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Character: Yoo Jinho Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Custard Eye color: Gray Partners: Sung Jinah Birthday : N/A

Yoo Jinho – Solo Leveling

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Yoo Jinho (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Yoo Jinho?

Yoo Jinho is a Korean D-Rank hunter. Adding on, he is the Vice-Guild Master of the guild, which is called Ahjin Guild. The leader of his guild is his brother-in-law, Sung Jinwoo. Adding to that, the name of his wife is Sung Jinah.

Appearance of Yoo Jinho

Appearance of Yoo Jinho (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards his appearance, Yoo Jinho is a young man with gray eyes. whereas the color of his hair is custard. His face has a young, boyish look. Likewise, Jinwoo used to wear casual clothes during the raid. He loves getting a clean shave for his face.

Who is the wife of Yoo Jinho?

Wife of Yoo Jinho (Source: Pinterest)

The wife of Yoo Jinhho is Sung Jinah. Jinah is the sister of the main protagonist of the series, Sung Jinwoo. Jinah is a young teenage girl. Even more, she is a student and is very good at her studies. Later, she wants to leave her studies, as in order to provide her with educational facilities, her brother is in danger of becoming a hunter.

Yoo Jinho also cares for her a lot, like her brother does. He is very loyal and kind towards his wife, Sung Jinah. Likewise, he sometimes acts as a brother figure to his wife.


Yoo Myunghan

Yoo Myunghan is the father of Yoo Jinho. Also, he is the chairman of Yoojin Construction. As of now, he is a middle-aged man. Even more, he is a very strict and serious type of person. Though he is a very serious person, he loves and cares about his son, Yoo Jinho, a lot. He actually wants to build a guild not for the sake of money but for the sake of protection.

Yoo Jinhee

Yoo Jinhee is the older sister of Yoo Jinho. She is similar in age to Yoo Jinho and is very beautiful in her appearance.

Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo is the brother-in-law of Yoo Jinho. Adding to that, Jinwoo is also the leader of his guild. They both have good relationships with each other. As well, Jinwoo keeps on fighting, not risking the life of Yoo Jinho.

Yoo Jinho’s father also suffers from disease

Yoo Jinho’s father suffers from Eternal Slumber

The father of Yoo Jinho also suffers from the same disease as Jinwoo’s mother, Eternal Slumber. His father also goes into a coma. Later, his father was able to wake up on his own. While waking up, he finds Jinhee around him, which leads Jinhee into tears.


Abilities of Yoo Jinho (Source: Pinterest)

Being a D-Rank hunter, Jinho is somehow weaker than other hunters. Due to it, he also has less experience with the battles. The reason for it is that Jinwoo especially takes part in most of the battles and raids. But he is also strong enough as a hunter.

In addition, he was able to save the elder couple from falling from the building using his shields. Along with it, he also has enhanced durability. When Hwang Dongsoo brutally tortured him, he was still able to become conscious.


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