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Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest is a Japanese light novel and anime series. The light novel was first serialized on May 31, 2019, and the novel series was serialized on September 1, 2018. Later, the manga was adapted and serialized on April 3, 2019 on the Niconico-based web manga platform. The manga is illustrated by the Manga Artist, Takahashi. As of now, the manga has nine volumes.

Moving towards the anime, the anime will be released on July 2, 2023, via the Original Network, ABC. The anime is directed by Takashi Naoya.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime follows a boy whose name is Reinhart. Also, it is one thing to be reincarnated in another world with cheating power. But being born as a child to be abandoned for dead when your parents used to believe that you were powerless is another thing.

Heading on, Reinhart is also born in a new world where he has to navigate through different situations. Also, he must find a way to survive in this new, dangerous world. Fortunately, he has magic, which is very powerful and literally out of this world.

Main Characters

Haruto Zenfis

Haruto Zenfis (Source: Anime Trending)

Haruto Zenfis is the main protagonist of the series. Haruto’s birth name is Reinhardt. Haruto is a person who wants to live his life in peace. Also, he is a very friendly person and wants to help people in need around him.

While he was in middle school, he was a victim of bullying for three years. After 5 years of this, one of the goddesses offers him to reincarnate into a new world. Even more, he accepts the offer and reincarnates into the new world with a magic level of 1002. His name after he was born was Reinhardt.

Charlotte Zenfis

Charlotte Zenfis (Source: OtakuHarbor)

Charlotte Zenfis has an adopted brother, whose name is Haruto Zenfis. She is a young and beautiful girl. Adding on, she is the one who notices the strange behavior of Charlotte and wants to investigate him. In addition, Charlotte is a very intelligent girl, as she learned the Japanese language in a very short period of time.

Though she wanted to investigate her brother, later she started to have faith in him as well as in his magic. She also has very good magic potential. Also, it is expected that she can perform the magic even better than the queen herself.


Gizelotte (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Gizelotte is the antagonist of the series. Also, she is the one who gave birth to both Haruto Zenfis and Laius Olteas. Even more, she is also the queen. Being the antagonist of the series, she is very abusive and cruel in nature. As well, she can do anything in order to protect her kingdom.

Also, she does not have any problem in killing her son too if it can make her kingdom more powerful. Even more, she tried not to give birth to her son, Haruto, as he has a very low mana level. Moving on, she is a very powerful person who was also able to defeat demon kings in the past.


Flay (Source: Anime2You)

The real name of Flay is Fenrir. Fenrir used to work with the demon king in the past. One day, she comes to attack Haruto but ends up becoming his servant. After becoming his servant, her name was changed to Flay. In addition, she can go into both fox and human f forms

When in fox form, she is a large wolf with red and white fur. But, when she transforms into a human form, she also has ears that are similar to the ears of a fox. The main power she uses in battle is force strategy. Her strength is very high than other characters.


Irisphilia (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

In the past, Irisphilia was a demon. But in her new life, she wanted to reincarnate as a human being. It was too difficult for her to do as her family was rejecting her most of the time. Before her birth at an early age, she seemed similar to a demon, as she had been seeking power since her young age.

Anyway, she gets a chance to live her life in a monastery. It was all possible thanks to the pastor. Heading on, after years, she goes to the Grantfelt Specialized Academy, where she becomes a good friend with the main protagonist, Haruto Zenfis.

Laius Otleas

Laius Otleas (Source: Anime News Network)

Laius Otleas is the son of King Jilq. Adding to that, his mother is Queen Gizelotte. Adding on, Laius is a very arrogant person and is very proud of himself. When he has a battle with his brother Haruto, he loses the battle. But he promises to do great things in order to defeat him.

As well, he fears for her mother because she does not care about her children. The only thing she cares about is her kingdom. However, he somehow cares for his half-sister, Marianne.

Who are the cast members for Am I Actually Strongest?

The anime makers have done a very good job picking up the cast for the series. They are well-fitted and ready to carry out their roles. The casts for the series are as follows:

• Ayumu Murase as Hart Zenfis

• Atsumi Tanezaki as Charlotte Zenfis

• Ayaka Shimizu as Flay

• Kuramochi as Liza

• Ami Koshimizu as Irisphilia

• Shinnosuke Tachibana as Laiu

Where can I watch Am I Actually Strongest?

Firstly, the anime will premiere on July 2, 2023, on ABC and TV Asahi. The opening song is revealed as Reset Life. To watch the series, it is very good news for  anime fans, as Crunchyroll has already taken the licensing for this series.

So, you can easily watch the series on Crunchyroll. But if you want to watch the series for free, you can watch it on various free streaming sites with different pop-up ads.


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