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Giant Beasts of Ars

Giant Beasts of Ars (Ars No Kyojuu)

Giant Beasts of Ars (Ars No Kyojuu) is Japanese manga and anime television series. The manga was first serialized on January 27, 2023, online via Kobunsha’s Comic Nettai manga. The manga is written by Toshinori Ito.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on January 7, 2023, on the original network, TBS. The anime is directed by the director Akira Oguro and written by Norimitsu Kaihō. As of now, the anime has 9 episodes.

What is the main plot of Giant Beasts of Ars?

The land to live in was once created by the Beasts. Later, humans were the ones to steal it. Heading on, due to their anger over it, the beasts start to eat up human beings. Adding on, in the age of the sword, the beats are killed for human profit.

The anime keeps on following a boy whose name is Jiro. He usually lives by hunting down beasts. One day, he meets Kuumi who is chased by someone. From that moment, he decides to save her. Whereas, rumors start to spread among people but they both were finding secrets about the world.

Giant Beasts of Ars Characters

The characters of Giant Beasts of Ars are as follows:


Jiro (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Jiro is one of the main characters of Giant Beasts of Ars. Adding on, Jiro is a paladin in the series. As of now, Jiro is already dead. Heading on, he absorbs Kuumi on the 22nd in order to defeat the beasts.

Also, they both fight together and are able to save the city. Later, Jiro also saves Kuumi from the kidnappers. He is very tall in height and has short pale-brown messy hair. Most of the time, he carries a spear as his primary weapon.


Kuumi (Source: Anime Xis)

Kuumi is younger who is 22 years old. Jiro was able to save her when she was roaming without a paladin. While Jiro was saving the city along with her. She faces the same one as her. She and her copy are a Cleric. When Jiro kiss her forehead they both entered into another dimension.

As Jiro is a paladin and Kuumi is a cleric. So, they both become one in order to kill the beasts. At the time of becoming one, she enters the body of Jiro. As well, Jiro was able to kill the beast after she claims that its weak point is the eye.


Façade (Source: Reddit)

Façade is a muscular boy with grey color hair. Also, he has a cross mark on his forehead. He uses two swords that seem like a fork in shape. Adding on, he fights along with Zen stopping Kuumi to enter the fight. As well, he has very skill in his weapon and he was defending greatly against the sword of Zen. Besides, his swordsmanship he is also a great strength as well. Altogether, his unique weapons along with his strength have made him very powerful.


Mya (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Mya is a young girl who has a cat in her head. While running from the jail Kuumi finds her shop. Even more, Kuumi likes one of the crystals in her shop. Whereas, Mya describes the crystal as it’s the crystal of a giant monster. Heading on Kuumi sees a ring on the hand of the cat above her head. Also, she asks Mya about it and Mya tells her that it is the Ring of Promise.

She even tells Kuumi that the one to wear the ring will be the one to save the world. Kuumi wants that ring and asks whether she can have it or not. But, Mya replies the ring has a chosen user. Later, the ring fits in the hand of Kuumi, and Mya was able to provide the ring in the hand of the right person.


Mezami (Source: Manga y comics)

Mezami is also one of the characters of Giant Beast of Ars. He meets Jiro while he was partying. Adding on, he asks him if he can sit with him at the table. But, the reason was he wanted to know what the empire wants from him.

Even more, he even asks Jiro about it and the devil fruit. In addition, he explains that the problem for humanity is not only the giant beasts and tells him that in the end there will be a war that will be separating everything. Heading on, he tells Jiro that it is very important to have people like Jiro to make it not happen.


Romana (Source: CBR)

Romana is also known as Romana the Herbalist. Kuumi learns to gamble and even learns a lot playing against Jiro. Heading on, she wins a lot against Jiro and says she will not play with broke people. So, Jiro takes his weapons as his bet. Even more, she also has a very kind personality as she was the one to save Kuumi from being sold as a slave. Also, she is good at using spears too.

Is Giant Beast of Ars worth watching?

It is a very different type of isekai anime. So, the anime will engage you if you are also an isekai anime fan. Adding on, it is very different from other anime as the plot follows beats living in the world first and the human were the ones to conquer it later. Also, human life consists of paladins and clerics. As well, the main protagonist Jiro takes down beats for his own profit.

Later, he saves Kuumi and they both work together to save the world. As a result, the anime has the fantasy genre in it. Along with it, the characters are developed in emblematic and traditional fantasy. Thus, the anime also has science fiction in it which is the reason it is separated from fantasy series. Whereas, as a combo, the anime is worth watching.

Where to watch Giant Beasts of Ars?

As of now, the series is available on HiDive. Adding on, it is also available on various streaming sites. But, the anime is not available on Netflix till now.

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