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Solo Leveling Anime

Anime Adaptation of Solo Leveling

We already know that the famous webtoon/manhwa, Solo Leveling, is getting an anime adaptation. It got very famous, and fans are eagerly waiting for the anime to release now.

Here is everything about the anime studio, the current situation of the manhwa, as well as the trailer and VA. If you also love to watch the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, then you are in the right place.

What is solo leveling?

Solo Leveling Cover (Source: Pinterest)

Before going to the overall topic, let’s start with what solo leveling is. Solo Leveling is a Korean web novel series written and illustrated by the manga artist Chu Gong. The series follows a boy whose name is Sung Jinwoo, and the plot takes place in the present day in Korea. In addition, he seems to be the weakest hunter.

There also exists a hunter who used to get to another dimension and kill the monster. Even more, Jinwoo started to work as a hunter in order to earn money for his family. Later, he also becomes stronger as he completes hidden quests, which help him level up personally. In addition, his leveling up is like the system of leveling up characters in video games.

What is the current status of the manhwa of solo leveling?

Manhwa of Solo Leveling (Source: Pinterest)

Solo Leveling was first aired in July 2016. The Kakao page was the first to publish it when it first aired. Heading towards the current situation of the manhwa, the final chapter has already been released. The final chapter was released on December 29, 2021. As a result, there are altogether 179 chapters.

Know everything about the production of the Solo Leveling anime

The work for the animation is going to be very good. Because the one to animate the series is the production, which has already shown better work for the series like Sword Art Online and Erased. Shunsuke Nakashige is working as a director, and Noburu Kimura is working as a writer for the series.

You can also learn more about the cast and crew.

In addition, for the music sector, Hiroyuki Sawano will handle his job. Also, he has done the music for the series Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, and so on. Even more, the anime will be transferred into a Japanese version. We might see a few changes from the actual plot of the series.

Solo Leveling’s anime trailer and release date

Solo Leveling Trailer (Source: Bilibili)

The trailer for the anime version of Solo Leveling has already been released. It consists of two trailers; one only focuses on Jinwoo, whereas the second trailer shows different characters from the series. You can also watch the trailer on Crunchyroll.

Heading towards the release date, the exact release date has not been confirmed yet. But the anime will be airing in 2024, around January. There is only a few days left to get the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.

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