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Character: Yoo Soohyun Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Brown Eye color: Brown Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Yoo Soohyun – Solo Leveling

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Yoo Soohyun (Source: Reddit)

Who is Yoo Soohyun?

Yoo Soohyun is the cousin of the Korean D-Rank Hunter, Yoo Jinho. As of now, she is working as a model and is very famous. In addition, she is classified as an A-Rank Hunter.

Even more, she is a member of a guild named Ahjin Guild. Also, she makes her first appearance in Chapter 56 of the novel series and Chapter 67 of the webtoon.


Appearance of Yoo Soohyun (Source: MyWaifuList)

Moving towards her appearance, she is very pretty, as she is a model too. As well, she has long, silky hair, which is brown in color. The color of her eyes is also brown. While she goes outside or is in public places, she uses a hat or a mask to hide her identity.


Soohyun is a very charming and kind person. Being a charming person, she is loved by many people. In addition, she is very fond of selfies and other things. She also took a selfie with Sung Jinwoo when she met her for the first time. Also, she loves modeling.

Family and Relationships

Yoo Jinho and Yoo Soohyun (Source: Twitter)

Heading towards the family, her father’s name is Yoo Seok-Ho, and her uncle’s name is Yoo Myunghan, who is chairman of Yoojin Construction. But the name of her mother has yet to be revealed in the series. Altogether, she has three cousins, and they are Yoo Jinsung, Yoo Jinhee, and Yoo Jinho.

She used to have a good relationship with her cousin, Yoo Jinho. Though he keeps on annoying her, she has a good bond with him. Likewise, her father also loves her a lot. Even more, she is very close to her father.

How does Yoo Soohyun become a member of the Ahjin Guild?

Yoo Soohyun selfie with Sung Jinwoo (Source: Recent Highlights)

Sung Jinwoo was searching for the third member of the Ahjin Guild. As well, he wants to have a person who does not want to become a hunter at all. Later, Soohyun also learns about it from Jinwoo. As Jinwoo says, she was also one of the best candidates.

Later, Jinwoo even calls her to make her the third member of his guild. In return, she accepted it and was happy to become a member of the Ahjin Guild and work with Jinwoo. As she joins the guild, she takes selfies with Jinwoo and posts them on social media.

Power and Abilities

Yoo Soohyun does not seem to have any interest in the sector of Hunters or becoming one. So, she does not have as much power and ability as other Hunters used to have. Similarly, she was able to join the Ahjin Guild because she had no intention of becoming a hunter.

 Though she has some low-level power as an A-Rank Hunter, she is only fond of modeling, getting selfies, and posting them on social media. Anyway, she can still handle some minimum-strength combat.

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