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Divine Visionary

Who are the Divine Visionaries of Mashle: Magic and Muscles?

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is an adventure and comic fantasy Japanese anime series. As of now, the first season of the anime is already finished, with 12 episodes.

Moving on, The Divine Visionary is the title given to students in the series. The title is only given to the students who are different and exceptional among the three magic schools.

Also, every year, one of the God-chosen students gets this title. Even more, they are one of the most important figures in the Bureau of Magic. At present, there are eight Divine Visoneries.

Current Divine Visioneries

Agito Tyrone

Agito Tyrone (Source: Twitter)

Agito is also one of the members of the divine visionaries. In addition, he is also a member of the Magical Creature Administration. He has an immense amount of magic, as he has two marks on his face. Even more, his magic is Dragon.

With the help of his magic, he can control and manipulate his little pet into a dragon. As well, he can cast spells and make the dragon attack his opponents. Also, he seems to be a very quiet type of person. Adding on, he feels fun and pleasure to see others in pain.

Kaldo Gehenna

Kaldo Gehenna (Source: Pinterest)

Kaldo Gehenna is head of the Magic Talent Administration. He also has a double mark on his face. In addition, he is not only powerful in magic but also very powerful in strength. His personal magic is fire magic.

As a result, he can easily manipulate and control the fire. Even more, he is also a god at using the sword. Along with his strength and sword, he can easily cut through flesh. The sword he uses has black flames on it that can burn anything it hits until the target is destroyed.

Orter Madl

Orter Madl (Source: Pinterest)

Orter Madl is a member of both the Divine Visionary and the sub-division of the Bureau of Magic. Also, he is very powerful in terms of magic, as he has three linear marks. whereas his third line is yet to be revealed in the series. Being a three-mark holder, he can summon gods using his wand.

The name of the magic that he uses is Sands. It is very powerful, as he can manipulate and control the sand, and it can even cut steel while attacking. The magic provides an advantage as it can be used for both attack and defense.

 Rayne Ames

Rayne Ames (Source: Sportskeeda)

Rayne Ames is reading at the Easton Magic Academy in her third year. As well, he was born into the Ames Family along with Finn Ames. Likewise, Ortel also has three marks. He can also call God Ares using his wand. Adding on, he uses the partisan as his magic.

Even more, his magic allows him to control lots of swords. Also, he can even fetch the swords towards him. But there is a limit to how many swords can be summoned at a time. His weapons are very fast and destructive.

Renatos Revol

Renatos Revol (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Renatos is also in the group Divine Visionary. He also has three line marks on his face, but the marks have yet to be revealed. The magic he uses is Undeath. Even more, using his magic, he can easily control and manipulate the dead bodies. Along with Undeath, he can also use illusion magic.

There is no problem if he loses his limbs, as he can easily regenerate them. His wand is very different from others, as it is similar in shape to a human finger. Altogether, he is a strong and loud type of person.

Ryoh Grantz

Ryoh Grantz (Source: Pixiv)

Ryoh Grantz is the captain of the Magic Security Forces. The third mark of Ryoh has still not been revealed. The magic he uses is the Lights magic. So, he can generate as well as control the rays of the lights.

The light magic seems to be stronger, as he can easily slice buildings and giants with the help of the ray of light. For the defense, he performs a light prism, which acts as a defense. Also, he can even cut the dark magic of Innocent Zero. Heading on, he can also summon the god Hyperion.

Sophia Biblia

Sophia Biblia (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Sophia is a young girl who is a member of the Divine Visionary and Forbidden Magic Texts Administration. She is a very calm type of person and performs Word Magic. Her magic is very different, as it allows her to control the words as well as the actions of the target.

In order to do her magic, she needs a book to cast her spell. In addition, she has an average amount of power, as she has a double-linear mark on her face. Anyway, she is stronger with her physical strength too, as she has to protect her magic book herself.

Tsurara Halestone

Tsurara Halestone (Source: Pinterest)

Tsurura Halestone is currently working at the subdivision of the Bureau of Magic, Magic Research Administrative. Also, she is a young girl of small height. Though. She seems to be small, but she has an immense amount of magical ability as she has a double-linear mark.

The magic she uses is Ice Magic. With the help of her magic, she can easily freeze her targets. Even more, she can easily freeze the group of Centaurs in an instant. But she does not like her magic and wishes to have fire magic instead of ice magic. whereas she has a cold personality similar to her magic type.

Who were the previous members of Divine Visionary?

Adam Jobs

Adam Jobs (Source: Reddit)

The founder of Divine Visionary is Adam Jobs. Adam Jobs was the master of Wahlberg, Meliadoul, and Innocent Zero. Also, he is the creator of the current magic-user society. Later, he was able to awaken the power of the gods. As a result, he was the first member of the Divine Visionary.

Wahlberg Baigan

Wahlberg Baigan (Source: Pinterest)

Wahlberg was the second member of the Divine Visionary. As of now, he is the headmaster of Easton Magic Academy. Also, he was a friend of Innocent Zero, and he is the only one who is able to stand against him.

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