Find everything about Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari from its plot to characters

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Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari

Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari is an action and supernatural Japanese anime and manga series. The manga was first serialized on April 15 in Shueisha’s seinen manga till December 2015. Later it was transferred to Ultra Jump in January 2016. Also, the manga is written and illustrated by Manga Artist, Onigunsou.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on January 10, 2023. As of now, the anime has 10 lists of episodes.

Main Plot

In this human world, there are different tsukumogami. These tsukumogami are the creatures who can possess the old objects and get into physical form with their help of it. But, these tsukumogami are different in nature. Some are very peaceful whereas some are very destructive in nature. So, in order to reduce the destruction all of these tsukumogami are sent to the spirit world peacefully through the help of the clan, Saenome.

The anime follows a boy Kunato Hyouma who is also a member of the Saenome clan. In addition, he is very different from the clan members as he is not peaceful at all. Due to these spirits, he comes to lose something important so he becomes very angry. As a result, his grandfather thought he could cause a problem with his anger. Thus, he sends him to live with an unusual young woman, Nagatsuki Botan who lives with the tsukumogami family. The question is can he will be able to control his emotion?

Main Characters

Hyoma Kunato

Hyoma Kunato

Hyoma Kunato is a member of the Saenome clan. Also, he is recruited for the job and the job is to guide spirits. But, he starts to hate them and his grandfather sent him to live at Nagatsuki’s house. At Nagatsuki’s house, he has to live with other tsukumogami and their human masters.

In addition, at Nagatsuki’s house, he meets six tsukumogami. The main reason for him to hate that tsukumogami was one of the tsukumogami who killed his brother and sister.

Botan Nagatsuku

Botan Nagatsuku (Source: Crunchyroll)

Botan Nagatsuki is a young girl who is living with six tsukumogami. She is a very powerful girl when it comes to fighting. Also, she is a yorimashi. Yorimashi is a human vessel possessed by god(marebito). With the help of marebito tsukumogami can gain shapes and powers. The reason she got such power is she is a living vessel.

Besides, she also has the power to sense the spirits around her. Also, she can interact with the spirits around her. As a result, she stands as a very powerful character who has spiritual awareness and can turn these spirits into gaining consciousness and powers.

Tsubaki Kadomori

Tsubaki Kadomori (Source: MyAnimeList)

Tsubaki Kadomori is the daughter of Taiju Kodomori who is the head of the Kodomori family. As of now, she is 22 years old. In addition, she also has two brothers whose names are Taiju Kodomori and Umekichi Kodomori.

Heading on, she loves taking part in fights. Also, she is also searching for the same tsukumogami as Hyoma Kunato. Though she is a woman, she has various personalities like a male. Some of them are her appearance and her love to fight.

Kusui Kunato

Kusui Kunato (Source: Otak Otaku)

Kusui Kunato is the sister of Hyoma Kunato and the twin of Hayato Kunato. Sadly, she was killed by Karagasa no tsukemogami. It is the reason why Hyoma started to hate the tsukemogami. As a result, her younger brother is after Karagasa to take revenge for her death.

She is a very gentle and silent girl. Even more, she takes good care of her younger brother Hyoma Kunato. Also, she is the one to look after Hyoma in place of her parents. As a result, she has fulfilled her duty as a sister.

Hayato Kunato

Hayato Kunato (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Hayato Kunato is the older brother of Hyoma Kunato and the twin of Kusui. Later, he was killed by Karagasa no Tsukemogami along with his twin Kusui. Though he was killed, he was very good in combat. Adding on, he learned and mastered various fighting abilities of Zouhei when he was 16 years old.

At that time, he was one of the great fighters. But, it was not possible due to his death which also changed the personality of his brother, Hyoma. As a result, Hyoma wants to take revenge for it killing Karagasa.


Haori (Source: Anime Corner)

Hoari is one of the Tsukumogami whose master is Botan Nagatsuki. Also, she is living in the house of Nagatsuki. She also tries to welcome Hyoma when he first comes to the house of Nagatsuki. But, Hyoma told that he does not want the welcome as he hates tsukumogami.

Whereas, Haori already understood it was because of the past incident that happened to him. Even more, Nagi also started fighting with Hyoma and Haori ordered all of them to stop the fight as Nagatsuki was coming. But, everyone jumped and knocked down Hyoma on the ground.


Yu (Source: VRV)

Yu is also one of the tsukumogami living at the house of Botan Nagatsuki. When Hyoma was coming to Nagatsuki’s house, he was on a mission and sealing tsukumogami. Before it, the tsukumogami asked why he is sealing the same kind of them whereas she replied she is doing her job.

Adding on, she is also a marebito whose vessel is a hairpin. Even more, she can also summon different shapes like sharp or spears from the hairpins. Those spears are same like javeline. As well, she can bind as well as seal the tsukumogami.


Nagi (Source: FetcherX)

Nagi is serving Botan Nagatsuki and lives at her house. He went to welcome Hyoma at his entrance but Hyoma tells he hates all of them and they are just using Nagatsuki. Which makes him become angry and he attacked Hyoma. The fight between them started and Nagi uses a katana and says he will only use the blunt side of it. Later, he was ordered by Haori to stop as Botan Nagatsuki was returning.

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