Find every facts about Cell War. Who is Stronger Cell War or Mash Burnedead?

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Mash Burnedead vs Cell War

Who is Cell War?

Cell War is a very important member of the secret organization, which name is Innocent Zero. In addition, Innocent Zero is the one to lead the organization. Even more, he is the major antagonist in the Magia Lupus Arc.

Who is the voice actor in Cell War?

Voice Actor of Cell War (Source: IMDb)

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actor, Natsuki Hanae.


Appearance of Cell War (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Heading towards appearance, Cell War often wears a purple robe. Also, he has bowl-cut hair, which is blonde in color. Whereas, the mark he has on his face is similar to that of the main protagonist of the series, Mash Burnedead.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Cell War (Source: But Why Tho?)


The magic that Cell War uses is called Carbo. The magic allows him to create weapons made of carbon. In addition, he can use those carbon-made materials for both attacking and defense.

Control Magic

In addition, he can also use control magic. His control magic allows him to control the humans around him.

Immense Magic Power

Along with it, he has a three-linear mark on his face. As a result, he possesses more magical power than the average person. Thus, his magic powers are comparable to those of the members of the Divine Visionary.


As he has a three-linear mark on his face, he can summon the god of iron, Hephaestus. To summon it, he uses his wand.

The battle between Mash Burned and Cell War

The battle between Mash and Cell War takes place in chapters 63–67 of the series. The incident takes place during the Divine Visionary Selection Exam. But they’ve met each other before too.

At that time, the battle was just a smaller one, and Cell War went live on the field. Later, in chapters 63–67, the battle with them takes place properly.

The first meet-up of Mash Burnedead and Cell War

The first meet of Cell War and Mash Burnedead (Source: Spiel Times)

When Mash first met Cell War, he was fighting against Abel Walker. At that point, Abel was injured, and Mash came up just in time. In addition, Mash comes there and challenges him to see if he can stop.

Whereas, Cell War starts attacking Mash with his magic, carbo. But Mash easily destroys the attacks from his magic with his punches.

Cell War vs. Mash Burnedead

Cell War vs Mash Burnedead

Heading on, Cell War feels bored about the battle, so he performs Carbo Heavy Rain on Mash Burned Dead. Anyway, Mash stops it with his barrier, which seems like a child with three heads and big, large hands. Even more, Cell War was trying to learn about Abel and was asking about the meaning of his name, Mash. In return, Mash replies with a false answer.

Then, Cell War uses the Spellflection Mirror. The mirror can usually reflect the magic and can also work as a defense. By reflecting the magic, it can attack the one who is attacking. In addition, Cell War also encouraged Mash to attack him with the magic. In return, Mash destroys the mirror with his kick. Lastly, Cell War leaves the battle field, stating his name.

The second meet-up of Mash Burnedead with Cell War

Round 2 of the Mash Burnedead vs. Cell War was the battle that took place in the Divine Visionary Selection Arc. Before the battle, Cell was standing on the tower. But Mash directly goes towards Mash Burnedead and starts to kick him multiple times. As Cell was standing on the tower, he had only so much space left due to the damage from the kicks of Mas Burnedead.

Then Cell War lands on the ground and says,

We meet again, Mash Burnedead. Destroying my tower did nothing. You must defeat

Along with him finishing what he was saying, Mash interrupts and says,

Y-Yeah… It’s been a while since we, um, sat next to each other. at the entrance ceremony, right?

After their little conversation, Cell War says, Don’t tell me you have forgotten me. In addition, Mash Burnedead replies that he has not forgotten anything, including the incident. After this conversation, they start to battle again. The intense battle between them starts with a glimpse and conversation of their first previous battle.

Cell War vs. Mash Burnedead (Round 2)

Cell Wall vs Mash Burnedead Round 2 (Source: YouTube)

Mash Burnedead was holding, but Cell War kept talking about Abel. So, Mash runs to attack Cell War, running into the magic that Cell War was casting. Even more, Mash also finds out why he was targeted at that time. Adding on, Cell War told him that innocent Zero had six children, and he could use the six children to create a vessel for his heart. The main reason he was targeted was that he was one of the six children.

But Mash says that he is happy to be the creation of strong, Innocent Zero. After all, Mash keeps on attacking Cell War, but the diamond skin of Cell is not taking the damage. Whereas, Cell keeps on attacking Mash with the disc of diamond, Black Diamond.

Who is the winner of Cell War vs. Mash Burnedead?

It was a very hard battle for Mash Burnedead, but he managed to still remain in the battle. Later, Mash starts to create the cream puff and put it in the mouth of Cell. At the same time, the two diamond discs were attacking Mash with speed. As a result, it was very difficult for Mash to stop the attack with his bare hand. Thus, he thinks he will be better if he still chokes on Cell War.

Also, Cell was previously choked with cream puffs and was in hallucination due to less oxygen. Further, he then keeps him in a chokehold with his biceps too. Finally, Mash was able to cut off the oxygen from Cell War’s carotid artery, which led to his death in the second. Along with it, Mash Burnedead wins the battle against Cell War. At last, he says:

I care a lot about this school. If you want to destroy it, then get ready to be choked out

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