Yukihisa Sanada
Character: Yukimaru Sanada Anime Name : Fena: Pirate Princess Power : N/A Height : 5 feet and 11 inches Gender : Male Width : 70 Hair color : Black Eye color: Black Partners: N/A Birthday : 8th of April

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Yukihisa Sanada (Source: Animeplanet)

Who is Yukimaru Sanada?

Yukimaru Sanada is one of the main protagonists of the Japanese anime series, Fena: Pirate Princess. Sanada is popular in the series as the leader of the Seven Samurai of Goblin Island.

Currently, Sanada is assisting Fena Houtman on her quest to find the mystery of clear stone and clue word, Eden. Besides that, he is the love of the life of the main protagonist, Fena.

Who are the Voice Actors of Yukimaru Sanada?

Japanese Voice Actor, Ryota Suzuki

The Japanese voice actor, Ryota Suzuki played the character Yukimaru providing the Japanese voice. The artist made his debut with the series, King’s Game The Animation as Teruaki Nagata. Following that, he voiced characters such as After lost, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and Banished from the Heroes’ Party.

Ryota Suzuki
Ryota Suzuki (Source: anidb)

Talking about his childhood, Ryota Suzuki was born on the 22nd of December in 1998. His birthplace happens to be Aichi Prefecture in the Chubu region of Honshu, Japan. Currently, he is 23 years old.

Heading towards his career as a voice actor in the year 2017 with the anime, King’s Game The Animation. In the horror-based anime, King’s Game The Animation, he contributed his voice to the character, Teruaki Nagata. The Character, Nagata is a student of the Kure Academy. He studies in classes 2-1 of the academy. Tekuaki is the child who aspired to be a hairstylist.

The same year, he had been a part of various anime series including Children of the Whales, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains. The following year, he voiced the leading character, Yuga Ohta in the psychological thriller, Doreiku. The anime become one of the milestones in his career as a voice actor.

Following that, he joined the anime including FLCL Alternative as Aida, Tsurune, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War as Ryōhei Yamanouchi, and Afterlost in Yuji. In the year 2021, he joined anime series like Full Die a Granada, Pretty: Boy Detective Club and Banished from the Hero’s Party

In 2022, he contributed his voice to the popular Adventure, Sci-fi anime series, Dr. Stone as Ryusui Nanami. Character, Nanami happens to be the main character of the anime. In TV series will premiere in July of 2022.

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His Last Project, Sabikui Bisco

As of now, The talent management company, VIMs talent agency represents him. Last, he contributed his voice to the anime TV series, Sabikui Bisco. In the series, he voiced the main character, Bisco Akaboshi. The adventure-type anime, Rust-Eater Bisco is based on events in Japan when wind containing plague starts to flow. All the living being and non-living things that come in the contact with the plague-containing wind turns into rust.

The reason behind the wind is still a mystery. However, people of the reason believe that the reason for wind flow happens to be one of the Mushrooms. His character, Bisco Akaboshi. He goes with his nickname, Man-eating Redcap. The Japanese Government had regarded him as a terrorist and has kept a bounty on his head.

English Voice Actor, Robb Moreira

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the actor, Robb Moreira provided the voice. The Voice artist is extremely popular for providing a voice to the anime, New York Ninja as the Mayor.

He initiated his voice acting career with the video game, Yuugiou: Dueru Rinkusu. In the video game, he voiced the character, Bronk Stone. Three years after that, he again voiced for another video game, Earth Defense Fore: Iron Rain a Michael Morris. The following year, he voiced the character, Yuuki Koreeda in the series, Number 24. The anime, Number is a sports anime based on Rugby.

Some of his projects include New York Ninja, Pokemon, and Clouded Moon. 

Yukimaru Sanada- Birth, Age, Family, Father, Mother, Siblings & Childhood

Yukimaru was born on the 8th of April in a family of samurai. When it comes to age, he is in his late teen days. Most probably, he is around 19 years old.

