Find about the wife of Gabimaru, Yui. Will they reunite again?

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Who is the wife of Gabimaru?

The name of Gabimaru’s wife is Yui. Adding on, the father of Yu is Iwagakure Osa, who is the leader of Iwagakure. Her father was the one who killed Gabimaru’s parents. Later, her father trained Gabimaru when he was young in order to make him an assassin. More information about her is as follows:

Yui’s Description
Age 17 years
Height 5 feet 1 inches (154 cm)
Birthday August 13
Occupation Housewife
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga & anime)

Who are the voice actresses for Yui?

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Mamiko Noto. whereas the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress, Skyler McIntosh.


Appearance of Yui (Source: Fiction Horizon)

Yui is a young girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Also, she has a scar on the left side of her face. Most of the time, she seems to be wearing yukatas.

Yui: Backstory

The father of Yui was chief of Iwagakure. Even more, she was born in the village of the Shinobi. But, being a female, she was not trained like the shinobi. So she stayed in the Shinobi village as a normal person. Later, she develops a dream to live a normal and peaceful life. One day, her father finds out about it, and he burns her face. He did this all to make her forget her dream.

Yui: Relationship


Yui’s Father (Source: Dexerto)

Yui’s father was very strict, and Yui has to follow everything he says. Even more, her father also burned her face for wanting her to leave like a normal person in peace. To use her in order to create offspring for the Iwagakure village, her father told her to marry Gabimaru. As she was following her commands from the very start. So, she has no option left and marries Gabimaru.

Husband, Gabimaru

Gabimaru and Yui (Source: YouTube)

On the order of her father, she married Gabimaru. Thus, they were having difficulties cooperating with each other. As their relationship kept on increasing, they were both able to share their feelings with each other.

Which makes Yui find out that Gabimaru has guilt over his doings and killings. She also finds out that Gabimaru also wants to live in peace. They gradually develop a good relationship between them.

Yamada Asaemon Saigiri

Saigiri (Source: Pixiv)

Yui is very friendly with Saigiri. In addition, Saigiri was helping Gabimaru through his obstacles and struggling to complete his mission. Even more, Yui sees Saigiri as her sister.


Yuzuriha (Source: Sportskeeda)

Yuzuriha and Yui became friends with each other in a short period of time. They both have good relationships with each other, like she has with Saigiri. She also sees Yuzuriha as her sister.

Power and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Being a normal person and just living in the Shinobi village without training, she has little physical ability. whereas she still holds the physical strength as she was able to chestnut barehanded.

Other Skill

Besides her fighting skills, she is very good at cooking. Even more, she can cook very delicious food, and she is the one to cook food for herself and her husband, Gabimaru.

Is Gabimaru’s wife real, or is she an illusionary technique like genjutsu?

Gabimaru’s wife is real, and she does exist. Adding on, she is not a genjutsu or any illusion technique like it. Most people claim that Yui is the imagination of Gabimaru. In the upcoming chapters, Gabimaru will also be aware of it. As well as wanting to live a normal life like Gabimaru. Even more, we will be able to see her in the final chapters of the series, Chapter 126 and Chapter 127.

Why is Yui a mysterious character in the series?

Mysterious Yui (Source: Game Rant)

We come to know that both Gabimaru and Yui have arranged marriages with each other. So, they both had a very difficult start to their marriage. As well, Gabimaru is said to be an emotionless person in the series. Also, he seems to not have attachments to life. But later, his motive was a strong attachment to his wife, and he wanted to see her once again.

Adding on, Gabimaru only has the memories of Yui. Which makes many fans think that she might be real or not. Also, it is unclear whether Yui’s father used the technique on Gabimaru or not. But they all come off as false. One of the great mysteries among all of these is how Yui made such an emotionless person feel attachment to her. As well as only showing up as memories of Gabimaru in the series, she stands as the most mysterious character in the series.

Yui’s husband, Gabimaru, was arrested, and Yui is waiting for him

Gabimaru and Yui have the same motive of living a peaceful life. Later, Gabimaru leaves his shinobi life in order to live a happy, normal life with his wife. Which the chief found and arrested him as he was planning to live a peaceful life.

Heading on, Gabimaru still gets a chance to pardon his crimes if he completes the mission to get the Elixir of Life. On the other side, Yui is waiting for Gabimaru’s return after completing his mission. They can both meet each other if Gabimaru completes his mission alive.

Is Yui dead? Will Gabimaru and his wife reunite again?

Gabimaru and Yui Reunite (Source: Fiction Horizon)

No, the wife of Gabimaru is not dead in the series. Also, in the mission, Gabimaru greatly wants to see his wife again. At last, Gabimaru will be able to complete his mission alive and will be meeting his wife again. Adding on, as Yui gets a chance to see her husband, she cries a lot seeing him alive.

After all, they both live a happy life with each other in peace. One of the reasons Gabimaru was able to do it was with the help of the Saigiri, too.


• Her first name, Yui, means connection.

• The favorite food of Yui is chestnut rice.

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