confidence let him suffer to death. While Muichiro was trapped he can easily kill him. Later, Kotetsu comes and was able to pierce the pot. After being free from the vase, Muichiro was able to get his Demon Slayer Mark after periods of time.

After gaining the Demon Slayer Mark, Muichiro was able to increase his speed and becomes more powerful. Thus, Muichiro was able to kill Gyokko using his Mist Breathing, Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds. But, while dying Gyokko was unable to recall his human memories like other demons do.

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