His family details including his father, mother, and siblings are still a mystery in the series. Also, those details are not yet revealed by the illustration of the series.

However, there is a higher possibility that Yukihisa Sanada can be one of the members of his family. Besides Yukihisa, he might share relation brothers with Shitan who is also one of the elite Samurai of the Island.

Heading towards his childhood, very few whereabouts has been disclosed in the series maintaining the secret of the anime. As per those details, Sanada shares a very strong bond with Fena since his childhood.

Yukimaru Sanada- Love Interest & Relationship, Friend

For the time being Yukimaru is single. Also, no love interest for the characters has been introduced within the series yet.

However, the plot of the anime has shown some signs that his childhood friendship with Fena might convert into love. In the very first scene of the anime, the ship of Fena’s father where Fena, her dad, and Yukimaru were traveling was attacked by some pirates.

Yukimaru and his crew
Yukimaru and his crew (Source: otakuusamagazine)

In the attacks, Fena got away from the ship. At the time, Yukimaru told Fena to be alive and he will search for her from any corner of the world. Also, a glimpse of their childhood was shown in the anime where he was hitting Fena with a wooden sword was shown.

Apart from Fena, he also has share-friendly bonds with Karin, Kaeda, Enju, Tsubaki, and Makeba. They also happen to be crew members of his ship.

Friendship Bond Turned into Love

The friendship bond of Yukimaru and Fena goes back to their childhood. As children, they used to hang with each other. Fena used to sing and dance while Yukimaru used to see Fena. Since their childhood, Yukimaru used to care a lot about Fena. As the time was passing with very good memories, a horrible day came through when Pirates attack while they were traveling in the search of Eden.

In the course of the battle, everything was lost for both of them. Fena got washed away in the sea. They got apart from each other. In such a chaotic scenario, Fena lost her own precious memories. However, Yukimaru always seeks her. Eventually, he found her when she was trying to escape from an island named Shangri-La.

Moving forwards, they traveled across the sea along with their teammates in order to find the truth regarding Eden. As they were on the quest various moments arose when Yukimaru led his life for Fena. Similarly, Fena also did the same for Yukimaru. However, they even expressed their feeling for each other in a vocal manner.

Eventually, Yukimaru expressed love toward Fena in the final episode when he was in the verse of his death. At the moment Fena used her power to restore the world and life of Yukimaru. However, by doing so Fena lost her memories once more and forget all about Yukimaru.

Yukimaru Sanada’s Skills

His skills as a samurai include his speed and agility. Besides that, the leader of the seven samurai of Goblin Island proves that he is powerful compared to other members of the team.

When it comes to his abilities, he happens to be a master swordsman. He uses his sword in a very swift manner such that he could kill two enemies at the same time with a single slash. As a samurai, he is very skilled in combat too. In the series, he fights multiple times with his enemies fist to fist one on one.

Height, Weight & Appearances, Personality

He has black eyes with black hair in a ponytail. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs around 70 kg.

Yukimaru's Samurai Look
Yukimaru’s Samurai Look (Source: zerochan)

In the initial state, the illustrator of the anime presented him in the appearance of samurai, a ninja comrade wearing black haori. In addition to that, he used to wear a red scarf around his neck. He completed his look with dark grey pants with a light grey bow. Besides that, he also used to put on helmets and facial armor too.


The illustrator of the anime has presented him as an extremely introed person. Also, he is extremely protective when it comes to all the matters regarding Fena Houtoma who happens to be his childhood person with whom a romantic bond is forming.

Besides that, he shares a very strong bond with other members of the seven samurai including Shitan, Karin, Fnju, Kaeda, Tsubaki, and Makaba. He fights with his opponents with his full strength along with his members. In addition to that, he never leaves his friends in a fight.

When it comes to Fena, he became extremely cautious and nervous. Besides that, his feeling to save Fena is extremely high. In the state, he never fears dying.


  • His name Yukimaru means Snow.
  • His surname Sanada means Real and Genuine.
  • He is of Far East Asian ancestry with Japanese roots.


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