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Character: Yuzuko Kurusu Anime Name : Buddy Daddies Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Brown Eye color: Darkish Green Partners: Kazuki Kurusu Birthday : N/A

Yuzuko Kurusu – Buddy Daddies

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Who is Yuzuko Kurusu?

Yuzuko Kurusu is a dead wife of Kazuki Kurusu. She has her 1st appearance in the first episode of the series. She was pregnant before dying.

Her occupation was being a housewife when she was alive. In addition, she was 25 years while she died.

Yuzuko Kurusu – Appearance and Personality

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Yuzuko Kurusu was a very beautiful girl with average height. The color of her eyes is darkish green. Whereas, the color of her hair is darkish brown. When she had her appearance in the series she seems to be pregnant bearing Kazuki’s child.

She seems to be a very polite type of person. Even more, she loves and adores Kazuki a lot. Though she wanted her husband to see their child it did not happen as she lost her life.

Background of Yuzuko Kurusu

Kazuki and Yuzuko met each other 5 years ago at the spot which was surrounded by hydrangeas. After their first met, they start to engage with each other and they even got married. Later, they were expecting to have a child. Even more, Yuzuko also got pregnant. The love between them was unbounded and started to grow more and more.

How Yuzuko Kurusu died?

One day, Yuzuko was walking on the street where Kazuki was on his mission. Kazuki was running after the man in a dark alleyway. Whereas, the man manages to steal a car near him and manages to run away. As the man was getting a little bit far, Ryo decides to shoot the tire of the car.

Heading on, Rei shoots the tire of the scooter. The man even collides with the tanker and produced a huge explosion. But, Kazuki sees her and was too late to warn her as Yuzuko is also caught in the explosion caused by the tanker. The incident took the life of Yuzuko.

Is Yuzuko Kurusu mother of Miri Unasaka?

Yuzuko Kurusu and Miri Unasaka

No, Yuzuko is not a mother of Miri Unasaka. The mother of Miri Unasaka is Misaki Unasaka. But, her husband Kazuki adopts the girl as he and Rei killed her father for their mission. Yuzuko was already dead when this happened. Later, Kazuki explains the death of his wife to Rei.

Know about the younger sister of Yuzuko Kurusu, Karin Izumi

Karin Izumi (Source: Anime News Network)

Karin Izumi is the younger sister of Yuzuko Kurusu. As of now, she is 22 years old. She was very happy when Yuzuko married Kazuki. Heading on, she moves to France in order to study fashion.

After the death of Yuzuko, Kazuki keeps on sending her money whereas he does not use to talk with Karin. Also, it is because he was thinking Yuzuko died because of him. Even more, Karin advises him that it’s not his fault. Later, they have a good talk with each other when they met at the grave of Yuzuko.


• The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor Shizuka Itou.
• Her first name Yuzuko means citron.


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