Find everything about the horror anime Angels of Death along with main plot, characters, age, height and birthday

You are currently viewing Find everything about the horror anime Angels of Death along with main plot, characters, age, height and birthday
Angels of Death

Angels of Death

Angels of Death is a psychological horror Japanese video game, manga and anime series. The manga was first serialized on January 27, 2016 in the magazine Monthly Comic Zene. Also, the manga is written by Makato Sanada and illustrated by the manga artist, Kudan Nazuka.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on July 6, 2018 on English Network, Aniplus Asia. As well, the anime is directed by the director, Kentaro Suzuki. As of now, the anime has 16 episodes. Before the anime and manga, the video game was first released on August 14, 2015.

Main plot

The main plot of the anime follows a girl whose name is Rachael Gardner. Also, she only wishes to die because of her lifeless eye. Such a way, one day she wakes up in the basement of a building with no memories at all. Even more, she has no idea why she was there.

Further, at the same building, she meets a serial killer with a scythe, Zack. In addition, Zack promises to kill her as soon as he becomes free. So, they keep on moving towards the next floor of the building. While they keep on moving towards the next floor, they meet twisted people with bosses on each floor. Likewise, a question arises: can they achieve their goal or not?

Character Chart of Angels of Death

Main Characters of Angels of Death
Character’s Name Age Height Birthday
Rachael Gardner 13 5 feet 1 inches, June 10
Isaac Zack Foster 20 6 feet 1 inch July 24
Daniel Dickens, “Danny” N/A 5 feet, 10 inches September 2
Eddie (Edward Madson) 12-13 5 feet, 0 inches April 30


Cathy (Catherine Ward) N/A 5 feet, 8 inches October 25


Abraham Gray N/A N/A N/A

Main Characters

Rachael Gardner

Rachael Gardner (Source: Pinterest)

Rachael Gardner is the main protagonist of the series. She is a beautiful 13-year-old girl. In the series, she seems to be a very calm type of girl. Along with it, she has a desire to die. Even more, she has a different view and has difficulties expressing her feelings. As well, she also believes in God. According to her aunt, she was raised by her mother and father. Her father was a policeman.

Also, her father used to spend money on alcohol, and her parents used to fight a lot. One day, she finds her mother hiding a weapon—a gun—to kill her father. Thus, in the fighting, her father stabbed her mother. Which she also saw, and for her own defense, she shot her father with the same secret weapon. Even more, she even sews their bodies herself. Later, her therapist, Doctor Danny, loves her eyes and takes her to experiment. After waking, she finds herself in a different place.

Isaac Zack Foster

Isaac (Zack) Foster (Source: Pinterest)

Zack is a serial killer who seems to cover himself with bandages. Also, when he first appears in the series, he seems to be an enemy of Rachael. Actually, he is running away because of his recent murder case. As well, he is a very angry person and has no problem with violence or killing others.

As he is uneducated, he describes himself as an unintelligent person. While he was a child, he was a quiet type of boy. Even more, he also got abused when he was young and killed people after getting inspired by the movie Horror Slasher.

Daniel Dickens, “Danny”

Daniel Dickens (Source: Pinterest)

Danny is one of the antagonists in the series. As well, he is the doctor who first appears on floor B5. Also, he needs the eyes of Ray; the lifelessness it displays also looks like the eyes of his mother. He is a very good doctor, but his personality changes after seeing the eyes of Rachael.

In his past, he got a lot of hate as he did not have the right eye. Whereas his parents fought for him, in return, they were beaten. For this, his mother was also blamed. Therefore, he fell in love with his mother’s blurry eyes. Also, the eyes were reflected when he came to see the eye of Rachael.

Eddie (Edward Madson)

Edward Madson (Source: Pinterest)

Eddie first appears on floor B4 as the antagonist of the series. In appearance, he is a young boy with the same height as Rachael. In addition, he is a very respectful and loving boy who used to look after the grave and maintain it as his business. Before he died, he was also called a grave keeper.

Along with his parents, he also has a huge love for various animals. Likewise, he thinks everything he buries is his personal treasure. Though he is a very hard-working person, he never gets love like his brothers Albert, Carl, and George.

Cathy (Catherine Ward)

Catherine Ward (Source: Pinterest)

Cathy first appears as the main antagonist of the series in Episode 2. She is a very attractive girl with average height. Also, she calls Rachael and Zack her sinners. Even more, she also wants to punish them. On her floor, she used to punish people, play games with them, and love watching people play her game and get into trouble through the game.

At a young age, she joined a very prestigious high school. Similarly, she was very close to her friend Lucy. Unfortunately, one day her parents, who were doctors, died. While Lucy goes to the funeral, she is shocked, as Cathy has not changed. As a result, her classmates also started to call her a disgusting girl.

Abraham Gray

Abraham Gray (Source: Pinterest)

Abraham Grey first appears on floor B2 as a guardian of the floor. At first, he seems to be the antagonist for his rules for the experiment. In addition, he was also responsible for sacrificing Rachael, though she is one of his angels. Anyway, at the end of Episode 3, he becomes friends with Rachael.

Moving towards his personality, he is very serious type of person. Even more, he appears as a cold person with no mercy at all. In addition, there is no more information about him in the series, but we can see him looking towards the people believing in god. Further, he was amazed to see how people can be so religious and have such faith in god.

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