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Level Up Alone

Level Up Alone

Level Up Alone is a comedy, harem, romance, slice of life, and school life Korean web novel series. It was first serialized in 2016. The original publisher is Golem Factory whereas the English publisher of it is Wuxiaword.

The manhwa is doing very well, and 589 chapters have already been released. The release frequency of the manhwa is 13.9 days. Also, its all-time rank is 11241.

Main Plot

The main plot of the series follows a boy who can use the ability of a portal. The name of the boy is Hanyeol. He used to live a very difficult life. In addition, different beasts and monsters start to come to the Earth and start to roam around it. The Earth also has a group called Awakened Mobilize, which has members with supernatural abilities.

They work together in order to protect the Earth from such beasts and monsters. Also, Hanyeol is also one of them who has very low abilities, just with the portal ability. But things start to change when he gains special abilities. With the special abilities he has, he can easily take the loot and upgrade himself to the next level as a hunter.


Lee Han-yeol

Lee Han-yeol

Lee Han-yeol is the main protagonist of the series and is a hunter. The hunters are the people who have awakened the power and fight monsters that come out of the portal. Also, he was born 28 years ago in the current timeline of the series. But he was born with ordinary portal abilities.

Though he has a low amount of power, he is very focused during the battle. In his first battle in the series, he plans not to run away but instead fight with the monster. During the same battle, he was able to get a special ability, which later made him more powerful in the series.



Kabis is the awakening of Lee Han-yeol. She informs him that, from now on, she will be serving him. Even more, when she was awakened, she was the one to help Han-yeol fight the silver-coated lizard monster. Later, she also congratulated Han-yeol for his awakening.

Also, her help helped him eliminate the lizard. Moving towards her appearance, she has short hair with two horns coming out of her head. As well, she seems like an angel too. Also, she is invisible to other people.



Tae-Soo is the manager of the group of hunters. He is a middle-aged man but is full of energy during the battles with the monsters. Even more, he tells Han-yeol to call him uncle. Moving towards appearance, he wears a full black hunter suit.

In the battle against the white-coated lizard, he was scared, thinking that something had happened to Han-yeol. In addition, he also explains that he might have awakened his ability. Anyway, he used to manage hunters very well during the battles with the monsters.



Yubi-ya is a girl who lives next door to Han-yeol. She used to study a lot. Also, she yells at Han-yeol for making noise at night. One day, when returning home, two boys tried to assault her. At the same time, Han-yeol was present at the spot.

As a result, he tries to fight in order to save her. Heading on. He was able to save her using mana on the chains. Even more, she is like a crying baby who used to cry a lot. After being saved, she hugs Han-yeol and starts to call him brother.

Lee Chun Sam

Lee Chun Sam

Lee Chun Sam is the father of the main protagonist, Lee Han-yeol. As of now, he is ill and has collapsed. In addition, he suffers from variant eyes. Even more, he has mostly opened his eyes and is laying in the hospital bed.

At the current time, he is getting various chemotherapies as well as clinical treatment. But it has not healed his disease at all. whereas it has only helped to slow down the disease. He has been getting such medicine for around 4 years. The nurse tells him that he can be cured by using the magical therapy.

Where can I read Level Up Alone?

Level Up Alone is also a popular manga that most people love to read. You can read the manhwa from different sites easily online. But you have to face some pop-up ads. Even more, you can read the manhwa from Level Up Manga online or on MangaBuddy.

What are the similar manhwa like Level Up Alone?

Nano Machine

Nano Machine (Source: Pinterest)

Nacno Machine is also a Manhwa series, which is similar to the series Level Up Alone. The main protagonist of the series also gets power and levels up like Lee Han-yeol. Even more, but this series is a little different as he gets the power from the unique Nano machine.

Heading on, the Nano machine and the leveling mechanism help him learn various fighting techniques and martial arts. Along with it, he also learns swordsmanship. After it, he also gets the position of Vice Lord and the throne of the Heavenly Demonic Cult.

Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker (Source: Pinterest)

Second Life Ranker is a fantasy series that has some similarities to Level Up Alone. Moving towards the plot of this series, the plot follows a character whose name is Yeon-woo. The series starts with a tragic moment with the death of Yeon-woo’s brother. Thus, he heads to learn about the cause of his brother’s death.

Also, he starts to inquire about the Obelisk Tower. The Obelisk Tower is a unique tower that provides magical abilities. As a result, Yeon-woo becomes one who gains a magical ability and slowly becomes a powerful character like Han-yeol in Level Up Alone. Moreover, it has a similar kind of setting as Level Up Alone. So, you will love watching this series too.

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