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Season 2 of Lookism

Lookism Season 2

Lookism is a very well-known series that is based on a Korean novel, Manhwa. Season 1 was able to gain popularity with only six episodes. Also, Lookism made its debut through the webtoon in 2014. Similarly, season 1 of the series was first aired on December 8, 2022.

Even more, season 1 only has eight episodes. But, season 2 is not getting as much attention as season 1 of the series. As there is no highlight of season 2, most of the fans are searching for its information. Thus, here is every piece of information you should know about Season 2 of Lookism.

Will Netflix continue the Lookism series?

Moving towards the sources of the series, season 2 of the series is still not confirmed. Further, neither Netflix nor Studio Mir have made any decisions regarding Season 2 of the series. Whereas, it does not mean there is a full stop to the series.

We also know about the delay of Season 1 while airing. It was supposed to air on November 4, 2022, but the release was postponed to December 8, 2022. So, we should accept that there can be changes and that information about season 2 can also come out later.

What is the release date of Season 2 of Lookism?

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Still, season 2 of the series is not confirmed, as we mentioned above. But if we move towards the potential release date of the series, the series might release in late 2024 or early 2025. As the official news is not out, we will provide you with the new official date after the announcement. So, till now, let’s wait for information from the management of the Lookism anime series team.

The main plot of Lookism

Plot of Lookism (Source:

Moving towards the main plot of the series, the main plot revolves around the main protagonist of the series, Park Hyung-suk. Due to his ugliness, he gets violent and gets himself into trouble a lot of times. As a result, he decides to leave his old school and get into a new school. In addition, when he wakes up, he changes himself into a different person.

When he wakes up, he finds himself a handsome and good-looking boy. Even more, he thinks it will make his life easy, but it changes him to have a more difficult life. Many girls keep wanting him too. Then, he also starts to have jealousy of others, which tends to create him more trouble than his previous one. The question remains whether he can manage his new life or not.

What is the plot of Season 2 of Lookism?

Plot of Season 2 of Lookism (Source: Pinterest)

We know that the Lookism series follows the manhwa. Also, new chapters have been released on Lookism. Thus, we can expect there to be various changes in Season 2 of the series. Season 2 will follow Deok Hwa, who has good streaming. Similarly, Hyung will be encouraging her more.

So, we can see about the scene later too. Further, if these changes keep appearing in the series, we can watch more episodes of the series.

Under what Studio Lookism will Season 2 be made?

Season 1 of the series had done a great job in the sector of animation. Also, it was animated by the Korean company Studio Mir. Netflix was the one to put it there. As we were able to see the rate of success of season 1 of the series, we can expect that the same studio will be animating season 2 too.

Where can we watch Lookism Season 1 and Season 2?

The first season of the series is on Netflix. Similarly, season 2 might be released on a similar streaming site. It is not clear until we get information about Season 2 of the series. But we have most of the chance of getting the season on Netflix. So, if the season 2 will be released, we can enjoy the series from Netflix. Even more, you can also watch the anime from various free streaming websites too. While watching from the other free sites you can face various pop-up ads.

Similar anime, like Lookism

Punch Line

Punch Line (Source: Pinterest)

The Punch Line is a similar anime to Lookism. In this anime, the boy Yuta Iridatsu experiences a project called the Astral Project. This leads him to separate his body from his soul. Whereas, the body separates and goes into another being.

After waking up, he finds himself in a mansion called Koraikan. Similarly, he also meets a cat spirit, whose name is Chiranosuke. Likewise, he needs to find out about the sacre tome in Koraikan. Even more, if he finds the tomb, he can only return to his real body. Unless he is in the body now, he is not.


Charlotte (Source: Pinterest)

Charlotte is also familiar with Lookism anime. The main plot of the series takes place in a world where students get power after they hit puberty. The main protagonist of the series, Yuu Otosaka, seems to have different powers, as he can temporally possess the powers of others.

This unique ability makes him recognizable to others. Also, the student council president, Nao Tomori, looks after him due to his power. Anyway, having such powers makes him advantageous as well as disadvantageous. The pros and cons of his power will depend on the way he uses it.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (Source: Pinterest)

This anime is a romantic and enjoyable series that seems to be similar to Lookism. The main plot of the series follows two high school students, Urara Shiraishi and Ryu Yamada. Urara seems to be a very brilliant student, whereas Ryu seems to be a lazy one.

One day, while walking up the stairs, they stumble upon each other and have a kiss. Later, the kiss changes their bodies. Moving on, they also guess that it happened because of their kiss. The anime is more interesting to watch, along with the romance in the plot. Overall, the anime is very fun to watch.

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