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Hunters of Solo Leveling

All Hunters of Solo Leveling Ranked According to their Strength

The Hunters in the Solo Leveling are the characters who fight in order to maintain balance. In addition, they fight with various monsters and are strongest along with their power. Here, is the list of all hunters of the series ranked according to their strength.

20. Yoo Jinho

Yoo Jinho (Source: Pinterest)

Yoo Jinho is a Vice-Guild Master of the Guild whose name is Ahjin. Jinho is a very young boy with a boyish face. Adding on, he has a strong thinking of living on his own. Being a D-Rank Hunter, he is weak than the hunter present in the list. Though, he is still able to provide a shield for the people from the falling of building debris. In addition, he is also quite durable. An example of it is, he was able to stay conscious even though he was brutally tortured by Hwang Dongsoo.

19. Hwang Dongsuk

Hwang Dongsuk (Source: Pinterest)

Hwang Dongsuk is the elder brother of Hwang Dongsoo. Adding on, he is a lizard. Dongsuk was after Jinwoo and Jinho to earn money fast. But, Jinwoo beheaded and killed him instantly with Kasaka’s Venom Fang. But, he was one of the strongest C-Rank Hunters. Also, he was a hunter who was very good at using swords. Along with the swordsmanship, he was able to buff his physical stats to a certain extent. As well, he was able to fight with the C-Rank monster very easily.

18. Song Chi-Yul

Song Chi-Yul (Source: Pinterest)

Sung Chi-Yul is an old friend of Sung Jin-woo. Also, he knew Jin-woo since he was E-Rank Hunter. Even more, he is a C-Rank hunter and professionally he is a kumdo teacher. Heading towards his age, he is a middle-aged man. Chi-Yul is a very dedicated person as he denied to leave hunting after losing his right arm during the Double Dungeon. But, he not only cares about himself but he also cares about his comrades. He is also a fire user and is very powerful. As well, he has a very good amount of endurance before he lost his right arm.

17. Atsushi Kumamoto

Atsushi Kumamoto (Source: Pinterest)

Atsushi Kumamoto is also a Japanese S-Rank Hunter who is a member of the guild, Draw Sword. He is one of the strongest hunters in the series. But, he is somehow a coward person though he is strongest. Adding on, in the battle he searches for the weakest opponents and often attacks them from behind. In addition, he has a unique ability from the other hunter as he can go to a frenzied zone after being injured. Whereas, it is not revealed whether it is his passive skill or it just his mental illness.

16. Akari Shimizu

Akari Shimizu (Source: Pinterest)

Akari Shimizu is also a member of the Draw Sword Guild. Even more, she is an S-Rank healer from Japan. She was also one of the characters who participated in the Jeju Island Raid. Though she is a healer, she is very greedy to heal her own teammates. In addition, she was also having feelings for Kenzo. In order to heal him, she asks him to provide her with something besides money. But, she was not able to tell Kenzo what she actually wants from him as she was later killed by the Ant King.

15. Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho (Source: Pinterest)

Baek Yoonho is S-Rank Hunter from the series Solo Leveling. He made his appearance so fast which let the reader think he is the most powerful hunter in the series. But, it was later changed into a false statement as we were introduced to other hunters later. Even more, he is also a guild master of the guild whose name is White Tiger Guild. Also, he is even able to perform transformation magic which many hunters are still not able to do.

14. Kenzo Tanaka

Kenzo Tanaka (Source: Pinterest)

Kenzo Tanaka is a member of the guild, Draw Sword Guild. His guild is helping with the Jeju Island raid. So, before going to the raid the member of his guild has a 4v4 duel in order to compare their strength. Which, he was able to defeat Ma Dangwook, who is one of the strongest S-Rank Hunters from Korea. But, he was later killed by Ant King.

13. Reiji Sugimoto

Reiji Sugimoto (Source: Pinterest)

Reiji Sugimoto is one of the guild masters of the Guild of Japan, the Draw Sword Guild. Though he was one of the strongest hunters of the series, he did not participate in the Jeju Island raid. The reason he is so below our list is he has not participated in any of the fights. It is still not determined whether he is powerful or not. As a result, his power is almost similar to Goto Ryuji’s.

