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King Leonidas vs Sun God Apollo

Sun God, Apollo vs King Leonidas, the Strongest Rebel in Human History

Season 1, or the first part, of Ragnarok has already been released. The first part was completed with characters like Shiva, Beelzebub, Buddha, and Jack the Ripper from the human side fighting powerful gods. Now, the second part of Season 2 will have new characters. It will be a more intense battle.

In the ninth round, we will be watching is Leonidas vs Apollo. Along with it, there are various secrets to be revealed that many of the fans are eagerly waiting for. Also, Ragnarok is coming to an end. So, here are some facts about Apollo vs. Leonidas that you should know.

Who will win the Record for Ragnarok?

Record of the Ragnarok (Source: Attack of the Fanboy)

As of now, the eighth battle has been finished. Which leads up to the score of 4-4. Now, this battle is coming to be very close, with one party losing or winning. Thus, the battle between Apollo and Leonidas is going to be the most vital battle among all of the battles.

In addition, it is also said that there could be more than one round as a special round of Ragnarok. Thus, we can expect that Apollo vs. Leonidas will be in God’s favor. whereas humanity will be saved from the special round.

The search for Apollo and Leonidas starts

Burnhilde goes to call Leonidas (Source: Reddit)

In Chapter 79, the search for Apollo was started. The three gods, Hermes, Ares, and Zeus, go to search for Apollo. They go to heaven in search of him, as he used to enjoy the beauty a lot. At first, when the gods told him that he had to fight the ninth round of Ragnarok, he hesitated to accept being part of the battle. But, after hearing that three Greeks have already lost, he accepts to fight Leonidas in the ninth round of Ragnarok.

On the other hand, Brunhilde and Gier go to search for Leonidas for the battle. Likewise, Apollo and Leonidas also hesitated to take part in the battle. The reason for it was that he wanted to fight the last battle of Ragnarok. They explained to Leonidas that he is the only one who can defeat Apollo. Later, he agrees to take part in the ninth round of Ragnarok. As a result, the battle between them will be the most intense battle of Ragnarok.

The beginning of the battle of Apollo vs. Leonidas

The score was settled at 4-4 after the eighth round of Ragnarok. Before the battle starts, while calling up the fighter, the host calls out Leonidas name as Human History’s Mightiest Rebel. Anyway, Leonidas wanted to fight, whether it was the first or the last battle of Ragnarok. But he was chosen to fight in the ninth round of Ragnarok.

On the other hand, Apollo was also ready for the fight, heard the death of Poseidon, and thought that his death was looking beautiful. Also, in his introduction, he was introduced as the god of beauty as well as strength.

Leonidas starts the fight by slamming his shield

Leonidas with shield (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

As the entrance of both fighters succeeds. Without any delay, Leonidas directly charges his shield into the ground. It shows the strength of Leonidas, as he was able to create a hole in the ground as he hit below. Leonidas seems to be very angry as Apollo keeps telling him that he is ugly. It creates great havoc between them. But Apollo easily dodges Leonidas attack.

Also, Apollo has received the news of the death of Poseidon, which can also create rage in him for the battle between them. In return, Leonidas is also very powerful as a Spartan warrior. In the battle, Apollo seems to be using archery, whereas Leonidas fights with the help of his shield. As well, his shield can turn into an attacking weapon, creating lots of spinning blades on it.

Who will win the battle between Leonidas and Apollo?

Leonidas vs Apollo (Source: Duniaku)

This is the last battle, the ninth battle of Ragnarok. The victory can go to anyone’s side. As there is a slight mention of the special round, the winner of the battle could be none other than Apollo. Apollo seems to be powerful in archery and can also use different types of attributes in his archery. As a result, he stands as one of the most powerful characters.

Leonidas is also the stronger fighter, but if there is no special round, Leonidas could be the winner. But some of the visuals of Apollo winning were created by lots of fans. It seems to be slightly true, as the special rounds are mentioned. Even more, the strongest god, Odin, is also left to take part in battle. Thus, we expect that the winner of Leonidas vs. Apollo is Apollo.

When will season 3 of Ragnarok be released?

There are seven rounds remaining in the anime series. So, it is not decided whether it will be divided into two parts or not. Looking at past patterns, there is a 6-month gap for one season. Thus, we can expect that season 3 will be released on August 20, 2024.

Record of Ragnarok battles till now: Recap

Rounds Human’s Fighter God’s Fighter Winner Score
1 Lu Bu Thor Thor 0-1
2 Adam Zeus Zeus 0-2
3 Kojiro Sasaki Poseidon Kojiro Sasaki 1-2
4 Jack the Ripper Hercules Jack the Ripper 2-2
5 Raiden Shiva Shiva 2-3
6 Buddha Zerofuku/Hajun Buddha 3-3

Who are the remaining fighters of Record of Ragnarok?

There are still three rounds remaining in the battle of Ragnarok. They are as follows:

Rounds Human Fighter God Fighter
7 Qin Shi Huang Hades
8 Nikola Tesla Beelzebub
9 King Leonidas Apollo

Which fighters will participate if there is a special round?

The fighter to take part if there is a special round is Simi Hayha from the human side. In addition, he is also known as the deadliest sniper in human history. whereas the god Odin might take part in the special round from the human side. It is more likely confirmed that there will be a special round.

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