Find everything about Good Night World. Also find about it’s main plot and characters

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Good Night World

Good Night World

Good Night World is a comedy-drama Japanese anime and manga series. The manga was first serialized on December 28, 2015, in the magazine Ura Sunday MangaONE. Also, the manga is written and illustrated by the manga artist, Uru Okabe. As of now, there are 5 volumes of manga.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on October 12, 2023, on Netflix. The anime is directed by the director, Katsuya Kikuchi. There are currently 12 episodes on the list.

Main Plot

The main plot of the series centers around the online game Planet. In addition, the game has four powerful players, and the name of the team is “The Akabane Family”. But, in reality, they are real-life families that are actually broken. The family consists of a shut-in older brother and a high-achiever younger brother.

Heading on, the father of the family is not respected, whereas the mother does not care about the household work. They are actually not aware of what the family means. In the game, they fight with monsters and clash with other guilds. As a result, they come to tangle between the game world and the real family.

Main Characters

Tachirō Arima/Ichi

Ichi (Source: Magical Assam)

Tachirō Arima is the main protagonist of the series. Even more, he is the older brother of the family. Actually, he is Emo, who is trying hard to achieve something in his life. As a result of failing multiple times, he comes to hate his own father. Even though he hates his father a lot, he does not want him to die.

But he has a very terrible relationship with his father. As a result, he also used to call his father a bastard. In the game, he starts to develop a relationship with his father after finding that he is AAAAA in the game. As the series keeps on moving, we can see him changing a lot and starting to achieve a lot in his life.

Asuma Arima/AAAA

Asuma Arima (Source: Anime Corner)

Asuma Arima is the younger brother of Ichi. Also, he is brilliant enough to gain much more in his life. Even more, not only in the game, he was very good in his actual life too. Whereas, in the game, his rank is AAAAA. Due to it, his brother also wants to have a good relationship with him.

Heading on, he seems very different from his older brother, from appearance to personality. In addition, he looks handsome with brown hair. Likewise, the color of his eye is also brown. As well, he seems to have a better relationship with his father than with his older brother. With his rank, he is a very good asset for the family to fight with other guilds.


Pico (Source: Film Fugitives)

Pico is also one of the characters who appears in the LOG IN part of the series. Also, she is not from the Akabane family. Even more, she is actually a pirate. Thus, she looks like a pirate from her appearance. In her appearance, she wears a cloak like a pirate, which is blue in color. In addition, the color of her hat is also blue.

Along with it, she wears black slippers. As well, she is the captain of her pirate group. In the series, her mother is still not revealed, whereas her father is a gangster. She is a very egoistic type of girl who always seems to want revenge. Even though she is an egoistic girl, she still has a good side for Ichi. Likewise, she is also affectionate towards the pirates.

Shiro Akabane/ Kojiro Arima

Kojiro Arima (Source: High On Films)

Shiro Akabane is the father of Ichi. Even more so, he is the head of the family. Though he is the head of the family, he is not able to get the respect of the members of the family. But for Mother, everything is different. As well, he has to take care of everything, as his mother does not care about household chores or other work at home.

Further, one of the sons used to call him a bastard too. Heading on, his family seems to be broken. In the game, he is also present as a father and head of the family. Moving on, later in the game too, it gets revealed that he was actually their father in real life too. But, as in the game, everything slowly changes as they have to do all of the things together.

Aya Arima

Aya Arima (Source: The Envoy Web)

Aya Arima is one of the members of the Akabane family. In addition, she also has two brothers who are twins. The names of his brothers are Tachiro Arima and Asuma Arima. As well, she is the youngest member of the family. As a result, she is also different from every other member of the family. Thus, she seems to be a very affectionate member of the family.

Unlike other members of the family, she cares and loves a lot about family. Similarly, she also cares about every member of the family. Being the youngest member of the family, she seems small and looks cute with black hair. Further, she wears a rose-type clip on her head. Most of the time, she seems to be wearing a pink one-piece with a white t-shirt.

May/Sayaka Arima

Sayaka Arima (Source:

May is the wife of Kojiro Arima. She also has twin sons and one daughter. As well, she looks very pretty with her purple hair. Likewise, in her hair, she also wears the colth, which is purple and white in color. Along with it, she wears long black shocks.

Though she is the housewife of the family, she does not care about the household. Even more, she does not care about the family either. Amyway seems to love her children. The only one who is not respected in the family is her husband.

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