Demon Slayer: Twelve Kizuki Ranked By Their Blood Demon Arts

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The twelve Kizuki is an organization of the twelve strong demons which is controlled by Demon King, Mujan Kibutsuji. The Kizuki is stronger than other demons because they got a large amount of Mujan’s blood. Through the help of the blood, the Kizuki can use supernatural power and technique called Blood Demon Art. The different demon has different Blood Demon Art and techniques which makes them stronger or weaker.

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Kizuki is divided into two groups Upper Ranks and Lower Ranks. Each of the groups consists of six demons. Upper-rank demons are stronger than that lower rank demons. Hashira has easily executed the lower rank demons whereas the hashira even are eaten by the upper-rank demons. The twelve kizuki are given the task to find the Blue Spider Lily which helped him to become a demon and destruction of Demon Slayers. Nezuko is also targeted by the Muzan as the sun does not affect her and another target of kizuki is to find Nezuko.After the hundred years of failing in these tasks, Muzan make the demons use as a sucidal devotion for him.

The groups of both Upper Rank and Lower Rank demons are characterized in the character chart below :

Demon Slayer: Twelve Kizuki Characters

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Rank Demon Name Blood Demon Art
Upper 1 Kokushibou Moon Breathing with crescent blade
Upper 2 Doma Cryokinesis
Upper 3 Akaza Destructive Death
Upper 4 Nakime Infinity Castle
Upper 5 Gyokko Summoning creatures from pot
Upper 6 Kaigaku(Former)

Daki & Gyutaro

Kaigaku: Electokinesis
Daki: Obi Slash Manipulation
Gyutaro: Flying barrage of blood blades
Lower 1 Enmu Manipulate and control someone’s dream
Lower 2 Rokuro N/A
Lower 3 Wakuraba N/A
Lower 4 Mukago N/A
Lower 5 Rui Thread Manipulation
Lower 6 Kamaune
Kyogai(Eliminated from Kizuki)
Kamaune: N/A
Kyogai: Manipulation and control of room with beat of drum

The demons are ranked from weakest to strongest in this way:

Kyogai- Lower Rank 6 (Former)


Kyogai seems to be the weakest demon and was excluded by Muzan Kibutsuji from the Kizuki after his defeat. Likely, his Blood Demon Art seems to be similar of Nakime which was Drumming. It allows to manipulate and control the room within the drum beats held on his body.

Japanese voice for the character is by the Japanese voice actor and singer Junichi Suwabe. Junichi is affiliated with Haikyō.

Also, for the English dubbed version the American voice actor Steve Blum provided the voice. Some of his projects include Code Geass, Baki and Sword Art Online.


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Nakime seems to be the weakest kizuki as of her Blood Demon Art. After the death of its former holder, she got the place as she was not a member of Kizuki. Blood Demon Art is eyeball creation, reality-warping, and summoning demons only inside the Castle where Muzan and her subordinates reside. Though her Demon Art seems to be stronger it only works inside one place, which makes her weaker.

Rui- Lower Rank 5

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Rui is one of the Lower Rank Demon and belongs to the spider family with four members. This demon hardly fought against the main protagonist Tanjiro. The demon uses a unique type of thread while attacking its enemy. Furthermore, the demon uses blood demon art named thread manipulation. Thread manipulation allows him to create very thin threads from his cells and controls them by the tip of the finger-like a puppet master. Though having such powerful Demon Art, he was killed in a second with a slice by Giyu Tomioka.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese actor and the voice actor Kōki Uchiyama . Kōki is affiliated with Himawari Theatre Group. At the 5th Seiyu Awards, he won the Best Male Rookie Award.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Billy Kametz provided the voice.

Enmu- Lower Rank 1

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As the Lower Rank demons were killed in front of his eyes. Enmu only wants to kill every member of the Demon Slayers Corp. He manipulates himself into a train and tries to kill the demon slayers. Using his demon art, which controls and manipulates people’s dreams. Anyway, against the mental control of Tanjiro his demon art fails too. And, was killed without being useful for Muzan.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by freelancer and the Japanese voice actor, Daisuke Hirakawa. Some of his projects include Domestic Girlfriend, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Dance with Devils.

