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Character: Zhu Jin Anime Name : Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Power : Water-attribute Tao Height : 173 cm - 185 cm Gender : Male/Female Width : N/A Hair color : Orange Eye color: Golden Partners: N/A Birthday : September 1

Zhu Jin – Hell’s Paradise

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Zhu Jin (Source: Twitter)

Who is Zhu Jin in Hell’s Paradise?

Zhu Jin was a member of the Tensen-class Sennin. Adding on, being a Sennin, Zhu Jin is also a ruler of the Kotaku. The one who made Zhu Jin was Rein. whereas other puppets created by Rein are Zhu Jin’s siblings.

While boosting to the last form, these Tensens can transform into both Ying and Yang. As a result, the Tensens are both male and female.

Who are the voice actors for Zhu Jin?

Voice Actors of Zhu Jin

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actors Junichi Suwabe (Yang form) and Yuko Kaida (Yin form). whereas the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress, Michelle Rojas.


Appearance of Zhu Jin (Source: Anime Troop)

As of now, Zhu Jin is 1000+ years old chronologically. Heading towards appearance, Zhu Jin has golden eyes and orange-colored flower-shaped hair. Also, Zhu Jin used to wear a floral shirt with a large collar and a fancy dark skirt.

Zhu Jin: Backstory

The one to create Zhu Jin was Rein before 1000 years ago. Adding on, the Tensens were unknowingly born from the Tao. It was the research done by Rein’s husband, Jofuku. Heading on, Zhu Jin, along with other young and new Tensens, started training the Tao. Since then, Lord Tensens has been turning the humans into the elixir that is coming to the island. As well, it can help in creating the Elixir of Life.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Zhu Jin (Source: Sportskeeda)

Physical Abilities

Zhu Jin has a very good amount of physical abilities that enrich him. The strength of Zhu Jin is so high that he can break the ground with a single punch. Along with his physical abilities, he has very good speed as well as reflexes.


Zhu Jin possesses the water attribute Tao. Adding on, Zhu Jin was able to get from the 1000 years of training. As a result, his Tao stands as a very powerful Tao.


As Zhu Jin is a Tensen, he can regenerate himself using the ability of Flower Tao. Even more, Zhu was able to heal his eye in a very short period of time after he was slashed by Gabimaru.


Adding to the regeneration, Zhu Jin can also transform into both Yin and Yang forms. After changing the form, Zhu Jin also changed the sex. Also, after changing to the Yang form, Zhu Jin can get more strength than he used to have.

Kishikai Transformation of Zhu Jin

Kishikai form of Zhu Jin (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Being one of the Tensens, Zhu Jin can also transform into the Kishikai form. This form changed Zhu Jin into a monstrous being. While in this form, Zhu Jin can blast a number of Tao in the form of lightning, causing damage to a large area.


• The meaning of the name Zhu Jin is hibiscus.

• Zhu Jin falls asleep during the time of meditation.

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