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Himura Kenshin

Who is Himura Kenshin?

Himura Kenshin is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series, Rurouni Kenshin. He has lived 10 years in Japan as a rurouni. In the series, the rurouni holds the meaning of masterclass samurai. Later, in 1878, he starts to stay in Tokyo at Kamiya Dojo with the motive of fighting for the peace of the world.

The more detailed information about him is as follows:

Character Description
Age 28
Birth June 20, 1849
Height 5 feet 2 inches (158 cm)
Weight 50 kg
Occupation Rurouni

What is the real name of Himura Kenshin?

In the series, he is very popular as Himura Kenshin. But his real name is Himura Shinta. Long ago, a mountain robber killed his family. At that time, Hiko Seijuro rescued him. In addition, he also teaches Himura good swordsmanship. Also, he gives him the name Kenshin, which means heart of the Sword.

Who are the voice actors for Himura Kenshin?

Voice Actors of Himura Kenshin

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actor, Mayo Suzukaze. Whereas, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor, Richard Cansino.


Appearance of Himura Kenshin (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards the appearance, Kenshin is a boy who has average height. Though he is 28 years old, he looks very young. As well, he has reddish hair, which he used to keep in a ponytail. Even more, he also has a recognizable scar on his face.

In addition, the color of his eyes is violent. Further, he wears the dress like a samurai wears a kimono. The color of the Kimono he wears is a red-like color.

Himura Kenshin used to be a manslayer

Heading on, Himura was a samurai and a person with very good swordsmanship in the series. Also, he was in the shadow of the people, which allowed him to become a different person. Thus, he is also popular as a legendary Hitoroki. It means a manslayer.

Even more, he used to assassinate people at that time. As well, he keeps on getting involved in dirty work and killing innocent people too. So, in order to remove his sins, he keeps roaming in Japan for 10 years.

Himura Kenshin is based on a true story

Hitoriki Kwakami Gensai (Source: Boombastis)

The character Himura Kenshin is based on real history. In addition, this character is taken from a real person, whose name is Hitoriki Kwakami Gensai. While the Edo period was running in Japan, he was also one of the Hitoriki.

Even more, he also worked as an assassin. Later, he surrendered himself and started to provide training in swordsmanship. Anyway, he was arrested again and executed on January 13, 1872.

He was designed as an antagonist

The creator of the series first designed him as the antagonist of the series. Adding on, when he created “The Crescent of the Civil War,” he provided us with all the information about Hiko Seijuro, who was the one to teach swordsmanship to Himura Kenshin.

Firstly, the creator designed Himura as the antagonist who will be fighting Hiko Seijuro. As a result, he is also opposite Hiko. Anyway, he is not portrayed as an antagonist later, but he is still the opposite of Hiko.

Family and Love interests

Kenshin and Karou (Source: Pinterest)

Himura Kenshin holds a love interest in the series. In the series, Kenshin’s first love was Yukishiro Tomoe. But Kenshin was the one who killed her. Later, he marries Kamiya. At first, he just had a good friendship with Kamiya Karou. Later, he develops a relationship with her and marries her. Their relationship is also a major part of the series.

Even more, they both keep on growing closer to each other. Also, they gave birth to a child, Kenji Himura. He makes his first appearance in the last chapter of the manga. In his appearance, he appeared as a young child. Furthermore, he prefers his mother to his father.


Takani Megumi

Takani Megumi becomes good friends with Himura Kenshin. She often flirts with him. But it makes Himura embarrassed in return. When she was locked up in the industry creating opium, Kenshin was the one to save her.

Sagara Sanosuke

At first, Hiruma saw his brother Sanosuke as an opponent. Later, in the battle, Sanosuke acts as the right arm of Himura. Heading on, Sanosuke was the first one to see the innocent side of Himura Kenshin during the fights.

Why did Himura Kenshin kill his first love, Yukishiro Tomoe?

Kenshin and Tomoe (Source: Pinterest)

Yukishiro Tomoe was the one to fall in love with Himura. But she was holding a strong grudge against Battosai for killing her fiancé before. Anyway, it does not stop her from falling in love with Himura. One day, she betrayed and killed the comrades of Himura in order to protect Himura Kenshin himself.

 But the enemies of Himura Kenshin were the ones who made it look like an act of betrayal. Thus, Himura falls into the trap and kills Tomoe with his own hand. Later, he finds out that she was innocent, which makes him rurouni, and he promises not to kill again.


Abilities of Himura Kenshin (Source: Anime Corner)


Though he looks like a young person, he is very good in the sword sector. In addition, he can easily swing swords. Also, Seijuro has made him good after the training. The training of Seijuro provides him with more knowledge and mobility in swordsmanship.


Most of the samurai used to perform the technique, Modoshigiri. It can help the samurai to cut the object into two halves and make it look like it is joined. Even more, Himura is also able to perform this act. He also cut the daikon with the kitchen knife and made it look like the two cut parts were joined.


Another technique that samurai probably use is Zantetsu. It allows the samurai to even cut the steel. Further, Himura is also able to cut the steel using this technique, but he cannot do it underwater.

Quotes of Himura Kenshin

Perhaps the distant part of the sky always seems clearest, so that we will always strive to reach it.

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