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Criminals of Hell's Paradise

Hell’s Paradise:Jigokuraku: 10 strongest criminal

Hell’s Paradise: Joigokuraku is action-adventure, dark fantasy anime. The manga is illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yuji Kaku. The story follows a group of death row criminals who have to go to the isolated island of Shisenkyo known as Jigokuraku. Among them, here is the list of the top 10 strongest criminals.

10. Moro Makiya, The Appostate


Moro Makiya (Source: Wiki-Fandom)            Makiya is one of the criminals in the series who has received the death penalty. But, he gets a chance to join the expedition team and go on the journey to capture the Elixir of Life fighting other criminals. Before it, he was place together with other criminals and they all were told to start the massacre.


As a result, only 10 people will be select from the group. In the massacre, he was one out of ten to survive. Later, kunoichi uses him as bait in order to get human-face insects. Thus, he turns into a blooming corpse and transforms into a human-faced centipede.

9. Akaginu, The Cannibal Courtesan

Akaginu (Source: Anime Corner)

Akaginu is a very beautiful girl in appearance. In addition, she uses her beauty to lure and seduce them. After which she used to kill them. So, she had been arrested for such doings. Then, she was also provided a chance to be excused from her crime if she joins the secret mission to possess the Elixir of Life.

Even more, she was also on death row and was able to make one out of ten of them. Moving on, she tries to make Shion her next victim. But, Shion does not care about her appearance. As a result, she starts violating him. Shion was immune to it as a result he kills her beheading her head.

8. Horubo, The Killing Buddha

Horubo (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Horubo is also known as a Killing Buddha. Adding on, he is also one of the criminals on death row. He was arrested for his murderous nature and killing a number of people.

Also, he is more dangerous as she can digest anything and his brain can only speak through sutras. Even more, his body is very different from others as he can stretch his legs and arms against enemies. He was already able to survive the death row but he tried to attack Aza Chobei again which result in his death.

7. Norugai

Norugai (Source:

Norugai is the last member of the Sanka. Adding on, she got raised in Sanka Mountain. She was not a criminal actually. The village in which Norugain was living was having a rebellion against shogunate as they were refusing to submit Tokugawa. So, the samurai were on a mission to locate it. Whereas, the samurai under the order of Tokugawa was also raiding her village.

They were finding it difficult to find the village and Norugai was the one to show them. Also, she was unaware that they were samurai. Thus, the samurai of Tokugawa killed all the people of her village and she was the only one remaining from them. As a result, she was also in the group of the death row. Her skills in swordsmanship are unmatchable as she was able to cut a monster very easily.

6. Warped Keiun

Warped Keiun (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Warped Keiun one of the criminals who was on death row was joining the expedition team. He is from the village which name is Kotaku. In the past, he was training as a sohei. While training he develops an interest in making various weapons and armor. Even more, he develops an armor called Living Armor which is inside his body in his torso.

As a result, he decides to take his training to the next level by killing martial artists as well as master swordsmen. This act leads him to become one of the criminals. He was arrested and offered the death penalty whereas he was offered a chance by Yamada Asaemon to pardon his crimes if he completes the mission to get the elixir of life. Later, Gabimaru kills him using Keiun’s weapons destroying his living armor.

5. Rokurota, The Giant of Bizen

Rokurota (Source: Tumblr)

Rokurota is one of the giant characters from Hell’s Paradise. He used to live in a large infant village along with his father and mother. Adding on, he was born different and wants to eat a lot when he was hungry as well he also eats rocks. Heading on, one day he kills all the people of the village including his father and mother.

Thus, he is also has another name, The Giant of Bizen. Rokurota was arrested for it and was offered to be pardoned if he finds the Elixir of Life. In addition, he was very powerful from his body as he was not having damage over the weapons. But, later Gabimaru attacks him with the flaming ninjitsu over trees which creates smoke and suffocates Rokurota. Heading on, thus lead a chance for Saigiri to behead him and she was able to do so.

4. Yuzuriha

Yuziriha (Source: Anime Corner)

Yuzuriha is also famous as Yuzuriha of Keishu. She is also a criminal of death and was to pardon like other criminals if she joins the mission to get the elixir of life. Adding on, her younger sister died from an incurable illness. From that time, she started her life as a kunoichi. Being a kunoichi she was defending her village and defeated the retainers defending it.

As a result, she was under arrest and sentenced to death. Yamada was the one to offer her for mission and pardon her crimes if she is able to get the elixir of life. Being a kunoichi she is very powerful and can use the ninjutsu very perfectly. Adding on, she can also manipulate the fluid that comes in large amounts from her body. Heading on, she will be pardon for her crimes later and lives her new life with the name Sumire.

3. Gantetsusai Tamiya

Tamiya Gantetsusai (Source: Danbooru)

Gantetsusai Tamiya is one of the greatest swordsmen and is also popular as Blade Dragon. From a very young age, he was learning the swordsmanship. Heading on, he was very greedy to become stronger. His real name at that time was Tetsunosuke. He searched for strong opponents to fight and even changed his name to Gantetsusai Tamiya.

He was also able to cut the first monster which was the keel of the ship. Later, daimo invites him to do his works. Well, daimyo doubted whether he could slay a dragon or not. After hearing it, he cut the daimyo’s gate in two halves which resulted to kick him out and sentenced to death. He also gets a chance like other criminals to pardon the crime.

2. Aza Chobei, The Bandit King

Aza Chobei (Source: Pinterest)

Aza Chobei is one of the bandit leaders so he is also known as the Bandit King. Chobei’s father name is Asana Takhnori. Their father attacked the court official, Kira Yoshinaka. Later, their father was executed and their mother died of illness. One day bandits plan to take and sell them, but they managed to become one of them.

Being bandit both of them were arrested but Chobei manage to escape and came later to rescue Takhnori if he joins the secret mission. Chobei is very strong as he was able to attack the whole bandit village on himself. He is also good at using the tao which allows him to read the movements of opponents and can counter and aim the opponents.

1. Gabimaru the Hollow

Gabimaru the Hollow (Source: Zerochan)

Gabimaru is the strongest criminal in Hell’s Paradise on our list. His parents named him, Tsuki. They wanted their baby not to become a shinobi and live a happy life away from the village. But, the village chief finds out about it executed them, and put Tsuki on training with the code name Gabimaru the Hollow. Heading on, later the villagers betrayed him for leaving shinobi and wanting to live a peaceful life with his wife.

Whereas, before execution, he gets a chance to pardon if he gets the elixir of life. Being a trained ninjutsu, he can perform various levels of ninjutsu. Adding on, he can also create flames through his ninpo. With that ninpo, he can also perform ninpo: aseptic blaze, ninpo: a quilt of thorns, and ninpo storm stone. Even more, he can also regenerate his body.


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