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Character: Yor Forger Anime Name : Spy x Family Power : Strength and Speed Height : 170 cm Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: Red Partners: Loid Forger Birthday : N/A

Yor Forger

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Yor Forger (Source: Pinterest)


Yor Forger is the main character of the Japanese animated series, Spy X Family. Forger is a secret Garden assassin and holds the code name, Thorn Princess.

In order to hide her true identity, she is currently working at a Berlin City Hall. Furthermore, she is married to Loid Forger and has an adopted daughter, Anya Forger.


Japanese voice actress, Saori Hayami

Saori Hayami (Source: IMDb)

The voice for the character is contributed by Japanese voice actress and singer Saori Hayami. Moreover, she has taken birth in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, she has completed her education at Waseda University. Additionally, she is also known for providing a voice for anime like Demon Slayer, One Piece, and Tower of God.

English Dubbed Voice, Natalie Van Sistine

Natalie Van Sistine (Source: Twitter)

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actress Natalie Van Sistine.


The Forger family (Source: AnimeGeek)

The exact birthdate of Yor Forger is a mystery yet. The name of the file she is entitled as an assassin happens to be 06 APR 63. Hence, there is a mild possibility that her true birthdate could be the 6th of April.

Coming to her age, she is in her mid-20s. To be precise, she is 27 years old. The name of her parents is still unknown. Despite the secrecy of the true identity of her mother and father, the illustrator has revealed that they are already dead. Her job as an assassin indicates that her family was well-off and held good fame within the country. Also, there is a possibility that her family name is Briar as she has a younger brother whose name is Yuri Briar. Yuri is currently working in the state of the security service. After the death of her parent, Forger is the one who looked after Briar.

Also, she had married one of the best spies Loid Forger. As well, they both have adopted a child whose name is Anya Forger and she also has some secrets within herself.


Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar and Yor Forger (Source: CBR)

As her family was already dead and her brother was left. This leads her to care for and look after her one and only brother as her family. Even more, she has taken good care of him by getting a job as an assassin. Hence, they share a strong bond with each other.

Loid Forger

Loid Forger and Yor Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Yor Forger does not have much love or interest like towards Loid because they are in a relationship only to fulfill each other needs and requirements. Moreover, they both talked and admitted what they wanted from each other.

Anya Forger

Yor Forger and Anya Forger (Source: TierraGamer)

Though, Anya is not Yor biological mother Anya thinks that she is her biological mother. In addition, she does show good behavior to Anya rather than Loid. Further, being the fake mother she really cares and loves Anya.


Camilla (Source: Anime Character Database)

At the first of the series, they both do not seem to have a good relationship with other. As time passes they used to have a good relationship and also Camilla teaches Yor how to cook the food and do household stuff.


Well, looking at the appearance of Yor Forger she has a very good height of 170 cm. Even though she has an attitude on her, she seems to be a cute tall girl. Most of the time she seems to be wearing a hair band. Also, she used to wear different dresses when she turns into an assassin.

In addition, Yor Forger seems to be very good in her assassin work but she is weak in social skills. Additionally, she has a well-connected mind that let her become the finest assassin. Most people will be shocked as being an assassin too, she is very kind from her heart. Whereas, her thought is different due to her previous life.



She possesses the power that she can easily crush the head of people as it is a pumpkin. Moreover, she is also good at throwing the arrow and her strength pf throwing a bow is very good. Further, she can even break the door by throwing an arrow. Besides, her kick has the same power too which can even make the car go in motion.

Speed and reflexes

Yor is very good in her speed in any dress she wears. As we have seen her very good speed in heels too. Using her very good reflex she even dodges rifle fire. Which states that she is very fast with her very good reflex.

Durability and Stamina

One of the abilities that an assassin must have is Durability and Stamina. And, she also possesses this as she was alive though she was hit by a bullet. Even more, she on her own goes home on her feet getting shot by a bullet. Thus, it proves her quality of durability and stamina.


As compared to Loid, she is not intelligent as him. Whereas, she also possesses some intelligence as she easily defeats enemies with her bare hands. Which are really difficult things and one must know about the human body. And, she has very good knowledge about it.

Poison Tolerance

Because of her good stability, she has a high tolerance for poison. Also, she can bear the poison easily whereas she cannot bear the alcohol. Further, poison and alcohol are very different things. So, she has a good quality to tolerate the poison.



Though she can easily tolerate the poison she cannot drink the alcohol. Her attitude turns very fast into aggressive as she drinks alcohol.


Most of the girls are very good at cooking. But, she is weak in it. Because of her bad quality at cooking, she gets the job of cooking done by Loid.


Moreover, Yor is also bad at lying. Which leads her to speak the truth most of the time. Even more, she does not talk fake things whereas she directly says she forgets.


• She does not like insects even their pictures.

• Her favorite fruit is the apple.

• When she was a child, she and her brother used to hunt rabbits.

• Her file number is 06 APR 63.

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