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Female Characters of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man: All female characters ranked according to their strength

There are many female characters in the Chainsaw man anime series, who are similar in power as compared to the male character of the series. Here are the 10 powerful female characters from the series who are ranked according to their powers and strength.

10. Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama (Source: Pinterest)

Kobeni Higashiyama is a girl who has no idea and she becomes very scared when it comes time to fight the devils. Even more, she breaks down into tears and becomes hopeless at the start of the fight. Also, she even tried to knife ahead Denji as once the devil promised it will spare the lives of all people in exchange for Denji.

Moving on, when she is in her action mood, she is like a very different person. She fights with strength. Also, she fought against Katana man and Akane. Kobeni was also able to make them retreat from the fight.

9. Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari (Source: Pinterest)

Akane Sawatari is a minor antagonist of the series. She is a civilian who is working as a devil slayer. Adding on, she is working under the Gun Devil. She also has a contract with the Serpent Devil.

While in the fight she seems to be very focused. As well, she is very powerful with her trade with Serpent Devil. But, when she starts to lose subordinates in the battle, she starts to panic a lot.

8. Prinz

Prinz (Source: Pinterest)

Prinz is the incarnation of the Spider Devil who is working under Makima. Makima was the one who followed her and chased them to join her squad or rather die. As a result, she chose to work under Makima with her incredible power as a Spider Devil.

Her powers can let her heal with the blood of humans. Even more, the devil she killed on Earth goes to hell whereas, the devil she killed in hell comes to Earth. Adding on, her power is the same as the spider’s as she can attach to the wall and the ground as the spider does.

7. Himeno

Himeno (Source: Pinterest)

Himeno was one of the members of the squad of Makima. Also, she was the tutor of Aki Hayakawa. Later, she leads the main protagonist of the series, Denji. As well, she also protects Denji when the number of Gun Devils starts to increase.

Her hand-to-hand combat was very fast and kill most of the devil easily. She also has a contract with the Ghost Devil. As a contract, she gives her one eye to the devil but she can only use the little power of the Devil. Though, she has less power than the devil she can handle fights with devils easily.

6. Cosmo

Cosmo (Source: Pinterest)

Cosmo is a feind who needs a second being to inhabit. She is also a member of Quanxi’s harem. Many characters of the series know that she can only tell one word which is ‘Halloween”.

Heading on, her power is very different from other characters. Through her powers, she can have every knowledge of the universe. But, it has range and if she is in range with opponents to use her power, her opponents will have a very hard time defeating her.

5. Reze

Reze (Source: Pinterest)

Reze is a college girl who is studying in a college. She is also one of the characters Denji falls into. In addition, she is a Russian assassin who is assigned to dispose of the Chainsaw Devil. As well, she is a Bomb Devil.

As a bomb devil, she has a very different power and can have mass damage at a time. While using her power she changes herself into the devil and dispatches her body parts. Those dispatched parts of the body can explode. With this bombing ability, she brings unpredictable moves in the fight.

4. Power

Power (Source: Pinterest)

Power is one of the important members of the squad of Makima. But, she has very different types of personalities like lying, theft, and ignorant. Also, she loves to run away from dangerous situations and leaves her comrades to take the battle whether they are losing or winning.

Heading towards her power, she is a Blood Devil. Through her power, she can change the blood into different weapons as well as shapes. As a result, she is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Even more, she was also able to revive Denji from near death.

3. Master “Santa Claus”

Santa Claus (Source: Pinterest)

The Master “Santa Claus” has a contract with Doll Devil. She was introduced by Gun Devil with the motive of killing the Chainsaw Devil.
Her power can turn the human corpse into a puppet. But, who the real master is behind controlling the puppet is unknown. As a result, the attack from her can come at anytime, anywhere. Thus, she gets the term “Santa Claus”.

2. Quanxi

Quanxi (Source: Pinterest)

Quanxi was a Chinese Devil Hunter. Heading on, working as a Devil Hunter makes her bored. So, she becomes an assassin gaining power from Arrow Devil. Also, she is very good at hand-to-hand combat. Along with her hand-to-hand combat, she holds very good strength with speed too. Due to her superhuman strength, she can kill the devil in a short period.

Adding on, she can also use swords and has very good swordsmanship as she destroys dozens of dolls instantly. The thing that makes her more powerful is she can also heal herself. So, with this ability, she is very hard to kill.

1. Makima

Makima (Source: Pinterest)

Makima is the very strongest character in the entire series and falls number 1 on our list. She is a Control Devil. Even more, she has a contract with the Japanese president that her healing s, and the contract is based on the Japanese civilians. The main goal of her is to create a world without fear and death.

As a Control Devil, she can manipulate any other Devil. Thus, she can fight any other devil single-handedly. Control Devil is also known as Primal Fear Devil which is the strongest Devil to have existed.


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