Know everything about female characters of Solo Leveling along with their age and height

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Female Characters of Solo Leveling

Female Characters of Solo Leveling

As of now, Solo Leveling has already gained lots of popularity and has fans worldwide. Adding on, there are lots of characters who have made the manhwa series one of the best series. Even more, we have already mentioned the Hunters as well as the strongest characters of the series. Here, is the list of the top 10 female characters who have made this series more interesting to follow.

1. Sung Jinah

Sung Jinah (Source: Pinterest)

• Age – 15-17
• Height – N/A
• Species – Human
• Occupation – Student

Sung Jinah is the younger sister of the main protagonist, Sung Jin-woo. She looks young and she is a very smart character in the series. Adding on, she is a student and goes to school. Even more, she is very close to her brother as she lost her mother and father at a small age.

Thus, she cares a lot about her brother and feels worried as he is a hunter and she does not want him to get hurt. Also, his brother was working as a hunter to manage the finance of the family. As a result, she stops going to school in order to earn money.

2. Cha Hae In

Cha Hae In (Source: Pinterest)

• Age – 20
• Height – 5 feet 5 inch – 5 feet 8 inch
• Class – Fighter
• Rank – S-Rank
• Occupation – Hunter

Cha Hae In is an S-rank hunter from Korea. Adding on, she is the vice president guild whose name is Hunters Guild. As well, she is very different from the rest of the characters in the anime and does not like to talk with others. Also, she is a strong hunter with good skills in using swords. Even more, she also has great power as she can create earthquakes stabbing her sword into the ground. Her sword can also turn into light and she can use it as her power.

3. Lee Joohee

Lee Joonhe (Source: Pinterest)

• Age – 22-24
• Height – N/A
• Class – Healer
• Rank – B-Rank
• Occupation – Hunter(former), Student(Post-Time Reversal)

Lee Joonhe is a B-Rank healer from Korea. Also, she is a very old friend of Sung Jin-woo and she knows him since he was E-Rank Hunter. As she is a young person, as well as an old friend of Sung Jin-woo so her age is estimated as 22-24. Even more, she is a caring girl and cares a lot about Sung Jin-woo when he was E-Rank Hunter. As well, he does not want him to get killed. Heading towards her magic, she can perform healing, haste, and another similar kind of abilities.

4. Yoo Soohyun

Yoo Soohyun (Source: Pinterest)

• Age – N/A
• Height – N/A
• Rank – A-Rank
• Occupation – Model

Yoo Soohyun is a cousin of Sung Jin-woo and she works as a model. Being a model, she is very attractive as well as beautiful in appearance. Also, she loves to post pictures on her social media. In addition, she is also a third member of the Ahjin Guild as she was invited by Sung Jin-woo. After, Joining the guild she starts to help Jin-woo in achieving his problem without any obstacles.

5. Park Kyung-Hye

Park Kyung-Hye (Source: TV Tropes)

Age – 35-40
Height – 5 feet 4 inches -5 feet 8 inches
Occupation – Housewife

Park Kyung-Hye is the mother of the main protagonist of the series, Sung Jin-woo. As she is a middle-aged woman, she is supposed to be the age of around 35-40. She is the reason why her son wants to become a Hunter.

She was suffering from a disease called Eternal Slumber and to treat her mother’s illness Jin-woo becomes a Hunter. Her husband was also trapped inside a dungeon and she thought that he was already dead. As a result, she was not able to pay her medical expense on her own and Jin-woo started working.

6. Querehsha

Querehsha (Source: Pinterest)

Age – N/A
Height – N/A

Querehsha is also known as the Queen of the insects as well as the Queen of the Plagues. Even more, she is also one of the monarchs and she is very powerful. Though she is powerful she looks very beautiful and attractive. Adding on, she is a spirit who is very bloodthirsty. As a result, she is very different from the inside and loves torturing and killing people.

7. Esii Radiru

Esii Radiru (Source: Pinterest)

Age – N/A
Height – N/A
Rank – S-Rank

Esii is a demon and belongs to the Radiru clan. Also, she is a very beautiful and kind girl. As well, she always speaks the truth and is very different from others. Even more, she also begs her life for Jin-woo when he killed all her disciples. Whereas, she was not the one after him but his father was the one who dispatch her all disciples after Jin-woo. Heading on, she is very good at using spears.

8. Han-Song Yi

Han-Song Yi (Source: Pinterest)

Age – 15-18
Height – 5 feet 2 inch – 5 feet 7 inch
Rank – E-Rank
Occupation – Student, Hunter(former)

Han-Song Yi is E-Rank Korean Hunter. Also, she is a very old friend of Jinah. As she is teenage years, she might be 15-18 years old. Also, she looks very beautiful. Adding on, the reason for her to become a hunter was to earn money very fast. When she was nearly killed in Red Gate Incident, she becomes a very good friend with Sung Jin-woo too.

9. Mari Ishida

Mari Ishida (Source: Pinterest)

Age -17-20
Height – 5 feet 1 inches – 5 feet 6 inches
Rank – S-Rank
Occupation – Hunter

Mari Ishida is a member of the Draw Sword Guild and S-Rank Hunter. As she is very short in height than other characters of Solo Leveling, she is estimated to have a height of 5’1 – 5’6. She also participates in the Jeju Island Raid. Moving on, she was in the team along with Goto and Hoshina, and the name of their team was Team Alpha. During the Jeju Island Raid, she was killed by Ant King in a single hit.

10. Park Heejin

Park Heejin (Source: Pinterest)

Age – 17-20
Height – 5 feet 5 inches – 5 feet 8 inches
Rank – B-Rank
Occupation – Hunter

Park Heejin is a Korean B-Rank Hunter from Korea. Also, she is a member of the guild whose name is White Tiger Guild. In addition, she is very good at healing too. Besides, her ability and strength she is a very good-looking and attractive girl. also, she loves to complete her task and job on time.

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