Whereas, for the English dubbed version the American voice actor Landon McDonald provided the voice.


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Among all of the Upper Rank demons, Gyokko seems to be weaker. Gyokko seems to be weaker because of his blood demon art. His blood demon art is to summon non-conscious creatures like fish from the pot. Half of the body of Gyokko is inside the pot and when shows his full-body, he transforms himself into the mermaid-like scales covering the body.

Daki- Upper Moon 6


During the Entertainment District Arc, Daki fights with sound hashira Tenzen Uzui with Tanjiro and his friends. She fights with the help of Gyutaro. Both of them have equally powerful blood demon art. Obi Sash Manipulation is the demon art of Daki which allows her to create flower patterns Obi sashes from her body. The Obi sashes are sharp like knives and she can manipulate the Obi sashes freely. Such use of Obi sashes makes her a major threat in the battle.

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese actress, voice actress, and narrator Miyuki Sawashiro has provided the voice. Some of her projects include Hunter X Hunter and Sword Art Online.

Gyutaro- Upper Moon 6


Along with Daki, Gyutaro is also the Upper-Rank demon. Gyutaro blood demon art is Flying Blood Sickles which lets him bombard blood blades over a wide area.

Despite having such a powerful blood demon art, the hashira, Uzui executed him. Later, in death, Gyutaro tells Daki to go towards the light to have a fresh new life without being a bad influence on her.

The voice actor, Ryōta Ōsaka contributed the voice to the character.



Hantengu has quite amazing Blood Demon Art, which is Emotion Manifestation which allows him to manifest emotion and create powerful clones with a different attitude. This amazing Blood Demon Art makes Demon Slayers too hard to fight against him. Anyway, he can’t bear Tanjiro’s skill. As a result, he ends up fighting with Tanjiro.

Kaigaku- Upper Moon 6 (Former)


Kaigaku fulfilled the position of upper Rank 6 after the death of Daki and Gyutaro. Even he has the capability to be one of the members of upper rank 6. Manipulating the black-colored lightning and electricity from his flesh and blood is his Blood Demon Art, the name of the Blood Demon Art is Electrokinesis and Thunder Breathing. Similarly, Zenitsu using the thunder breathing technique Kaigaku would be the perfect opponent for him.

The Japanese Voice actor, Yoshimasa Hosoya voiced the character. Hosoya is also a narrator.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Alejandro Saab. Some of his projects include Horimiya, Sword Art Online, and Hero Mask.

Akaza- Upper Moon 3


Akaza was seen on Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and proved how powerful he is. Generally, he uses to take close combats and is much faster and stronger. Destructive Death is his Blood Demon Art which gives shock wave attacks combining the martial arts. Rengoku was even killed by Akaza with his flexibility and swiftness. Thus, his power makes him one of the most powerful demons in t

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese actor and voice actor Akira Ishida provided the voice.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Lucien Dodge provided the voice.

Doma- Upper Moon 2

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Doma is the demon that everyone should fear as hid Blood Demon he series. Art is Cryokinesis, it allows him to generate ice and frost from his flesh and blood. Even more, he can span the ice anywhere in his vicinity. The ranking he takes as Upper Rank 2 is very dangerous. Furthermore, inhaling his ice is poisonous. So, it acts as both offense and defense for him. Kanae Kochi is even defeated by him without tearing the sweat. According to him, Akaza who holds the rank of upper three cant defeat him in battle. Inhuman movement and reflex are possessed by Doma. Having power as well as being intelligent Doma is one of the most powerful Kizuki.

Kokushibo- Upper Moon 1


Kokushibo is the highest-ranking demon among the twelve kizuki. Nearly five centuries ago Kokushibo was a demon slayer too. Also, he is the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugukini, the strongest demon slayer existed till now. Senior of Zenitsu, Kaigaku turns into a demon due to Kokushibo.

In past he was a demon slayer , so he even has awakened his demon slayer mark. Blood Demon Art of Kokushibo allows creating crescent moon blades when slashing. The blade even varies in shape and size. Moreover, he has his unique breathing style called moon breathing through which he has even created various techniques. With his durability and techniques, he stands as the most powerful demon just behind Muzan Kibutsuji.


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