Does Loid Knows Anya Can Read Minds? Know every Secrets of Spy x Family and characters of manga

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Spy x Family


Spy x Family is an action, comedy, and spy Japanese anime manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Tatsuya Endo. Also, the manga was first serialized on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ application and website.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on April 9, 2022. The anime is directed by the director Kazuhiro Furuhasi. Moreover, he is also the one who has written this anime. As of now, anime has gained a lot of popularity.

Spy x Family- Main Plot

An agent known as Twilight who also works as a spy stands to help out for war happening at Ostania. Further, he is assigned with his new mission. And the mission is to know about the politician Donovan Desmond. That is only possible if he gets to his child’s school. And to start his mission, he must have a family and he creates a new one.

To make their they adopt a six-year kid from an orphan. Moreover, the kid’s name is Anya. And he chooses a wife whose name is Yor Briar. Also, the reason she accepted him was to show off to his friends. But they didn’t know that the child can even read the minds. Though, she knows everything about her parents she also keeps it a secret as she has cool spy parents.

Spy x Family- Main Characters

1. Loid Forger

Loid Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Loid Forger is the main character of the series. Further, he works as a spy and is known as Twilight. And the twilight is no other name rather it’s a codename. To complete the new mission he has a family with a wife and a child who is adopted. Even more, he is very trustworthy for the mission as he greatly focuses on the mission if gets one. Moreover, he never spoils his identity as a spy as he easily rescues Anya Forger without getting caught as a spy. To become such a great spy he has trained for about 10 years. As of now, he is a good father being a spy too.

2. Anya Forger

Anya Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Anya Forger is the daughter of Loid Forger. In addition, she bears a very good ability of telepathy. Additionally, it was possible because of the unknown organization researching her. Even more, she can also read the minds of the people. Also, she reacts very well to the people that come near her. As she can read minds she knows that her father is a spy. Moreover, to look at such spy things as she sees on the TV, she wants to go wherever her father goes. As she appears to be a small child, she is very smart and intelligent.

4. Yor Forger


Yor Forger is the wife of Loid Forger. Further, she works as an ordinary clerk but she is an assassin who is working secretly with the codename Thorn Princess. One of the reasons to marry Loid Forger was her motive. For her work, she reacts very collected and does everything right. After she has a family, she becomes a very good person with everyone even with her co-worker. As well, she learns the mother things and cooking from her co-workers. In addition, she has worked as assassin for a lot of periods which makes her life to adopt as a mother very difficult too.

5. Franky Franklin

Franky Franklin (Source: Pinterest

Franky Franklin is a person who has a job at a tobacco store handling the front. The one to provide every information about Anya’s past is him. Moreover, he has various knowledge about the Eden’s Academy too. In addition, Franky is ready to help Loid though he knows it has very risky doing it. Further, he gets love for a various woman an instance but he does not fall in love with anyone. Because he lacks to have mutual interest and connection with others. Even more, we can say that he works for the money as he is ready to help Loid because Loid provides him with every material required in the household and other things.

5. Becky Blackbell

Becky Blackbell (Source: Pinterest)

Becky Blackbell is a person who becomes a very good friend to Anya Forger in a very short period of time. Further, she met Anya at Eden’s Academy. Moreover, she is also reading at Eden’s Academy and her father is CEO Blackbell. In addition, she is a very kind and lovable child but out of nowhere, she tries to act very maturely. And, the reason behind this is that her family is a military manufacturer. Even more, she doesn’t show off the monetary stuff she has as she does not tell about the source of the diamond doll or other toys she has.

6. Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost (Source: Pinterest)

Fiona Frost is the one who is working as a helping hand for Loid Forger at Berlin General Hospital. In addition, she greatly helps Loid in his mission by providing every detail that is attached to the mission. For such a mission she also has a codename and that codename is NightFall. Most of the time Fiona acts very emotionless because she was trained to have such ability. Moreover, she is taught the ability to be hidden from most people and complete their missions very easily. Besides, she also has a motive to separate Loid and Yor in order that she can be with Loid forever.

Does Loid know that Yor is an assassin?

Loid and Yor
Loid and Yor (Pinterest)

As we have a complete look at this anime, most of the characters of the anime have their work very secrecy. Further, Yor is also a very trained assassin and a trained assassin does not let anyone know about it very easily. Even more, we know that they both have a fake marriage. Due to this they also didn’t know anything about both of them. In addition, Loid also has been hiding his identity as a spy. As a result, Loid does not know that Yor is an assassin.

Does Loid know that Anya can read minds?

Loid and Anya
Loid and Anya (Source: Pinterest)

Well, it is known that Anya is adopted from the orphanage. And, Anya keeps on hiding that she has such ability to read the mind. Further, in the manga too it is not mentioned that Loid knows their ability of Anya. Even more, Anya thinks that she cannot live a happy life and she will be again taken to an orphanage if they find out she has such ability. Moreover, they will not take her if Anya knows him as a spy.


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