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Who is Siegfried?

Siegfried is one of the ancient figures from Germany. In history, he remains a brave warrior as well as a dragon-slayer who is enriched with superhuman strength and skills. Even more, he is also famous because of his magical sword. Dwarf Mime was the one to make the sword. Heading on, his historic figure is one of the major subjects for various plays and dramas.

Siegfried in Record of Ragnarok

In the Record of Ragnarok, Siegfried is one of the Valkyrie’s chosen warriors. Adding on, he is fighting from the human side to save humanity. As well, he is also known as a Dragon–Slaying Hero. He shows his appearance in Chapter 77 of the manga. In the series, he is a powerful warrior with strength, speed, and various abilities.


Siegfried Appearance (Source: Attack of the Fanbo)

Siegfreid is a tall and handsome-looking guy in the series. also, he has blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Also, he has a scar on his face due to his past battles. Most of the time, he wears black and gold armor with dragon symbols.

The Mythical Weapon of Siegfried, Gram

The sword Gram is a beautiful shining sword. In the series, the sword glows with a golden light. Adding on, his foster father and mentor, dwarf Mime was the one to make it. The weapon is very powerful as it is capable of cutting mystical creatures as well as dragons. Later, he finds that the wielder of the sword was betraying him. As a result, he kills the wielder with the sword, Gram.

Siegfried and Brunhilde

Siegfried and Burnhilde

Brunhilde is also a character from the Germanic mythology. Adding on, she is the one who is responsible for choosing which warriors will die and which need to be taken to Valhalla. Whereas, Siegfried is a legendary hero and is also famous as Dragon-Slaying Hero.

In some of the myths, they both fall in love. In the series Record of Ragnarok, they both fight together from the human’s side in the battle of Ragnarok. They both share a deep bond and trust with each other. even more, Brunhilde is very good in intelligence and knows the move of the gods. Also, being a Valkyrie she can summon shields and weapons from the heavens. On the other hand, the aim of Siegfried is very precise. Thus, they both are very powerful on the battlefield.

Is Siegfried still alive?

Buddha is searching for Siegfried (Source: Reddit)

Buddha’s friend Sakata Kintoki provides Buddha information about Siegfried, the Dragon-Slaying Hero. Whereas, Buddha is seeking for him assistant in the battles of Ragnarok.

Moving towards the manga, the manga has reached 74 chapters. But, he is only mentioned in Chapter 65. Since then, he has not appeared in the series. If the series ends up merging with The Ring of Nibelungen, we will be watching Hilde and Siegfried fighting with the gods. As of now, the further rounds are remaining and it depends upon the creators.

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