Know everything about Dead Mount Death Play with the main plot, characters, age and height

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Dead Mount Death Play

Dead Mount Death Play

Dead Mount Death Play is a Japanese action, dark fantasy, and isekai Japanese anime and manga series. Adding on, the manga was first serialized on October 20, 2017 – present, in the magazine, Young Gangan. Also, the manga is written by Ryohgo Narita and written by the Manga Artist, Shinta Fujimoto.

Heading the anime, the anime was first aired on April 11, 2023, on the original Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director, Manabu Ono.

What is the main plot of the Dead Mount Death Play?

Dead Mount Death Play (Source: Sportskeeda)

The main plot of the anime is about the fight between a hero and a corpse god necromancer. Adding on, the corpse god necromancer can also control the dead bodies which are very different to see through the naked eye.

Also, while fighting the god necromancer uses magic to reincarnate into another world. As a result, a boy named Polka Shinoyama comes to life but in a different time and place. As he wakes up, he feels very confused as he has reincarnated and he is not himself.

Characters Chart of Dead Mount Death Play

Characters of Dead Mount Death Play
Character Age  Height Cast/Voice Actors
Polka Shinoyama 16 (At the time of death) N/A Yuuki Sakakihara
Corpse God 16 (Human Body) 5 feet 3 inches Yuuki Sakakihara
Misaki Sakimiya 17 5 feet 1 inches Inori Minase
Shagrua Lugrid N/A N/A Takeshi Kusao
Lisa Kuraki N/A 5 feet 6 inches Atsumi Tanezaki
Takumi Kuruya 23 5 feet 7 inches Yuuma Uchida

Some of the heights and ages of the characters are expected from their appearance.

Main Characters

Polka Shinoyama

Polka Shinoyama (Source: Anime Corner)

Polka Shinoyama is the son of businessman Rozan Shinoyama who owns the financial group name is Shinoyama Financial Group. One day when he was on the way to his home, he was killed by a contract killer, Misaki Sakimiya.

Later, from his dead body, The Corpse God reincarnates into life. As a result, the Corpse God puts the body of Polka into Takumi’s drone and later The Corpse God put his soul into a shark toy. Whereas, polka also agrees and allows him to use his identity as uses his body identity.

Corpse God

Corpse God (Source: Sportskeeda)

Corpse God is the main protagonist of the series who reincarnated into the dead body of Polka Shinoyama. Adding on, he has Evil Eye as well as Elemental Eye. His Evil Eye helps him to see ghosts as well as spirits.

Whereas, his Elemental Eyes help him to manipulate the elements like fire, water, and wind. In chapter 70 of the manga, it is revealed that he was a very famous assassin and was a member of the Black Eagles. After which, he was reincarnated as an undead. Heading on, he is very good at necromancy magic which allows him to communicate with the dead.

Misaki Sakimiya

Misaki Sakimiya (Source: Anime2You)

Misaki Sakimiya once was one of the owners of Sakimiya Steels. She used to live as an assassin and was after the real Polka Shinoyama. Also, she was able to do it too as she stabs the neck of Polka with a prybar. But, she later knows Polka is still alive and she wants to kill him on her next try.

Whereas, The Corpse God killed her with his long skeleton hand impaling her stomach. But, she gets a chance to live again as she was brought to life as a zombie by The Corpse God. Even more, she was also turned into Vampire Larva. As a result, she keeps on helping him in his battles and works.

Shagrua Lugrid

Shagrua Lugrid (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Shagrua Lugrid is one of the characters from the series who is working as a hero. In the past, he worked as a knight. Likewise, The Corpse God also has an Evil Eye and he was able to get the Evil Eye when he was three years old.

But, the villagers have a misunderstanding that Evil Eye holders can bring misfortune. As a result, his parents were exiled from the village for the reason of giving birth to a cursed child. Later, bandits killed his family. Then, he becomes a member of Geldwood Church and receives salvation.

Lisa Kuraki

Lisa Kuraki (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Lisa Kuraki is a skilled investigator in the series. She is also a bartender and runs a bar whose name is Youtoukorou. Even more, she is used to sorting out the conflict between any two people. Adding on, she is the granddaughter of a wealthy industrialist, Luis Kuraki.

She is a very cheerful type of person but is very serious when it comes to her job. Her parents disappeared when she was in high school. Also, she was saved by Miyabi Hosorogi before she was killed. She also becomes close to The Corpse God and calls Takumi Kuraya to help him.

Takumi Kuruya

Takumi Kuruya (Source: Crunchyroll)

Takumi Kuraya works for the bar of Lisa Kuraki. Also, he even flies illegal drones in order to collect the data. Adding on, he also uses many other different methods with the purpose of collecting the data.

Later, as Lisa suggests to him, he becomes a friend of The Corpse God. In addition, he starts to help The Corpse God by providing him with data and information. In the past, he was a genius boy with his own software company. But, the adults take over his company. Thus, to continue his living he starts using his technology and joins the gang Sons of the Styx. From then he starts working as an information broker.

Is Dead Mount Death Play worth watching?

If you enjoy fantasy stories especially dark fantasy you can choose this anime to watch. Adding on this anime also has suspense and action along with the dark fantasy. But, if you do not like violence you should avoid this series. even more, the characters are unique and somehow confusing at some point too. Anyway, the anime is exciting and a must-see anime of 2023.

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