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Adam White

Who is Adam White?

Adam White is working as a chief for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s  Asia Branch. Even more, he is from the USA, and he is the recruiter for the American Government. In addition, he makes his first appearance in Chapter 129 of the novel series.

Appearance of Adam White

Appearance of Adam White (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Moving towards his appearance, Adam is a young boy with blue eyes. As well, the color of his hair is orange. Most of the time, he seems to be wearing a suit with a blue coat and a black tie.


Heading towards personality, Adam seems to be a very kind and friendly person. As well, he is very well-mannered and used to only speak good words to others. Along with it, he is very supportive and helpful to others.

Adam White does not see Sung Jinwoo as an enemy

Adam White and Sung Jinwoo (Source: Twitter)

No, Adam does not see Sung Jinwoo as his enemy. Though he has things that could make him hate Jinwoo, he does not hold any grudges.

Also, Jinwoo almost killed him at the revelation of IIhwan as an attacker for the Bureau Hunters. It does not let anything change, and Adam took the incident simply. whereas he seems to have great respect for Sung Jinwoo.

Sung Jinwoo rejects Adam White’s offer

Michael Connor was the one to give Adam the task of recruiting Sung Jinwoo for America. whereas Sung Jinwoo rejects the offer. After failing in his first attempt, he again tries to recruit him. But this time he offers him Kamish’s rune stone.

In return, he does not show any interest in the stone and declines Adam’s offer. After all, Adam seems to be going relatively after Sung Jinwoo with his continuous rejection. Later, he was surprised when his boss, David Brenon, gave Jinwoo the signal to go ahead and revive Kamish’s stone too.

Adam White saves the life of Thomas André

Sung Jinwoo vs Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

When his boss lets Sung Jinwoo revive the Kamish stone, Jinwoo fails. After it, Adam realizes that Sung Jinho was missing. He was on his way to tell Sung Jinwoo, but Jinwoo was already on his way to find her.

So, Adam keeps on tracking Jinwoo and finally finds him. After finding him, he sees Jinwoo beating Thomas André near death. As he is also from America, and he does not want to bear the loss of Thomas like Christopher. Thus, he begs Jinwoo to stop. Jinwo stops, whereas Thomas has also admitted that he could not defeat Jinwoo.

Is Adam White alive or dead in the series?

Antares (Source: DC News)

At the time of gigantic gates appearing over the world, Adam goes to monitor them in Canada. At the same time, Jinwoo was also present in Canada to check the condition of the place. Later, Adam finds a man with red hair and recognizes him as Antares. Even more, Antares kills Canadian S-Rank hunter Jay Mills with a single blow.

Then Antares starts to destroy everything. After finding he was so dangerous, Jinwoo attempts to teleport Adams to China with his ability, Shadow Exchange. But Antares notices it and uses his breath attack on Adam, which stops the teleport, and he kills him later there. As a result, Adam White is dead in the series.

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