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Zenin Family

Rise and Fall of the Zenin Clan

Jujutsu Kaisen is doing great after its prequel, too. As the prequel hits, many anime fans are wondering about the past of the other characters too. Adding on, the three families in Jujutsu Kaisen—the Gojo family, the Kamo family, and the Zenin family—make the plot of the anime better.

Among the three families, this is the Zenin family. Here is all the information about the Zenin family, from its rise to the massacre. Before going to it, here is all the information about the family tree of the Zenin clan.

Family Tree of the Zenin Clan

Zenin Family (Source: Reddit)

As of now, the main pillars of the Zenin family are Oji Zenin and Naobito Zenin. They are both brothers. Also, Naobito Zenin was the 26th leader of the Zenin family. In addition, Oji Zenin has two daughters, Maki Zenin and Mai Zenin. whereas there is still no information about his wife.

Adding the members of the family, Noabito also has a son, whose name is Naoya Zenin, but his mother is still unknown. whereas Naoya says that he has an older brother, which is not mentioned in the series. Jenichi is also the son of Naobito.

Even more, Toji Fushiguro was also born into the Zenin family, but he married a girl and took her wife’s surname. Later, he had a son, Megumi Fushiguro, with his wife. Heading on, his wife dies, and he again marries a girl. His two wives are still unknown in the series. After marrying his new wife, he gives birth to Tsumiki Fushiguro. As a result, Megumi and Tsumiki are step-siblings and members of the Zenin family.

Rise of the Zenin Family

The Zenin family was powerful for a long period of time.

Power of Zenin Clan (Source: CBR)

The Zenin Family is one of the families that strictly follows the morals as well as the rules of the clan. Firstly, Toji was the one to leave the clan, as he does not have any curse energy. The family thinks everyone should surpass their limits and become more powerful.

Also, they believe that powerful curse energy is more important in the family. Among the three great families, the Zenin family is the greatest to have cursed energy. Along with the discipline in the family as well as the cursed energy, the family was able to become the three great families. As well, Oji Zenin was able to maintain the discipline of follow-up for a very long period of time.

Oji Zenin was powerful and had control.

Oji Zenin (Source: Tumblr)

Oji Zenin is one of the characters hated by most Jujutsu Kaisen watchers. Also, Oji hates the Gojo family. Being a strict person, he has good control over the Zenin family. Even more, he was the head of the family and was very strong. Adding on, he is also the special grade one sorcerer. His ability also helps him see the movements of his opponents. If the family members do not follow the rules and cannot become stronger, he becomes very rude and punishes them.

This causes the family members to work hard and become the heads of the family. In such a way, the family from the past, following the rules, was now rising adequately.

The power of ten shadows

Ten Shadow Technique (Source: Animehunch)

Moving to the past, the ancestor of the present Zenin clan was able to perform the Ten Shadows. This power also sided with the Zenin family to start their rise slowly. Along with it, the generations deciding their leader have also set a bar in order to raise the power of the members of the Zenin clan. In chapter 117, Megumi has a flashback where Gojo explains the power of the Ten Shadows. Adding on, the Ten Shadows are as powerful as Gojo’s Six Eyes and Limitless Cursed Technique.

Fall of the Zenin Clan

The harsh treatment, rejections, and punishments

Maki and Mai Punishment (Source: Twitter)

The main reason for the fall of the Zenin clan is the restrictions and punishments. The head of the family used to hate the person who was born without the cursed energy. Even more, they are punished if they cannot surpass the limit, like Maki and Mai.

The members without the cursed energy are also rejected as Zenin family members. Also, this act starts to cause the members of the family without cursed energy to hate and want to leave their own families.

Toji leaving the Zenin clan and living as Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro (Source: CBR)

We know that Toji also does not have any cursed energy. As a result, he also leaves the Zenin clan and takes the surname from his wife. Though he has no curse energy, he is very powerful in strength. Even more, Toji even won over Gojo when Gojo was in high school.

This act makes others leave the Zenin family too. Likewise, Maki also leaves the clan later. Toji started becoming an assassin and sorcerer killer because of the harsh treatment he received as a child. As well, Maki becomes a fan of Toji for his strength without the cursed energy. This incident was the first small step toward the massacre of the Zenin Clan.

Massacre of the Zenin Clan

Massacre of the Zenin Clan (Source: Twitter)

Maki has taken lots of harsh treatment, like Toji. Further, she was also a fan of Toji. One day, going to take the weapon into the house, her father had a fight with her and Mai, but they lost and were punished. At the time, Mai sacrificed herself in order to save her sister, Makima. While dying, she also left her a sword. After getting the cursed energy from her sister, Makima becomes very powerful.

Then, she starts to kill every member of the Zenin because of the harsh behavior and suffering she faced during her childhood. Adding on, she also feels the pain of losing her sister. In an act of massacre, she first kills her father. After being able to kill her father, she kills all the members of the Kukuru unit too. Along with it, she killed all members of the Zenin Clan, where Naoya was having his last breath. But, not able to control the curse energy, Makima’s mother stabs Naoya too. Thus, the Zenin family was voted out of the Great Three Families.

Can the Zenin clan rise again?

Naobito was the head of the Zenin family, but he later died of the injuries sustained during the Shibuya incident. Whereas, at the time of his death, he had a special clause that made Megumi the head of the Zenin clan, not the Naoya Zenin. Even more, Megumi is the son of Toji, and he was sold to the Zenin Clan. Also, he has become very powerful at this point in time.

If Megumi and Maki form again, they can raise the Zenin clan again. Megumi’s father did not have any cursed energy. Likewise, Maki had all the suffering because she did not have the cursed energy. As a result, they will make a better clan if they form it with the perspective of rising.

Some frequently asked questions

Why did Toji sell his son?

Toji selling his son (Source: Tumblr)

Toji sold his son to the family he hated the most, the Zenin family. The name Megumi has the meaning “blessings. Adding on, his father wants him to become a blessing. Adding on, Gojo also reveals that Toji sold his son in order to sue him as an ultimate card against the Zenin clan.

Heading on, it results accordingly too. Though Toji had no cursed energy, his son was able to have the cursed energy. He was more powerful and was able to perform the Ten Shadows, which he was able to do after decades of time.

Who are the Zenin’s who use the cursed weapons?

Jujutsu sorcerers like Yuji Itadori and Maki Zenin use their cursed weapons while fighting with the cursed spirits. The cursed weapons the sorcerer gets in Jujutsu High are good, but the cursed weapons of the Zenin family are way too enhanced.

Along with Maki, Toji also uses weapons to fight. Adding on, her father also uses the sword while fighting with the cursed spirits of opponents. Ogi Zenin can also enhance his Blazing Courage Technique using his sword. Even more, Megumi also uses weapons sometimes, even though he has the most powerful curse energy.

What is the Ten Shadows Technique?

Ten Shadows Technique (Source: Quora)

The Ten Shadows Technique is one of the most powerful techniques inherited by the Zenin clan. This technique allows the user to summon ten different shikigami. Shikigami is the curse that can be controlled by Jujutsu users.

The sorcerers who use this shikigami in battle are called shikigami users. Even more, when someone inherits this technique, they will get two divine dogs too.


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