12. Choi Jong In

Choi Jong In (Source: Pinterest)

Choi Jong In is working as a leader of the Hunter Guild of Korea. His power is based on fire magic. Adding on, he can control flames of fire effortlessly. From these flames, he can also create flame spears and flame dragons to attack his opponents. Among them, he generally uses Flame Prison to stop the B-rank dungeon monsters.

11. Cha Hae In

Cha Hae In (Source: Pinterest)

Cha Hae-In is working as the vice president of the Hunter Guild of Korea. She has a very great power from which she can sense mana fluctuations without looking at the hunter. In the Jeju Island Arc, she was able to defeat ants Choi-Jong two times. Even more, she falls in the top five strongest hunters in Korea.

10. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji (Source: Pinterest)

Goto Ryuji is one of the strongest hunters in Japan. He is also leading a group whose name is Draw Sword. His power is also great as he is one of the hunters whose speed can be matched to the Ant King. As a result, he is one of the strongest hunters from the Solo Leveling series.

9. Yuri Orloff

Yuri Orloff (Source: Pinterest)

Yuri Orloff is a hunter from Russia, he is an S-Rank Mage. It was also spread that he was able to clear the S-Rank dungeon without the support of others. Yuri is different from other hunters as he has the power of support type range. Also, he can create a barrier as well as seal his opponents. Besides it, he has other powerful abilities too.

8. Lennart Niermann

Lennart Niermann (Source: Pinterest)

Lennart Niermann is a hunter from Germany. He also owns a guild whose name is Richter Guild. Also, he is on the list of the 12th strongest hunter in the world. Adding on, he has also participated in the Monarch’s War Arc. As well, he was also able to notice a shadow of Sung Jin-woo.

7. Jonas

Jonas (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

As of now, Jonas has not shown his appearance in the manhwa. Even though he is one of the strongest hunter of the series. Even more, he is known as the strongest hunter of Brazil. As well, he is one of the user of ruler vessel for which he was killed by the monarch.

6. Go Gun Hee

Go Gun Hee (Source: Reddit)

In his old days, Go Gun Hee was Korea’s strongest S-Rank Hunter. As of now, he has become an old man. Though he is old, he still has a powerful aura. Later, he was killed by Monarch. Before his death, he shows up his true power as the vessel for the Fragment of Luminosity.

5. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed (Source: Pinterest)

Christopher Reed is one of the members of five National Hunters in Solo Leveling. He uses his ability as Ruler’s vessel. Adding on, he can also use Spiritual Body Manifestation. As a result, he was able to kill the Monarch of the Iron body very easily.

4. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang (Source: Pinterest)

Liu Zhigang is a Seven-star hunter in China. As he is the strongest hunter in china he is entitled to the hero of China. Before Jin-woo become the strongest hunter, he was the strongest hunter in Asia. He has great power as he was able to eliminate a large number of monster ants on Jeju Island without any effort.

3. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

Thomas Andre is a muscular man of the series. adding on, he also holds the title of strongest Hunter in the Solo Leveling world. He also owns a guild named Scavenger Guild and he is the master of it. Due to his muscular appearance, he is often called Goliath. Later, he was defeated by Sung Jin-woo.

2. Sung II Hwan

Sung II Hwan (Source: Pinterest)

Sung II Hwan is the father of Sung Jin Woo. Adding on, he was trapped in the S-Rank dungeon. Whereas, it was the reason he was able to gain power. After being able to escape from that dungeon he defeated S-Rank Hunter, Hwang Dong Su without any effort. Moving on, he can use Spiritual Body Manifestation and various powerful abilities.

1. Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin-woo (Source: Pinterest)

Sung Jin Woo is the main protagonist of the series. Though he was shown as a weaker character at the start of the series, he becomes one of the strongest hunters. Later, he was selected as a player of the system which leads him to gain power without any boundaries. Thus, he can take first place on our list.


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